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March 22 2009 Dr. Keith Show

The Dr. Keith Lipinski Show is back for the first of TWO big magnum opus of broadcasting excellence (cough, cough) this week. First, a Dr. Keith Exclusive as WWE's Ryan Braddock (Bradley Jay, Brad Bradley) breaks his silence in a interview talking about breaking in with the other members of the Steel Domain (Cabana, Punk, Pearce), the ins-and-outs of WWE Developmental system (as he worked for Deep South, Ohio Valley, and Florida Championship), spitting at quasi-internet Celebrities, dealing with WWE creative, Vince and his love of haircuts, working with Dusty Rhodes, the many characters of Bradley (Elvis, JBL jr., the dude who's looking at www.drkeithshow.com on the internet), his release, his future and SO MUCH MORE. This is one helluva an interview. In addition, a summit of grand proportions with Rob Naylor, Alan FourL, Joe Gagne and discussion of many actual Professional Wrestling topics and Dave Meltzer does voices while writing Naylor's obit. Like
the kool aid man busting down your door - this is one great refreshing treat/show. Oooooh YEAH!

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