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March 23 Figure Four Daily with former WWE creative team member David Lagana: MANIA WEEK~!

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with special guest David Lagana! David was both head of Smackdown creative and a team member from 2002-2008, but is also now working for Ring of Honor. We'll talk so many different things including this year's WrestleMania, how long Shawn has been talking retirement, when they first tried to put Bret and Shawn together, stressful periods in company history, the aftermath of the Benoit murders, the "tribute show" Raw, why Jeff Hardy became a megastar and Matt did not, guys who got over due to unfortunate circumstances, John Cena's Royal Rumble surprise return and how that all came about, the ROH TV show and Big Bang PPV, toning down the style, Jim Cornette, and so much more. One of the best shows of the year, so check it out~!

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