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March 30 2009 Adam and Mike Show

After a lengthy hiatus, the original alternate returns to deliver to YOU, the fine member of this website, sonic satisfaction. This week, topics include, but aren’t limited to: a hockey fight that had almost everything, official BAN hockey leagues update, a meeting of the Junji Hirata Longevity Appreciation Station, New Japan’s own mighty show for WrestleMania weekend, as well as notes on such mighty promotions as Dragon Gate and HUSTLE, and such other, smaller promotions such as Okinawa Pro, K-Dojo, Big Japan. And even miniscule ones such as Chikara. Yeah, we said it. See if you embarrass us again on Wrestling Observer Live for not knowing Dos was Stupified, you bastards. It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at TheBriscoesDontRepresentAllOfDelawareJustPartsOfSussexCounty.com

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