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May 11, 2020 Observer Newsletter: UFC 249 and WWE MITB previews, more

UFC is billing itself as the first sports organization to return to action with empty arena shows on 5/9, 5/13 and 5/16 at the Vystar Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Jacksonville.

The promotion, barring something unforeseen, is expected to run almost every Saturday night, as well as other nights, to catch up on missed shows. The company will run one PPV per month and its other shows would air on ESPN, ESPN+, or both. No future show locations have been announced. Given the shows will have no spectators, there is no reason to announce the locations far in advance. One would think UFC wants to run shows regularly at the Apex Arena in Las Vegas on their campus, and would be waiting for the approval of the Nevada commission to do so.

The first show back will be a PPV show that also will include three-and-a-half hours of live coverage on ESPN prior to the PPV.

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