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May 12 Adam and Mike Big Audio Nightmare~!

The original alternate returns. No, seriously, we're back doing a show - and what a hot, sloppy, random mess it is. It's true. Any time you lead with FMW-WING revival news, you can expect to be all over the place, and this certainly is. Random thoughts on random matches - including a handful of 4-star plus ones - from Dragon Gate, DDT, Big Japan, All Japan, Dradition, the awesome PrideFC PS2 game, Adam gives Ronnie the Garvin Stomp, Hirooki Goto's I-C title win, David Finlay Junior > David Crockett Finlay, old WCW crowds, Joe Pedicino Knows, a slice of Pie Fly Flow from the new official joshi team of the BAN: BUST DELUXE, and so much more. It's the radio show that's more awkward sounding than Missy Hyatt hanging out with Ranger Ross at an Army base; It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE here at F4WOnline.com.

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