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May 12 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Cena Divorce, TNA PPV Predictions, Board Q&A, more~!

Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher are back a little earlier than usual!  I think it was because Les was so excited to play the TNA PPV prediction game for Sacrifice on Sunday!  Well, maybe not.  But we did that anyway, along with discussion about John Cena's impending divorce, which leads into talk about a wrestler's life and the insecurities that can come with it from a relationship perspective.  Also some talk on Raw, Paul Heyman, the disturbing ratings trend from Monday's show.  Some other things that got a mention: King Mo and his TNA/Bellator deal, this weekend's EVOLVE and ROH iPPV's, and Les answered a couple of great questions from the board!  Feel free to visit the Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly Thread in the radio shows section of the board for a couple of extras, and please take care of Mom as best you can on Mother's Day!!!!!