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May 18, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Becky Lynch pregnant, UFC 249 controversies, more

Rebecca Quin aka Becky Lynch, the biggest genuine women’s pro wrestling star in the U.S. of the modern era, shocked the wrestling world on 5/11 by announcing she was pregnant.

The announcement was made in the opening segment of Raw that night. It had already gotten out that she would make a major announcement about her future and rumors spread of her being pregnant, and that she would vacate the title to Asuka, who had captured the Money in the Bank briefcase the night before.

Raw had been advertised around the idea that Lynch, who had not wrestled since her win over Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania, which was taped on either 3/25 or 3/26, confronting the winner of the Money in the Bank match.

When Asuka came out, Lynch had the briefcase and opened it, and the title belt rather than a contract was in it, and told Asuka, who she called the greatest wrestler to defend the belt while she will be a mom.

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