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May 19 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: 3 Hours of Raw, Show fired angle, TNA going live, much more~!

So much news that we needed MUCH MORE than the usual hour for this week's edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly!  Victor Sosa, Les Thatcher and Will Strause spend over 90 minutes in this mega episode talking all the news, and the biggest stories which broke in the last day or so regarding Raw moving to 3 hours and TNA going live on Thursday nights.  There's also plenty on the Big Show firing angle from Raw, where it's going and why a great quarter hour for that and the John Cena segment didn't mean much to Les, results of the TNA PPV prediction game along with WWE Over the Limit predictions, Les clears up a remark he made last week regarding his commentary prep time when he does shows these days, and a major announcement from Will Strause at the end of the show.  Have a great weekend and feel free to visit our thread in the radio shows section of the board for some extras and to let us know what you think!