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May 20 - DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The (Hopefully Not) Final Countdown!!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The (Hopefully Not) Final Countdown!!!

Never in the history of the DKP have we felt the sense of responsibility to you fine listeners that we do this week, as we bring to you one of the biggest shows we've ever done - the comprehensive, definitive guide to perhaps the greatest in-ring wrestler of our generation, The American Dragon Bryan Danielson. Joining Alan is a man who took his seat in the Danielson fan-club at a very early stage, the man who like to List 'Em AND Learn, Matt Feuerstein! Matt and Alan talk everything you can think of from a 15 year career which has given us more than we could ever ask for from any performer. From classic matches to great feuds to legendary moments, we cover all the bases and we do it for FREE right here at http://www.f4wonline.com!!!

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