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May 26 2007 Dr. Keith Show

Day Tres of the Dr. Keith siege sees Dr. Keith sitting down with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla's own DISCO MACHINE~! for a whimsical dialogue. Oodles of grand PWG talk including DDT4, Dragon Gate shenanigans, foreign regulars, BOLA07, DVD bonus, David Lee Roth's "Eat Em N Smile" and a significant announcement about Disco's in-ring career! For more info check out ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com. In addiction listen to the effects of doing many shows at the same time, Brooke's ass, Chicago, Ashley's hat, CMB, Man boobs (no, not Mike, Keith, Barlow), antlers, greatest chant ever, IC Champ BELLADONNA~! and Lance Romance! Giggity!

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