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May 26 Adam & Mike Show: Pro-Wres and Ice Hockey Excitement, NOAH, New Japan, DDT, Stanley Cup, more

The original alternate has returned with 80-plus minutes of pro-wres and ice hockey excitement with topics including, but not limited to: our picks for the first 3 days of New Japan's BOSJ, NOAH's Navigation with Breeze leaves Korakuen with the winds of win: KENTA-Marufuji, a Colon in IWA Mid-South (insert joke here), B.A.N. Hayato Junior Fujita kneepads available, Ultimo in M-Pro, DDT, Tanahashi-Yano hair vs. hair, Yujiro & Naito report cards, Habs haters rebuked, Leighton/Sharp, and the STANLEY CUP FINAL: The Madhouse on Madison vs. The Broad Street Bullies, and much more. It's the radio show that knew that Prince Devitt was the bestest; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE proudly here at DaveMeltzer.com.

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