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May 28 2007 Dr. Keith Show

Dr. Keith opens up the his long thick enormous ARCHIVE for the first edition of Dr. Keith Klassics the first of the 26 of the Zach Arnold produced shows REMIXED! Today The Premiere Episode originally broadcast on January 19, 2006 with Brother Ray Deadly of Team 3-D! TNA, AMW, 2005 RWTL, Hustle, Cornette, One Night Stand, Heyman, New Jack, Heidenriech, knocking on WWE creative and tag teams, that fat walrus Dreamer, and much more! Heath Herring and Dr. Keith talk the KISS (Paul Stanley?), K-1, Funk wrestling, films. David Wells on crying, center stage memories, etc. An awful press conference with Dr. Keith, Will Carter shows up, and a point-counterpoint with Delirious!

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