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May 5th Adam & Mike Show: NJPW Fukuoka results and U.S. shows preview, Japan news, Caps LOUL~!

We're back with 70 minutes of audio action featuring the original prowres+hockey combo. (Pfft. He knows Bobby Orr. We're talking Sprague Peg Cleghorn & Punch Broadbent up in this bitch.) 15 min. of NHL including Capital fail, Bruce BoudreauLOL, who could be in the finals, Logan Couture, and more. Then a bunch of stuff coming out of the aptly-nicknamed KING OF SPORT: New Japan. Their great 5/3 Fukuoka show, a natural team: Minoru Suzuki & MVP, Lyger's panache, the mega-sized G-1 announcement, Kojima/Makabe-Bad Intentions possibilities, feelings on the upcoming U.S. tour with JAPW, Akitoshi Saito unintentionally leads to a show philosophy switch, NOAH tag league final, Adam's All Japan Appreciation, Big Japan's fat failure on 5/5, (we love alteration), DDT, K-Dojo, IGF and much more. It's the radio show that's been affected by the ill communication; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at BryanAlvarez.com.

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