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CMLL Aniversario results: La Mascara & Dragon Lee put their masks on the line

Photos from CMLL.com

CMLL, the lucha libre promotion likely older than any other in existence, presented its 83rd anniversary show on Friday night at Arena Mexico. Headlined by a mask vs. mask match, the Aniversario show delivered with great action but mixed emotions compared to previous years. 

Though it was far removed from the emotional rollercoaster of previous years, the show still had a loaded lineup of great lucha libre matches, and the atmosphere was unlike almost anything seen these days in the United States.  

The show is available on YouTube for $2.99 US.

Amapola, Dalys & Zeuxis defeated Lluvia, Marcela & Princesa Sugehit

Lluvia pinned Zeuxis after dropkicking her in a corner and Sugehit submitted Amapola with an armbar for the tecnicas to win the first fall.

In the second fall, Zeuxis tried to rip and tear the mask of Sugehit as the rudas dominated. After a tiger driver of sorts, Amapola pinned Sugehit then Zeuxis pinned Lluvia after smashing her in a corner with running knee strikes to even the falls.

During the third fall, the tecnicas made a comeback and cleaned house on the rudas. They did dives to the outside, where everyone began brawling on the floor. Back in the ring, Marcela jumped off the top with a double foot stomp. Nonetheless, the rudas fired up and Zeuxis leapt through the ropes to the outside.

Marcela hit Dalys with a missile dropkick off the top. When Marcela attempted a springboard hurricanrana, Dalys caught her and dropped into a sit-out powerbomb. Dalys pinned Marcela and the rudas won the deciding fall.


(Photo: Lluvia dropkicking Dalys)

Lluvia was apparently injured. She did a plancha late in the match and never seemed to get back on her feet afterwards. She was carried away on a stretcher.

Stuka Jr., Maximo Sexy & Marco Corleone defeated Shocker, Mephisto & Ephesto

The crowd really started to get lively as this match began to unfold.

Corleone dispatched Shocker with a dive over the ropes onto the ramp. Mephisto hoisted Stuka into a double underhook gourdbuster off the top as Ephesto caught Maximo in a tilt-a-whirl and slammed him. Both rudos then simultaneously pinned the tecnicos to win the first fall.

In the second fall, just as the rudos began to bully the tecnicos, Maximo saved the day leading to a parade of dives and high spots. Corleone got the Roman Reigns treatment when he pinned Shocker to win the fall. A vocal majority showered Corleone with boos, though he did get some cheers.

As we head to the third fall, Corleone did a splash on Shocker and Ephesto. He then started doing pushups as he covered them. He got up to flex as the crowd exploded with massive heat.


(Photo: Marco Corleone left hanging on an attempted fist bump)

Corleone did a dive to the outside and tried to celebrate by fist bumping with a fan at ringside. Hilariously, a vendor inadvertently cut him off to block the attempt, and Corleone was left hanging on the fist bump.

Stuka pinned Ephesto after a torpedo splash off the top. Running to try another dive, Corleone tried to follow up but was cut off when Shocker speared him. Maximo saved the day once again by springing off the top rope with a plancha on Mephisto. He pinned him for the win.

Rey Bucanero defeated Super Crazy in a hair vs. hair match

Really no mention of Super Crazy being affiliated with Liga Elite, which is interesting. Two falls ended rather quickly as Bucanero won the first with a leglock submission hold, then Super Crazy won the second when he cradled Bucanero to pin him.

The third fall went much longer. There was some matwork in between the high spots. The action spilled out on the entrance ramp several times. Bucanero splashed Crazy with a plancha on the ramp.

They brawled over to the announce booth and Super Crazy did a quebrada moonsault off of it. Crazy superplexed Bucanero back into the ring for a near fall.

Crazy missed a moonsault on the ramp. Bucanero charged towards him with a running senton off the ramp. Moments later, Crazy fired up and climbed up high on the stage to moonsault off.


(Photo: Super Crazy with a quebrada off the stage)

They traded near falls back in the ring with a la magistral cradle from Crazy and a Canadian Destroyer by Bucanero. Bucanero did another Canadian Destroyer on the floor. Neither looked pretty.

Bucanero also took a powerbomb on the floor, but managed to get back in the ring and win by submission via a cross armbreaker. That meant Super Crazy would lose his hair.  

A woman at ringside was overjoyed upon being given some cut off locks of Crazy’s dreads. Crazy was a good sport about getting his head shaved.

Atlantis, Caristico & Mascara Dorada (Gran Metalik) defeated Negro Casas, Cavernario & Felino

The crowd loved seeing the stars shine in this trios match. Early in the first fall, Cavernario did his barbaric splash from the top turnbuckle to the floor as the rudos dominated. Casas hit a missile dropkick on Caristico and pinned him. After a flying elbow drop from Felino, he scored a pin to win the fall for the rudos.


(Photo: Mascara Dorada takes flight)

Tecnicos were running wild with springboards, planchas and such when Dorada got a running start down the entrance ramp. Dorada hurdled the ropes and leapt into the ring with a flying headscissors. Dorada gave Cavernario a Michinoku driver as Caristico hit Felino with the F5. Both scored pins to give the tecnicos the second fall.

A mini ran in and got elbow dropped by all the rudos. Cavernario did the worm, then basically a Nestea Plunge off the apron onto the floor when Dorada flew in with a hurricanrana.

Atlantis proved he's still got it after all these years. Heck, he even headlined this show last year. He applied his Atlantida hold on Casas to get the win via submission.


(Photo: Trios title match)

Trios Champions Mistico, Volador Jr. & El Valiente defeated Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia & Gran Guerrero to retain their titles

Volador wore his old mask to the ring and kept it on for the pre-match photo op. They did some matwork building to high spots and dives. The rudos took control and applied a triple submission hold to win the first fall.

cmll_triple submission.PNG

(Photo: Triple submission ending the first fall)

Lots of unbelievably breathtaking high flying in this one. To win the second fall, Valiente used a modified tombstone piledriver to pin Gran Guerrero and Mistico applied La Mistica on Euforia for a submission.

The wild high flying continued into the third fall. Mistico took a powerbomb on the floor. At this point, the dives were almost beyond belief. Volador executed a backstabber on Ultimo Guerrero and covered him for the deciding pinfall.

Dragon Lee defeated La Mascara in a mask vs. mask match

Rush was in the corner of Dragon Lee as his second. Shocker was the second for La Mascara. Rush climbed on the apron and caused a distraction, allowing Dragon Lee to pin Mascara to win the first fall with a bridging German suplex.

Mascara ripped at Lee’s mask at one point during the second fall. Rush again interfered when he tripped up Mascara, trapping him for Dragon Lee to drop a double foot stomp. The referee, Tirantes, saw the blatant cheating and awarded the fall to Mascara.

Tirantes ordered Rush to leave ringside. He protested but eventually left the scene.


(Photo: Dragon Lee sailing over the top rope)

The final fall got more dramatic as they traded near falls. The crowd was hot by this point as well. Dragon Lee shot through the ropes like a bullet when doing an elbow suicida. They went on to trade more near falls.

Mascara got a close near fall off of a Rito Romero special. The roar of the crowd grew louder. Mascara took a big nasty bump on the floor.

There was a hiccup trying to set up a double foot stomp, and they sort of lost the crowd for a moment before just doing the foot stomp again.


(Photo: Rush returning to cause a distraction)

They kept trading near falls. Just as Dragon Lee had Mascara covered, Rush returned to ringside and distracted Tirantes. Dragon Lee started yelling at Rush. With the referee distracted, Mascara kicked Lee with a low blow.

Shocker was ejected for trying to interfere. Mascara had victory at hand while applying a submission hold, but the ref was busy trying to eject Shocker.

In all the chaos, Dragon Lee hooked Mascara and scored the final pinfall with a wicked Phoenix suplex.

(Photo: La Mascara unmasked) 

With the loss, La Mascara unmasked as 34-year-old Felipe de Jesus Alvarado. A luchador for 16 years, he is a member of the famed Alvarado wrestling family. His father is Brazo de Oro and his uncle is Brazo de Plata (Super Porky). His cousin, Psycho Clown, recently headlined TripleMania.

Afterwards, Rush entered the scene again to cut a promo before the crowd. Though he was in the corner of Dragon Lee, Rush wanted to reconcile with Mascara. He wanted him to be a part of Los Ingobernables.

Rush and Mascara left as friends with a budding bromance. They would eventually go backstage to hang out with Andrade “Cien” Almas (the former La Sombra) as they are forever Los Ingobernables.

Mistico joined Dragon Lee to celebrate in the ring as the show closed.