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CMLL Arena Mexico results: LA Park vs. Rush

Images: CMLL. Photography by Alexis Salazar.

An electric atmosphere mixed with exciting lucha libre made for a raucous night at Arena Mexico on Friday.

While the location was in Mexico City, it might as well have been the Twilight Zone. The main event was a wild heated brawl that was very unlike anything typically seen on a CMLL card.

LA Park and Rush traded disqualifications in the first and second falls of a three fall match. The climatic third fall then ended with a double countout.

Normally, having DQ finishes and a double countout in such a marquee main event might have upset the audience. In previous generations, such a finish could have even led to a riot in not only Arena Mexico -- but many other places anywhere in the world.

Not here on this night. Not for this match. Not with this hot crowd. They came to see a fight, and they sure got it. LA Park and Rush battered each other in a type of match not seen much at all in Arena Mexico.

Broken glass in the ring and fighting in the crowd is a rarity in Arena Mexico. Maybe even more rare is a decisive finish in a singles match with Rush against LA Park.

The crowd seemed to love the brutality in the main event despite the finish. Maybe they have come to expect such a finish in a singles match with Rush and LA Park. The non-finish is the only way their singles matches against each other have ended. The crowd still loved it, and for good reason. The undercard delivered and the main event was the wildest scene on an Arena Mexico card in quite some time.

LA Park again challenged Rush to an apuesta match. That was not the only challenge issued on the card.

Besides the main event brawl, the show also featured Rey Fenix -- billed as “King Phoenix” -- in what seemed like the beginnings of a program with Barbaro Cavernario.

If nothing else, a finish in a trios match could possibly lead to a singles match between Cavernario and Phoenix. Phoenix cut a promo challenging Cavernario after the caveman unmasked the high flyer.

The outsiders like Phoenix shared the spotlight with the CMLL regulars and a few legends. Blue Panther is already legendary, but he still did two dives in a match alongside the next generation of Panthers.

The internet feed had some trouble during the undercard and was in-an-out during the opening match. The on-demand version available on the official CMLL YouTube channel has the dead air removed, but the VOD is still missing the entire third fall of the opening match.

Watch it here:

Show recap --

Robin & Super Astro Jr. defeated Akuma & Yago

In the first fall, Akuma gave Robin a Canadian Destroyer. Yago pinned Robin using a chicken wing bomb. Meanwhile, Akuma delivered a missile dropkick off the apron to incapacitate Astro -- who was then counted out.

The tecnicos made a comeback in the second fall, and they did stereo springboards into a dance to celebrate. Robin went on to pin Akuma after a botched springboard into an attempted Spanish Fly. Astro then pinned Yago with a huracanrana.

The third fall was cut due to technical difficulties. Somehow the tecnicos won.

Estrellita, Jarochita & captain Marcela defeated Amapola, Reyna Isis & captain Dalys

The tecnicas won the first fall. Jarochita reversed a powerbomb and hooked a leg on the ruda team captain for a pin on Dalys.

The rudas gained their revenge in the second fall. Amapola used Devil’s Wings to eliminate Estrellita via pinfall. Dalys submitted Jarochita with La Cambana.

For the third fall, Jarochita took out Dalys with a suicide dive. Estrellita submitted Reyna Isis with an Indian leglock. Marcela then pinned Amapola with a Michinoku Driver.

Dragon Rojo Jr., Polvora & captain Hechicero (w/ Mije) defeated Blue Panther Jr., Black Panther & captain Blue Panther

The rudos won the second and third falls after dropping the first. This was really great. The atmosphere and the crowd helped it along too.

Black Panther eliminated Polvora via submission by tying him in a knot. Blue Panther also got a submission with Nudo Lagunero.

The second fall turned into a brawl -- which turned into an advantage for the rudos. Polvora went on to pin the tecnico team captain to even the falls.

Mije got involved at the start of the third fall. Panther Jr. later on gorilla press slammed Mije out of the ring.

Even though Blue Panther is in his late-50s, he nevertheless did both a tope suicida and a flying crossbody off the top rope to the floor.

The tecnicos got to shine, but the rudos eventually snuffed them out. Polvora eliminated Black Panther via pinfall. Dragon Rojo went on to win the match by pinning Panther Jr. after dropping a double foot stomp off the top.

A ceremony honored the memory of El Egipcio -- who passed away recently.

Atlantis (w/ KeMonito), Stuka Jr. & captain Caristico defeated Bestia del Ring, Euforia & captain Ultimo Guerrero

The tecnicos rallied to win by taking the last two falls.

Stuka wore a mask with the ROH logo for some reason.

Rudos dominated the first fall by running roughshod. Bestia pinned the tecnico captain with an assisted senton on Caristico.

The tecnicos evened the falls. Stuka hit a torpedo splash to pin Bestia. Caristico submitted Euforia with La Mistica.

The rudos bumped and fed for Atlantis in the third fall. After dives to the outside by Stuka and Caristico, Atlantis submitted Ultimo Guerrero with La Atlantida.

El Hijo de LA Park, Volador Jr & captain King Phoenix defeated Barbaro Cavernario, Mr. Niebla & captain Negro Casas (with El Perico Zakarias)

Volador teamed with two outsiders to defeat La Peste Negra in an exciting match. Cavernario unmasked Phoenix for a disqualification in the third fall.

The first fall went quickly. Hijo de LA Park wiped out Niebla on a dive. Cavernario caught a catapulted Phoenix with the missile dropkick to eliminate him via pinfall. Casas applied a scorpion leglock to submit Volador.

La Peste Negra dominated most of the next round before suddenly dropping the second fall. Zakarias got involved, and then did a Fargo strut with Casas in a comedic moment.

A wild flip dive by Phoenix led to Volador and El Hijo de LA Park scoring dual pinfalls with schoolboys -- thusly evening the falls for the tecnicos.

A Tower of Doom avalanche spot led to a near fall. The tecnicos launched into a trifecta of flip dives.

El Hijo de LA Park made a save when Cavernario had Volador beat with a springboard splash. Park then gave Cavernario a Canadian Destroyer. Niebla broke up the count and traded near falls with Phoenix.

In the closing moments, Volador did a dive through the ropes. Park did a plancha into the front row of ringside. Phoenix squared off with Cavernario.

As their fighting intensified, Cavernario suddenly unmasked Phoenix. Cavernario tried for a lateral press on Phoenix, but the referee disqualified Cavernario for the foul.

Following the match, Phoenix cut a promo challenging Cavernario to a singles match.

LA Park vs. Rush ended after DQs and a double countout

Park and Rush traded disqualifications for two falls, and both were counted out of the ring in the third fall. This was a wild brawl, especially by CMLL standards.

Park met Rush on the ramp before the match started, and a brawl ensued. They fought through the crowd and used vendor baskets as weapons. Park powerslammed Rush into a row of chairs, and also hit him with an umbrella.

They briefly went back into the corral area, but not for long. Rush backdropped Park into the front row of seats. Eventually they got in the ring, and Rush began working over Park.

Rush ripped and tore Park’s mask. Soon thereafter, Park rallied his way into a tope suicida. The rally faded when Rush cut off Park. Rush got a near fall, and he complained to the referee about the count.

Park answered with his own near fall. Park was applying an abdominal stretch when Rush’s father -- Bestia del Ring -- ran in to deck the referee with a foreign object. Rush hit Park with a low blow.

The match continued with another referee. Rush got another near fall. He was again mad about the count, and he shoved down the referee. That led to a DQ for Park to gain the first fall.

The melee continued into the second fall, and they traded more near falls. Rush did a flip dive over the ropes to the floor. He celebrated with a beer he grabbed from a ringside fan. Rush’s beatdown on Park then continued. Rush also displayed tranquilo.

A ref bump allowed Rush to give Park an illegal tombstone piledriver. Bestia del Ring ran in again. This time he brought a gift. He gave his son a framed picture. Park fired up and hit Rush with the picture frame. Glass shattered and Rush bled from his back. Edgar -- the referee -- got back on his feet and tried to separate the two luchadores. Park punched Edgar, so he disqualified Park to end the second fall.

Officials and medical staff brought a stretcher for Rush. Park had other, more sinister ideas for him. He stomped on Rush and hit him with the stretcher.

The third fall began with Rush still laid out at ringside. Nonetheless, the match itself rolled on. The referee counted out both Rush and Park to end the third fall.

Park kept attacking Rush. Park then went into the crowd and returned with a row of chairs. Officials and security surrounded Park. He fought back like a cornered bull. Park shoved down an official.

When the smoke cleared, Park cut a promo on Rush. Long story short, LA Park still wants an apuesta match with him.