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CMLL Arena Mexico results: Penta El Zero M debuts

Images: CMLL. Photography by Alexis Salazar

The Lucha Brothers made an impact at Arena Mexico on Friday night. Rey Fenix -- billed as "King Phoenix" -- had arguably the best match on the card with Barbaro Cavernario in the semi-main event. The brother of Fenix -- Penta El Zero M -- then debuted in CMLL, doing a surprise run-in during the main event to seemingly start a program with Caristico.

The trend of outsiders invading CMLL continued with the Klan Kaoz faction being featured in the main event trios match. The ex-AAA talent had to change their names, which resulted in comically bad monikers.

Sharly Rockstar -- formerly Charly Manson in AAA -- kept his name with the only change being a space between “Rock” and “Star” in the spelling. Cibernetico was billed as “Ciber The Main Man,” and El Zorro was “The Chrizh.”

Espanto Jr. & Hijo del Signo defeated Magnus & Principe Diamante

The rudos won the first and third falls to take the match.

For the first fall, the rudos submitted both tecnicos. A tecnico comeback in the second fall led to Diamante pinning Espanto, and Magnus pinned Signo. The rudos went on to win the third fall by pinning both tecnicos with stereo splashes.

Disturbio (w/ Mije), Kawato San & captain Okumura & defeated Stigma, Pegasso & captain Star Jr.

The rudo team won even though they dropped the first fall.

Pegasso pinned rudo captain Okumura to win the first fall. In the second fall, Disturbio pinned Pegasso with a sit-out powerbomb. Okumura then pinned Stigma with an avalanche cutter.

To win the match for the rudos, a captain pinned a captain. Okumura superplexed Star Jr. for a pinfall in the third fall.

Guerrero Maya Jr., Rey Cometa & captain Stuka Jr. defeated Templario, Ephesto & captain Mephisto

The tecnicos rallied to win the second and third falls after dropping the first.

As the pace quickened in the first fall, Templario did a Space Flying Tiger Drop on Maya. Ephesto gave Stuka a shoulder breaker, and Mephisto suplexed Cometa onto Stuka. The rudos then both pinned the tecnicos to win the first fall.

A tecnico rally in the second fall led to Cometa corkscrewing into a tornillo splash to the outside on Mephisto. Stuka pinned Templario with a DDT, and Maya cradled Ephesto for a pinfall.

Cometa did another corkscrew in the third fall -- but more spectacularly as he springboarded off the top rope. Stuka and Maya also did some flying, then Cometa set up a Phoenix Splash on Ephesto for the pin.

Forastero, Cuatrero & captain Sanson defeated Niebla Roja (w/ KeMonito), Angel del Oro & captain Atlantis

La Nueva Generacion Dinamita ran roughshod over the tecnicos in the first fall. They ganged up on the brothers before submitting Atlantis with a tombstone bear hug. Between falls, the Dinamitas bullied and jumped KeMonito.

The Dinamita onslaught continued into the second fall until the tecnicos made a comeback. Angel de Oro springboarded off his brother’s back for a plancha to the floor on Cuatrero. Niebla Roja did a tope con hilo on Forastero, and Atlantis submitted Sanson with La Atlantida.

Between falls, Angel de Oro did a big dive off the stage on Cuatrero. The tecnicos kept cleaning house in the third fall. Suddenly, the Dinamitas cut them off. Sanson pinned Oro after an avalanche torture rack bomb. Forastero pinned Roja with a senton bomb to end the third fall.

An award presentation saw the Copa Bobby Bonales given to Tony Salazar, Amapola, Mascara 2000, and someone from the government.

King Phoenix defeated Barbaro Cavernario (w/ El Perico Zakarias)

Cavernario did a sneak attack to jump Phoenix before the match started. Phoenix fired up into flips -- only to get repeatedly rammed into the barricade. Cavernario did his signature crazy bump with a splash off the top to the floor. Phoenix was counted out of the ring, so Cavernario was awarded the first fall.

As the second fall began, Cavernario clotheslined Phoenix into the front row. Phoenix was thrown into a ring post as a beatdown continued. Cavernario did his crazy tope suicida through the turnbuckles. The impact sent Phoenix back into the front row.

Cavernario took the beating he was giving onto the entrance ramp, where Phoenix hit an RKO out of nowhere to begin a comeback. Phoenix then delivered a double foot stomp off the ramp. Back in the ring, Phoenix pinned Cavernario with a bridging cradle to even the falls.

Phoenix did a series of springboards into a super Frankensteiner. He followed that with a tope con hilo. They both went on to trade near falls.

Cavernario did the worm and a wild corkscrew dive through the ropes. Phoenix responded by leaping over the ropes with a splash to the outside.

Cavernario landed a springboard Vader splash for a two count. Moments later, he avoided a moonsault attack only to get caught with a cutter from Phoenix. After a 1-2-3 Kid spin kick by Phoenix, Cavernario surprised him with his own RKO out of nowhere for another near fall.

Cavernario superplexed Phoenix and covered him, but he kicked out at two and half. Phoenix then springboarded into a spectacular corkscrew moonsault to the floor.

Cavernario snuck behind Phoenix to apply La Cavernaria, but he got a rope break. In anger, Cavernario ripped the mask of Phoenix. After an AA into a neckbreaker, Cavernario set up for a senton bomb. Phoenix moved out of the way as Cavernario crashed to the mat.

Phoenix then executed his finisher where he picked Cavernario up like a muscle buster, then dropped him into a Michinoku Driver. Phoenix covered Cavernario for the pinfall.

Phoenix hung around at ringside afterwards taking selfies with fans, and a woman slipped him a piece of paper.

Volador Jr., Valiente & captain Caristico defeated Sharly Rock Star, Ciber The Main Man (Cibernetico) & captain The Chrizh (El Zorro)

The match itself was secondary to the surprise run-in at the end. The only thing worse than the match were the names chosen for the rudos. The Chrizh still wore gear with “Zorro” written on it.

The rudos attacked the tecnicos before the match started. Brawling ensued and the rudos dominated. Caristico went for a springboard -- only to get caught with a spear by Ciber The Main Man for a pin to take the first fall.

In the second fall, The Chrizh unmasked Valiente for a disqualification. The rudos teased leaving as the third fall began. They stalled and stalled some more.

After the rudos finally got back in the ring, the match continued for a short time. The tecnicos went into a parade of dives.

Something not normally seen in CMLL happened next -- a run-in. Penta El Zero M rushed to the ring and squared off with Caristico. When Penta attacked Caristico, the referee called for a DQ to end the third fall.

Penta ripped the mask of Caristico. Klan Kaoz joined in to gang up on Caristico. They kept trying to use a kendo stick, but the referee kept taking it away from them.

Penta cut a promo on Caristico challenging him to a match. Caristico was down with that. Not wanting to wait, they brawled.

Caristico ripped Penta’s mask and they brawled some more until being separated. Officials poured out to try to escort Penta to the back. Penta rushed back into the ring and for a pull-apart brawl with Caristico.

They were eventually separated and will fight another day.