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Lucha Underground July 1 TV results and recap: Prince Puma vs. Chavo Guerrero, Alberto El Patron

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Last week, Sexy Star and Super Fly had a sloppy and sometimes scary match that Fly won. Aerostar won a medallion in a giant multi-man match, and Mil Muertes demolished Drago to become the number one contender to the Lucha Underground Title. As a result, he'll receive a title shot at UltimaLucha. This week's show begins with a recap of Chavo turning his back on Black Lotus and siding with Dario Cueto. The Texano vs. Daivari feud is recapped, followed by Catrina threatening Cueto to ensure that Mil got a shot at the LU title.

Cueto meets with Chavo in his office and Chavo asks for a request - he wants a title shot for giving him Black Lotus. Cueto makes it a no DQ match so the Crew can get involved and he also wants Konnan banned, so Cueto says if Konnan gets involved, Chavo wins the title. Mexican Dubwiser plays us in while Daivari is in the ring with Big Ryck. Striker puts Texano over as a young man who made history by being the youngest AAA champion ever.

Daivari vs. Texano

Texano backdrops Daivari, who hides behind Ryck. Daivari hits him with punches in the corner, while Texano counters with giant overhand chops. Ryck trips Texano and Daivari clips the knee. Daivari attacks the knee and gets 2. Vamp ponders why the Globetrotters aren't in the NBA Title picture and Striker says that they aren't in the NBA while Daivari gets a figure four. Texano reverses it, but Daivari attacks him in the corner with knee strikes. Daivari X factors his way out of a powerbomb for 2. Texano ducks a bullrope shot from Ryack and hits a seated powerbomb for the win!

Puma works out and Konnan tells him that having the deck stacked against Puma won't hurt him. Chavo isn't a champion, but Puma is. Catrina teleports in and tells Puma that Muertes will destroy Puma and implies that Konnan will be taken out too. We get a cool Muertes vs. Puma staredown and Konnan tells Puma to avoid letting her get into his head.

Back in the Temple, Konnan talks to someone about how Mexico needs to pay Chavo back for what he did to Blue Demon Jr and okays an attack since he can't be there. Hernandez comes out to face Drago, who is a huge babyface now thanks to his return from exile.

Hernandez vs. Drago

Vamp loves Drago wearing black. Hernandez tries to overpower him, but he eats some kicks and clubbering on the back. Drago gets a springboard dropkick and a senton before kicking his chest in. Striker talks about Hernandez winning 20 major titles and Vamp wants proof, and Striker can't offer any. Vamp talks about being KOed by a potato shot from Hernandez in Puerto Rico years ago. Hernandez snapmares him down for a neck vice submission. Train Wreck backbreaker hits for 2. Hernandez gets a one-armed powerslam-positioned gutbuster for 2. Drago comes back with kicks, including corner dropkicks. Hernandez goes up top, but gets stopped and eats a rana for 2.

Drago low-bridges Hernandez and hits a flip dive. Drago gets a springboard flip diving kick to the floor, which Vamp says proves that potatoes make for a great side with salad. Drago eats a Border Toss on the apron. Hernandez intimidates a "fan" and takes his belt off to whip Drago. Drago gets choked and Hernandez loses via DQ after they talk about Cueto wanting things to get a bit crazier before UltimaLucha. Hernandez says the dumbass fans don't realize that dragons aren't real and Drago's just a man whose ass just got whipped. If anyone has a problem with that, he'll kick their asses too.

Chavo shadow boxes backstage and Catrina tells him that a victory means his celebration will be short-lived. No matter what, Mil Muertes will destroy the champion. Chavo disrespects him and Muertes screams. Marty the Moth sniffs Melissa Santos and gets a "creeper" chant. Alberto comes down with the AAA Title and a huge "El Patron" chant. Alberto is in new blue and gold gear that looks slick.

Marty the Moth vs. Alberto El Patron

Alberto gets a shove into the corner and kicks away at him too. More kicks and punches land in the corner. Armbar codebreaker hits and the armbar is locked on. Alberto in squash match form is awesome, and the new color scheme looks sharp. A massive "El Patron" chant breaks out while Alberto grabs the mic. Alberto calls out Johnny Mundo and thanks for the wake-up call as it woke up something inside of him. He's got a sadistic side and that's what he'll bring at UltimaLucha. Alberto is fantastic in squash matches and in long-form stuff too. Vamp talks about the main event and loves the anti-Konnan stip.

Melissa Santos brings us in and Chavo comes down with The Crew. Vamp says that Chavo isn't riding on his family's coat tails and could be champion. Vamp asks what's happened to Bael since he's been missing for weeks. Striker offers no update on him after his meeting with Matanza. Puma comes down with Konnan. Santos recaps the stipulation involving "Conan" while a fan calls Cueto a madman.

Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma vs. Chavo Guerrero

Mid-ring, they flip around a bit off a collar and elbow tie-up. Chavo gets a side headlock mid-ring, but eats an armdrag and an armbar. Puma flips over Chavo, and The Crew attacks with the kendo stick and a cheapshot. Puma sends the goons into each other, but eats a double stomp/DDT combo. Texano comes down as Konnan's enforcer and runs wild on the goons. 630 hits and Puma wins. Well, this was the most nothing Lucha Underground Title match ever. Texano says that Mexico's coming to Chavo, while Striker says that Chavo should be commended for doing whatever he could to "Guerrero" the title.

The show closes with skyline shots taking us to the locker room. Blue Demon Jr. comes in and says he doesn't fight those who are already hurt. Chavo talks smack and gets slammed into lockers over and over. Chavo smiles because he apparently got what he wanted.