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Lucha Underground July 8 TV results & recap: 8-Person Tag Main Event

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Last week, Prince Puma beat Chavo to defend his Lucha Underground title. Texano beat Daivari, and Drago beat Hernandez via DQ. Mere days before Brock massacred Kofi, we got a glorious Alberto vs. Marty the Moth squash match that was a must-watch. Chavo hurt his knee during his match, and Blue Demon Jr. kicked his ass to close the show. This week's show starts with a recap of Mil Muertes's reign of terror. Catrina's Disciples of Death are recapped, as are the issues between Johnny Mundo and Alberto. Pentagon Jr. is shown with his master, and swears vengeance on Ian Hodgkinson - AKA Vampiro. This looked awesome and Mexican Dubwisers brings us in to the Temple. Vamp hypes up the first atomicos tag match tonight and we'll be getting a Vampiro interview with Pentagon Jr. later. The Mack is mid-ring to face Cage.

The Mack vs. Cage

They start with punches and Mack misses a crossbody. Cage misses a moonsault and eats a sliding axe kick. Mack chops away and gets a running suplex for 2. Cage gets a Nightmare on Helms Street using his knee before hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Mack gets a flying Sick Kick off the top. Mack lands an exploder into the corner, but he misses a frog splash. Discus clothesline hits for 2! Mack counters a powerbomb attempt with a spinkick. Mack gets a flying modified schoolboy for the win! This was short, but awesome.

Backstage, Son of Havoc has his title, but Catrina appears and tells him that the Disciples of Death are after their titles and tonight, death is coming for him. Ivie defends Havoc, but Catrina disappears and forces Ivie on top of Havoc before Angelico comes in and asks them if they're back together. This was pretty amusing.

Vamp and Striker run down the Ultima Lucha card of Alberto vs. Mundo and Muertes vs. Puma. Striker throws to the Vamp interview where we'll find out why "Vampiro" will not fight him. Vamp apologizes to him and wants to know who the master was - Vamp accepts his non-answer. Vamp digs the aggression, and it reminds him of him. Pentagon asks if he's Vampiro or a coward. We get some brief clips of Vamp and he says he's all about his daughter now. Pentagon wants a match against Vamp and incites him to the point where Vamp rattles his clipboard around and gives him "the look". This was an excellent segment that took up very little time and progressed things in a compelling manner - so unlike what TNA did for last week's possible interpromotional interview.

Back at the temple, we're mid-ring for another match. Mil Muertes vs. Son of Havoc is up and Muertes's status as top contender is relayed in the match intros. Havoc comes down to a ton of cheers while Striker relays how much of a loser he was before the trios tag team formed.

Mil Muertes vs. Son of Havoc

Havoc hits chops and elbows while Vamp says that Muertes has an "I hate you and want you to die!" advantage. Havoc gets 2 off a springboard crossbody. Muertes catches him off the Muta-style handspring elbow and tosses him around ala Brock. I would love to see a Brock vs. Muertes match - shame it will have to be limited to a video game. Muertes destroys Havoc around ringside by throwing him into anything he can. Muertes powerbombs Havoc on the announce table, which has zero give in it. He tosses him around the outside of Dario's office and then throws him back into the ring. Havoc comes back and gets a dive! He celebrates and Ivie yells at him for being an idiot - well, she's not wrong. He gets 1.

Havoc catches him off the top into a chokeslam, which Havoc clips out of. He eats a big punch off a run though and is set up on the top rope. Havoc fights back and gordbusters him down. SSP misses and Catrina goes over to Angelico and argues with Ivie. Catrina raises the stone and the Disciples attack, but Havoc gets a space flying Tiger drop for the save! Mil spears him and lands a flatliner for the win. This hasn't been the best episode of the show, but it's super-effective at telling every story that needs to be told. Vamp says "wow" at the sight of Catrina's cleavage, and Striker talks about Puma being sacrificed at Ultima Lucha.

Texano has a mic and says he's never been nice, but he's always been Mexican! He loves whipping ass and can't be trusted by his own family, but he doesn't turn on his race. Texano doesn't like or care about the people Chavo has hurt, but he hates Chavo. This is a bit odd, and he's jumped by the Crew while Vamp calls Chavo a chickenshit. Blue Demon Jr. runs down and cleans house just by showing up. The Crew throws him a chair and he hits Texano in the head and busts him open. Demon boots his head with his nice shoes while Striker talks about Demon carrying the torch of Mexico. Demon says that he is Mexico, not Texano and he'll fight him at Ultima Lucha. Team Johnny vs. Team Alberto is up next and we get a rundown of just who is on what team. Alberto teams with Sexy Star, Aero Star, and Drago to face Mundo, Hernandez, Jack Evans, and Super Fly. Tecnicos are out first, followed by the rudos. Drago vs. Hernandez is announced for Ultima Lucha.

Team Alberto vs. Team Johnny

Mundo tags out instantly, but Hernandez hops down to send Evans in. Evans takes a great ass-whooping here. Aero comes in and kicks away in the corner. Aero gets an apron kick while Striker reminds us that each man holds one of the seven ancient medallions. Vamp plugs his book on Amazon while Drago and Fly go at it. Fly is sent to the floor, so Hernandez comes in and is taken down a bit while Alberto comes in and wants Hernandez. Rudos attack him on the floor and Vamp approves of Alberto being beaten up. Mundo comes in to attack now of course.

A Mundo corner charge misses and Fly comes in and eats a big superkick. Aero's in and fends him to the floor, so Evans comes in. Trust fall is turned into a backwards diving frog splash! Corkscrew dive to the floor from Sexy! Mundo trips Alberto and they chase each other around the building. Aero hits the fall, but Evans kicks him down. Hernandez is in and tosses Aero up for a powerbomb at 2. Mundo gets the running knee for 2.

Aero gets a sunset flip, but a blind tag brings Evans in for a diving kick. Sexy and Mundo have an awkward exchange and Hernandez train wrecks her down. Drago gets a tornado DDT and Alberto gets a back stabber. Albero armbars Evans, but Mundo hits the End of the World! Mundo and Sexy are legal and he rolls through a crossbody to win. I love the heel winning and pinning the woman to win, and cheating to do that.

Striker hypes up a confrontation next week between Mil Muertes and Prince Puma, but Vamp gets jumped by Pentagon! Vamp eats a nasty running punt to the chest and Pentagon douses Vamp in gasoline. Pentagon says that if Vamp doesn't accept, he'll burn him now. This ruled!

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