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Lucha Underground June 10 TV results & report: Cage vs. Hernandez vs. Drago vs. King Cuerno

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Last week, Jack Evans had a really fun match with Argenis and gained his first win in the company. He also won an ancient medallion from Dario Cueto. Chavo Guerrero turned heel after a couple of weeks as a babyface by luring Black Lotus into an attack by Cueto's crew and they're threatening her with Cueto's brother - Motunza, who killed Bael a few weeks back. The Trios champions retained against Daivari, Ryck, and Cage thanks to Texano. Pentagon Jr. beat Sexy Star in a submission match using a modified surfboard and not his usual arm snapper. Vampiro left the table and went to save Sexy Star from being a victim, and then smashed his head into a mirror while we heard him talk about the darkness via commentary clips. He's found his personal dark side, and he's set to unleash Hell soon enough.

The show begins with a recap of Chavo's saga in the company and the end of Drago. Drago is shown above the Temple with wings in a really badass shot diving down. Los Rayobacks sing us in while Vamp apologizes for getting in the ring last week. Striker says that Sexy will only be out a couple of weeks. Dario Cueto says that in ten weeks, we'll have Ultima Lucha! It will be a yearly event with the biggest fights and tonight, we'll determine who fights for the title at Ultima Lucha. He has invited all of Prince Puma's past opponents - but Fenix can't compete because Mil Muertes killed him. Of course, since he left out Drago and we just saw Drago, we know he'll be in this. Sometimes, predictable is very good. Blue Demon Jr. will be at Ultima Lucha and he comes down to the ring in a suit. Dario says that he's made a match tonight to prevent ring rust - a match with Chavo and The Crew, sans Bael due to the monster Motunza. 

Blue Demon Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero - Anything Goes

Demon is working in a suit and eats a kick to the face from Chavo. Striker talks about the Guerrero dynasty including Shaul. They fight on the floor and Demon gets some forearm strikes. The Crew jumps Demon and Vamp says he hates Demon. Chavo canes the daylights out of him. The Crew beats him up and Chavo wins with a frog splash. We get another badass shot of Drago flapping his wings and looking cool. Chavo talks to Black Lotus in her cell as they pan over to Motunza, who we just hear growl.

Dario is threatened by Drago, who logically points out that he's faced Prince Puma. Cueto says that he's been banished, but he's found a loophole. He's in the match, but he must win to stay in the company and he'll lose his mask as well. Drago accepts the terms - this was excellent!

Catrina and her catsuit bring The Disciples of Death down to the ring. They have white, purple, and gold trim. The faces come down as Vamp talks about them being silly and Striker says that they're livers of a free life. This is an odd matchup, but could be really good - sometimes clashes in styles work out.

The Disciples of Death vs. Pimpinella Escarlata, Mascarita Sagrada, and Bengala

The Disciples are gobsmacked by Pimpi, who dances around and eats chops. Chop exchange between Gold and Pimpi. Pimpi doesn't call it the rear view, but does prevent a corner charge with his ass. Pimpi dives into the crowd and kisses a fan. Ground tag to Bengala. Bengala's gear is like a zebra version of Ultimo Dragon's. The Disciples team up on Bengala, who gets a big chant already. Double-jump Lionsault to a disciple, but Gold attacks with a kick to the jaw.

Iffy swinging rana off the top to Gold leads to a triangle jumping corkscrew dive to the floor! Sagrada comes in and is beaten up by White and tossed around. All three buzzsaw kick Sagrada! Pimpi gets tossed around and Bengala eats more kicks. Wacky lucha things send Sagrada into the corner and then into the other corner via flips. The Disciples get a double wheelbarrow doomsday device missile dropkick. They dump Sagrada over the top onto Bengala. Pimpi dropkicks two of them to the floor, but eats a boot. Catrina does the lick of death and they hit a triple dominator for the win. This was an interesting match to watch, and got over The Disciples as a serious threat.

Vampiro hypes up the return of Drago tonight. Johnny Mundo goes into Dario's office and asks why he isn't in the title match qualifier tonight since he faced Puma. Cueto says that he wants him to be champion by the time Ultima Lucha starts. Sure, Mundo gave him a black eye - but he looks great in sunglasses. He loved seeing Johnny put Alberto through a window and views him as the future of Lucha Underground. Mundo says he knows that he's better than Puma, and Cueto says that he has a new concept - Prince Puma vs. Mundo in an iron man match. This eight month old company has managed to reinvent the Royal Rumble and make stipulation matches seem like a big deal, so the idea of a Mundo vs. Puma iron man match should turn out to be excellent in execution.

Melissa Santos is mid-ring and announces tonight's four way main event. Cage comes out first, followed by King Cuerno. Hernandez and his new black and white gear are out, while Drago rounds out the field to a huge pop. Drago comes down with his wings while the announcers act shocked - that's a bit odd. Drago has new shiny black gear and Hernandez looks scared shitless. Drago also has a new, scarier mask while Santos says that a loss here banishes Drago and he'll have to unmask.

Cage vs. Hernandez vs. Drago vs. King Cuerno - Ultima Lucha Title Match 4-Way

Cage and Hernandez start it off, but are then followed by Drago and Cuerno. Flipping headscissors by Drago and a lucha drop-down exchange gets 2 for Drago. Drago gets a pop-up facebuster, but eats a Very Mexican uppercut from Cuerno. Hernandez gorilla presses Hernandez, but Cage prevents a Border Toss. Cage kicks away at him and takes him down with a dropkick. Striker talks about Cage wanting to be a pro skateboarder, but he couldn't beat anyone up there.

Drago hops off of Cage for a rana to Cuerno. Cage tosses Drago to the floor before Cuerno and Cage team up to kick Hernandez and then double suplex him. Cage hits an Okada flying elbow before a Cuerno dive, but Drago prevents a pin. Drago low-bridges Cage and ranas Cuerno. Cuerno and Cage are hit with a double lariat, but the impact sends Drago down instead. Powerbomb and lungblower combo by Cage and Cuerno. Cage catches Drago and tosses him while glaring at Cuerno. Hernandez clubs Cuerno down, but he comes back with strikes and chops him hard in the ropes. Hernandez pounces him and sends him flying.

Hernandez and Drago square off, and Drago trips him up. A Superfly dive gets 2 for Drago. Killshot is standing high on the perch above the commentators. Cage tries to attack Cuerno from behind, but he senses him, ducks a lariat, then a discus and catches Drago for a Finlay roll. Cage moonsaults him and Cuerno hits a flying knee to the gut. Hernandez gets the inverted torture rack gutbuster to Cuerno, but eats a double jump moonsault from Cage.

Vamp asks why no one is going for a cover and Striker says they'll give up their backs in the process. Running rana to Cuerno from Drago leads to a corkscrew dive from Cuerno to him on the floor. Hernandez turns into a dive attempt, but eats a big forearm before faking Cage out and Taker diving the pile.

Cage moonsaults on the pile on the floor and lands right on his knees. Cuerno is mid-ring for the Arrow of Death, and sends it to Killshot. Cuerno dives onto Cage and Drago since Hernandez left the scene immediately and tosses Cuerno into the ring to kick his ass. He comes in, but eats a flip powerbomb by Drago to the floor! Drago uses mist on Cuerno and wins with his wacky lucha cradle! Drago is the new number one contender and will face whoever the champion is at Ultima Lucha! 

The crowd goes crazy for Drago. He gets a series of chants and stares down Puma mid-ring. Cueto looks out of his office and Catrina says that he should have put Muertes in the match. Catrina says that every man immortal or mortal craves power, and Muertes kills everything in his way. Cueto says that he'll face Drago in two weeks and the winner faces the champion at Ultima Lucha. She tells him that Motunza is no match for Mil Muertes as Cueto just looks shocked. This was a super-fun episode of the show and well worth going out of your way to see. It would be nice if they hadn't deflated Drago's big win here by ending the show with him, like Hernandez, having to defend his contendership.

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