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Lucha Underground recap: The 100th episode

Season 3 -- Episode 35: “Cien”

The build to Ultima Lucha Tres continued on a loaded show for the 100th episode in the overall run of the series.

Rey Mysterio and Matanza fought each other in a match put in the main event spot. In a post-match angle after Mysterio dropped the fall, Matanza viciously attacked him at the behest of Dario Cueto. After destroying Mysterio with a chair, Matanza placed Mysterio over his shoulder as he carried him out of The Temple.

In another post-match angle, Marty the Moth and Fenix are set for a collision soon as their issues boiled over. Marty tried to assault Melissa Santos, and Santos repeatedly slapped him hard in the face until Fenix made the save by knocking him out.

On the next episode, Santos makes her wrestling debut on the show in a match where she teams with Fenix against Marty the Moth & Mariposa. In previous episodes, Marty mentioned he wanted to take the mask of Fenix, so a stipulation match could also be on the horizon. No mention of any stips on this show, but Fenix and Marty still have issues to settle.

Other issues that need to be settled include the emergence of a three-way feud over the gimmicked gauntlet. During an eight-person tag team match that opened the show, Jeremiah Crane stole the gauntlet from Cage. Crane then presented the glove to Catrina.

Crane became infatuated by Catrina on a recent episode, and Catrina apparently used that attraction as a way to obtain the gauntlet. She seeks the gauntlet in a deal made with her mother on a previous episode.

Crane gave the gauntlet to Catrina in exchange for a kiss. Before she could seal the deal with the kiss, Mil Muertes attacked Crane. As those two brawled, Cage suddenly rushed into the scene to take back his gauntlet. That led to all three -- Cage, Muertes, and Crane -- getting into a three-way brawl. That seems to set up a match in the coming weeks.

Pentagon Dark earned an ancient Aztec medallion by winning a match over Dragon Azteca Jr. The medallion grants Pentagon the opportunity to compete for the Gift of the Gods. After their match, Pentagon went to break the arm of Azteca. Matanza sort of made the save.

Matanza faced off with Pentagon, but Dario Cueto ran down to control him and keep him from fighting Pentagon.

Instead, Cueto ordered Matanza to attack Azteca. That brought out Rey Mysterio to make the save for his storyline protege. That save led into the match between Mysterio and Matanza where Matanza destroyed Mysterio afterwards.

The future of Mysterio on the show is in question as the cliffhanger on the episode was Mysterio being seemingly kidnapped by Matanza. The future of Sexy Star in the wrestling business is also in question, but for real-life reasons. Nonetheless, she and Taya worked a few spots together in an eight-person atomicos match that opened the show.

The sight of Taya and Sexy Star in the same ring is odd considering their recent issues. However, the tag match was taped at least a year before any of the recent drama with Sexy Star.

The atomicos match was also supposed to include Ricky Mandel. In a scene before the match, Mandel revealed that he legally changed his name to “Ricky Mundo” in honor of his idol, Johnny Mundo. That display of affection backfired as Johnny Mundo insisted he is the only “Mundo” in the Worldwide Underground.

To punish Ricky, Johnny pulled him from the match and replaced him with Marty the Moth. That replacement was the setup for the angle with Melissa Santos where she slapped Marty.

On such a monumental episode, the focus was on building towards Ultima Lucha Tres. The three-part edition of the show’s climactic supercard draws near. While the build towards the event raises questions about the future of storylines and characters, the underlying question is the future of Lucha Underground itself. Are the final episodes of the show on the horizon, or will season four take place? Time will tell.

Show results --

  • Johnny Mundo, Taya, PJ Black & Marty the Moth defeated Prince Puma, Sexy Star, Cage & Fenix when Mundo pinned Puma with the End of the World
  • Pentagon Dark defeated Dragon Azteca for an Aztec Medallion after a package piledriver
  • Matanza defeated Rey Mysterio with the Wrath of the Gods