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Lucha Underground recap: Bloodshed continues on Ultima Lucha Tres

The bloodshed continued during the second part of Ultima Lucha Tres in the third-to-last episode of season three on Lucha Underground.

The previous show featured arguably the most violent and graphic match shown in quite some time on national television. This latest show was seemingly less violent, but just as bloody.

Lucha de Apuesta

In a stipulation match with a wager (“lucha de apuesta”), Marty the Moth bloodied Fenix only to eventually get his head shaved after losing a hair vs. mask match. Fenix got color during the match, and he hit a gusher.

The blood gave the match a greater sense of drama, especially considering bloodbaths are rarely seen on televised wrestling shows nowadays. The backstory between the participants, which also involves Melissa Santos, sketched out a picture. The blood added some color to the picture.

Santos got involved during the finish. Her interference was fitting, since her character played directly into the storyline. Marty the Moth developed an obsession with Santos after becoming infatuated with her in the first season. By the third season, Marty’s character began to stalk her.

While Marty the Moth became a stalker, Santos in storyline began a romantic relationship with Fenix. That put Fenix and Marty on a collision course that culminated in a stipulation match on Ultima Lucha Tres. The ultimate outcome was Fenix vanquishing Marty the Moth despite Fenix having spilled blood. Santos then gained a measure of revenge when she was the one to shave Marty’s head.

Somewhere along the way, tensions arose between Marty and his kayfabe sister, Mariposa. When it appeared that Mariposa would save Marty from a headshaving on this episode, she turned on her brother and handcuffed him to a railing so he could not escape the fate that awaited him.

Fenix and Marty the Moth had a great match on the way to concluding their storyline. The work was great, but the blood really added drama to the match. The sight of the gore made Fenix look like a true babyface-in-peril. The blood would have been even more dramatic if someone had not bled a lot earlier on the episode. Much like the angle involving Fenix, Santos, and Marty, the other match to feature blood also dealt with a love triangle of sorts.

The Ballad of Ivelisse

Returning to action after nursing an injury during previous seasons, Ivelisse returned to the ring at The Temple for a match against Catrina. The issues between the two women involve the love of Jeremiah Crane.

Crane fell in love with the villainous Catrina, which upset his kayfabe girlfriend Ivelisse. She looked for vengeance in a match against Catrina. The match itself used a lot of smoke-and-mirrors, or actually blood and gimmicks.

Ivelisse got color after Catrina broke several bottles over her head. Ivelisse had the crimson mask as she bled heavily. Ivelisse fought from underneath to overcome the loss of blood in exacting her revenge.

The sight of a bloody Ivelisse was dramatic, especially considering women rarely bleed on wrestling shows in such a manner.

Catrina tried to hit Ivelisse with her magic rock, but Ivelisse got the rock instead. She walloped Catrina with the rock and pinned her. As Ivelisse celebrated her win after the match, she received a Tonya Harding. Running into the ring, Crane cracked Ivelisse in the leg. Crane then proceeded to hit her in the leg with a hammer in a dastardly scene.

Battle royal

Elsewhere on the show, The Mack won a battle royal for a “unique opportunity.” As it turned out, that opportunity was for a trios match on Ultima Lucha Tres. Dario Cueto ordered Mack to team with Dante Fox and Killshot for a match against the Reptile Tribe on the next episode.

Show results --

  • The Mack won a battle royal
  • Ivelisse defeated Catrina
  • Fenix defeated Marty the Moth in a mask vs. hair match

On the next episode --

  • The Mack, Killshot & Dante Fox vs. Vibora, Pindar & Drago for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship
  • Taya vs. Sexy Star in a last luchadora standing match
  • Pentagon Dark vs. Son of Havoc in a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Championship