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Lucha Underground recap: The season three finale

Last night's two-hour season finale of Lucha Underground wrapped up season three with the culmination of storylines and the tease of future directions.

While the future of the show remains in question, the end of the third season clearly builds to a fourth season. Whether that happens is unclear, but that took nothing away from the intrigue of what could possibly be the last episode.

The departure of Prince Puma

The final episode of season three marked the end of Prince Puma (Ricochet) on Lucha Underground, though Puma actually won the Lucha Underground Championship over Johnny Mundo in what appeared at first to be the main event of the show.

Puma and Mundo had an excellent match that was billed as “career vs. title” in the buildup to the season finale. The result seemed clear ahead of the episode as common knowledge indicated that Ricochet was done with Lucha Underground. Despite that, a swerve made viewers question everything they thought they knew about the situation.

Puma defeated Mundo to become the first-ever (and possibly only) two-time holder of the Lucha Underground title. That was a surprise as Puma unseated Mundo as champion to conceivably save his “career” at The Temple. Then came a swerve.

The rise of Pentagon Dark

The wrestler first known on the series as Pentagon Jr. probably benefited more from the exposure of Lucha Underground than almost anyone else during the show's run. Prince Puma was often pushed as the top star, but Ricochet was under a mask as the character even if many fans made the connection as to who was behind the hood.

With his face hidden and billed under a different name, Ricochet may have benefited from his exposure on the show. Still, it was Pentagon Dark that really increased his value as he became the de facto top star as the crowd favorite.

Ricochet became a greater star outside of Lucha Underground for promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling. His matchups with Will Ospreay became instant classics as they established themselves as cutting edge caliber talent.

Pentagon Dark arguably became a star in the United States directly because of his work on Lucha Underground. Since his debut on the show, Penta has become a regular attraction on the US indie scene. That likely would not have happened based solely on his work in Mexico for companies like AAA or The Crash.

By the end of season three, Penta also became the champion of the promotion.

In an impromptu match following Puma’s title win, Dario Cueto booked another “career vs. title” match between Puma and Pentagon. Winning the Lucha Underground Championship, Pentagon defeated Puma to end his “career” at The Temple.

The title change makes Pentagon Dark the top babyface if the show returns. Regardless if there ends up being a season four, Penta winning the title felt like a very apropos ending either way.

Chasing the gauntlet

The ultra-violence and gore of Ultima Lucha Tres continued on the season finale with a three-way match for the gauntlet, which is the gimmicked glove Cage had been in possession of throughout the season.

In a bloody match, Mil Muertes defeated both Cage and Jeremiah Crane to gain the gauntlet. Or did he? King Cuerno returned in an angle after the match where the hunter stole the gauntlet.

Before all that, Dario Cueto made the three-way into an elimination match. From there, things got bloody. Crane bled from his head in a match that involved weapons like tables, chairs, and glass. Muertes bled from the arm after being thrown through a pane of glass. Still, he was able to overcome after Cage eliminated Crane.

Muertes went on to pin Cage in winning the gimmicked glove. Suddenly, King Cuerno returned to attack Muertes. The backstory is Muertes left Cuerno for dead after Ultima Lucha Dos at the end of the second season.

Much to the dismay of Catrina and Cueto, Cuerno gained possession of the glove in a cliffhanger that leads into a possible fourth season.

The Monster mauls

In another bout on the show, Matanza defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. in a cage match. The story of the match was Matanza mauling Azteca throughout.

Usually dives off the cage come towards the end of cage matches. In this match, Azteca started off with a moonsault off the top of the cage. Matanza then proceeded to maul him in a brawl after throwing him through the cage at one point.

Azteca seemingly won after being thrown through the cage since his feet touched the floor, but Dario Cueto restarted the match and modified the rules to pin or submission only.

Black Lotus returned doing a run-in -- or rather a fly-in -- as she dove off the cage with a flying crossbody on Azteca. Her help allowed Matanza to finish off Azteca and pin him. Afterwards, Matanza turned on Black Lotus to lay her out with the Wrath of the Gods since Lucha Underground seemingly must have an uncomfortable intergender segment on every show.

The season finale ended with a collection of skits and vignettes that built anticipation for another season, including a cliffhanger of whether Dario Cueto will live or die after being shot by Agent Winter. Winter told Cueto that new management will take care of the situation with the gauntlet and all of his other messes.

Whether season four happens remains a mystery. But if a new season never materializes, it has been a good run.

Show results --

  • Matanza defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. in a cage match
  • Mil Muertes defeated Cage and Jeremiah Crane in a three-way elimination match
  • Prince Puma defeated Johnny Mundo to win the Lucha Underground Championship
  • Pentagon Dark defeated Prince Puma to win the Lucha Underground Championship