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Lucha Underground recap: Ultima Lucha Tres starts with a war

The final four weeks in the third season of Lucha Underground began with the return of a lucha libre legend. The first in a four-part season finale then ended with bloody combat in a grudge match that tore the house down -- and shattered some windows.

Killshot and Dante Fox had a best-of-three falls match with three sets of stipulations. A first blood match decided the first fall. The no-DQ match continued into a second phase that ended via pinfall. The finale stage was an ambulance match to conclude what was called “The Hell of War.”

The war between Dante Fox & Killshot

The characters are interlocked in a backstory involving them serving in the military on an elite force. The story of them once fighting alongside each other in an overseas war led to them eventually settling their issues at The Temple in a brutal match.   

The military aspect played into the theme of the match with not only the “Hell of War” name, but also the tone. Fox and Killshot went to war and spilled blood in a brutal battle. The match itself was gruesome at times. If you like death matches, it is worth going out of your way to see.

The brutality was surreal at certain points because of crowd reactions and context. For example, Killshot was strapping down Fox to a blood soaked stretcher while the crowd chanted "this is awesome" after ultra-violence had just unfolded.

Dante Fox won the initial stage by drawing first blood. Fox backdropped Killshot through a pane of glass set up in the ring. Killshot’s back was sliced open, but he got a receipt in the second stage after powerbombing Fox through a board covered in barbed wire. On commentary, Matt Striker referred to the barbed wire board as an "ancient Aztec torture rack." Not sure that barbed wire was prevalent in Aztec culture, but whatever.

Shattered glass littered the ring. His back was now also a bloody mess, Fox was given a cradle piledriver in a ring filled with broken glass. Killshot then pinned Fox to even the falls.

Besides the panes of glass and the barbed wire, other weapons used included chairs, tables, and a ladder. Likewise, a structure holding a large pane of glass sat between the ring and the medevac for a mighty stunt to close the show.

When Killshot and Fox fought their way onto a balcony, Fox was thrown into a swan dive, and he crashed through the large pane of glass. Killshot then carried Fox to the medevac, which was a military ambulance. Killshot placed Fox into the ambulance to win the battle.


The Doctor returns

A masked Dr. Wagner Jr. returned to The Temple as the surprise tag team partner of Famous B in a handicap match against Texano.

Dario Cueto had seemingly declared the bout a "handicap match" ahead of this episode because Famous B was still selling his broken arm. In a swerve, the handicap stipulation was an actual two-on-one match. Famous B introduced Dr. Wagner Jr. as his tag partner against Texano.

Since the episode was taped over a year ago, Wagner still had his mask. Of course, he has since unmasked at Triplemania. He also wants to be known as Rey Wagner nowadays. Nonetheless, the cameo during Ultima Lucha Tres brought some authentic lucha libre to the show with Wagner’s exchanges with Texano.

Texano and Wagner did several smooth lucha spots before Texano would later biel Famous B off the staircase. That stunt paled in comparison to the crazy spots in the death match that followed, but was a helluva bump nonetheless.

The odds were too great for Texano in the handicap match. However, it was Beautiful Brenda at ringside that helped win the match instead of the added involvement of Wagner. Brenda distracted Texano with a kiss, which allowed Famous B to roll up Wagner with a schoolboy for a pinfall.

The handicap match opened the show, and was much more lighthearted than the “Hell of War” that would follow. The stipulations only increase in magnitude as the season three finale unfolds. Ultima Lucha Tres continues on the next episode of Lucha Underground.

Matches airing next week --

  • Fenix vs. Marty the Moth (with a mask vs. hair stipulation)
  • Battle royal for a “unique opportunity”
  • Ivelisse vs. Catrina