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Lucha Underground results: The Battle of the Bulls continues

The program begins with a recap of Angelico's history with Johnny Mundo and Kobra Moon debuting her new tribe. Matanza's path of rage after his title loss is recapped and Mundo's title win leads to a recap of Sexy Star's match last week against PJ Black.

Matt Striker and Vampiro talk about the Battle of the Bulls tournament -- the finals will be in a steel cage.

Jeremiah Crane defeated Killshot, Dante Fox, and Mariposa in a Battle of the Bulls tournament match

Fox hits a jumping kick on Mariposa before diving onto the floor. Mariposa hits him with a missile dropkick off the top. Crane lands a triangle lariat to Fox. Killshot goes to dive on the pile, but Crane tosses a chair at his head. Crane hits a forearm shiver and sets up a giant bridge of chairs.

We get a tower of doom spot with Mariposa as the base taking all the men down through the chair bridge. Crane sets up a shot in the corner, but eats a pump kick from Fox. Killshot hits Fox with a rewind rana and Crane goes for a half-nelson suplex on the chair before being countered. 

Crane locks on the stretch muffler on Killshot and Mariposa. Killshot goes for a suplex, but Mariposa counters it into a stunner. She hoists him up and hits the vertebreaker/Butterfly Effect through a chair. Fox hits a pop-up C4 on Crane off the top for two. A 450 is met with boots to the face before Crane hits the cradle killer and wins. Killshot and Fox stare down before he hits an inverted curb stomp and then a double stomp off the top. 

Taya shoots a documentary on PJ Black and Jack Evans with them blowing their lines. PJ is concerned about her adding in a guitar effect for his sweet air guitar. Mundo comes in and acts like a jerk to them saying that he needs them to worry about winning or they can find a new crew.

Sexy Star does shadow boxing inside a steel cage for some reason. Shockingly, lucha ninjas don't swarm her and eat a beating. She towels off and goes to her locker, where a giant spider has been hidden.

Drago defeated Kobra Moon by DQ

Striker finds a few dozen words to describe Moon's mannerisms before recapping the Kobra Moon/Drago rivalry. Drago outwrestles her and she seductively poses. She runs the ropes and eats a dropkick. A sick superkick sends her into the buckle before a high kick and leg sweep takes her down. He hits a modified spinning neckbreaker before landing a dominator.

She begs off and he hits a superkick before one of Kobra's charges attacks him. He is called a rambunctious reptilian by Striker, and then Fenix and Aerostar make the save. A giant lizard man comes down and hits big boots to the babyfaces and double chokeslams them.

Between his generic big man moveset and his tattoos, he looks like a generic creation in a video game. The fans chant "Luchasaurus" at him. He hits a tombstone piledriver to Drago. Luchasaurus picks up Drago and takes him to their lair, presumably.

Backstage, Mariposa and Sexy Star exchange glances and engage in wacky combat. Star talks to her in Spanish about being tortured and she accuses her of putting the spider in her locker, but Mariposa says she didn't. She tells her that she would never leave something like a spider in her locker -- it would be a butterfly. This sure was a thing that took up time. 

PJ Black defeated Jack Evans, Angelico, and Son of Havoc in a Battle of the Bulls tournament match

Jack Evans tells the fans who cheer for him that they're right -- he is goddamned great. Vampiro picks Angelico to win this in his return. The heels let the faces go to war while they rest on the floor. The faces dive on them and force them back in. The babyfaces miss corner charges, but eat shots from the heels. Vampiro says this is like a video game before Striker runs down the Konami code. 

Havoc hits a springboard crossbody and a standing moonsault to Angelico that gets two. Angelico goes for a jumping snapmare, but eats a backbreaker for two. The fans chant something at Evans that is so vile that even Vampiro won't translate it.

Angelico hits a series of slick knees and kicks to the Underground. Evans counters the corner-to-corner Razor's Edge with a rana. Havoc hits a springboard cutter on PJ for two. Evans and Havoc fight up top before they set up a double superplex and then a tower of doom.

Havoc leaves that and dives on PJ before Angelico superplexes Evans to the floor. PJ forces Evans to eat a handspring elbow and then tells him to pin him -- before cradling him to win.

Dragon Azteca Jr. tells Rey Mysterio that Matanza attacked him. Mysterio blames himself and Azteca says it was good -- because now he understands why Mysterio has the mask and what his destiny is.

Mysterio tells him this isn't a fight he can win right now, but Azteca doesn't care about winning. Mysterio tells him that it's his battle to fight, but Azteca defies him and says that he will kill Matanza. Good luck with that one. Mysterio facepalms knowing this is a horrible idea.

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