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Lucha Underground results: 'Bloodlines'

Season 3 -- Episode 30: “Bloodlines”

The latest episode of Lucha Underground included the continuation of the Cueto Cup tournament as other storyline developments played on mystical elements.

Besides the wrestling and mythology, intergender violence returned to the show in the aftermath of a Pentagon match. While the controversial violence was less graphic than other weeks, Pentagon still in storyline again broke a woman's arm. What compounds the issue is Pentagon is a babyface even if he does heelish things.  

Two quarterfinal matches in the Cueto Cup were the main focus of most of the wrestling-related aspects of the show. The science fiction aspect of Lucha Underground returned to prominence in the closing scene with Catrina making a deal with her mother to hunt down Cage and his gauntlet.

A new character introduced on this episode revealed that The Order, a higher power seeking the return of the gods, has infiltrated the FBI. The Order wants to eventually bring about the return of the gods so they may destroy mankind. Somehow, this all relates to a lucha libre promotion in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles.

The opening match on this episode mixed wrestling with mystical storylines in a trios match with the Aztec medallions on the line. Obtaining the medallion gains entrance to a future match for the Gift of the Gods. This trios match was set up in a scene from last week.

Paul London, Saltador & Mala Suerte defeated Ricky Mandel, PJ Black & Taya (w/ Jack Evans) to gain three Aztec medallions

The White Rabbit Tribe upset the Worldwide Underground in winning three of the “ancient Aztec medallions” that grants them an opportunity at the Gift of the Gods. Though that seems like a serious prize, this match had plenty of comedy aspects. It began with Saltador grabbing Taya’s butt, and she fired up in anger.

Moments later, Taya sat Mala Suerte in a corner to set up running knees. Saltador rushed to sit alongside his partner, as Saltador was excited and anxious to take the move from Taya. London jumped in next to sit with his teammates saying, “We do everything together.” So, Taya hit a running knee on all three.

Jack Evans interfered at one point to crotch London. That led into the finish as Mandel climbed up to capitalize. London shoved him off, and Mala Suerte rushed in to give Mandel a neckbreaker. That set Mandel up to take a shooting star press from London.

Matt Striker on commentary described the shooting star as “through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, [it’s] the long strange trip.”

London then pinned Mandel for the Rabbit Tribe to win the medallions.

In a scene from the locker room, Benjamin Cooke and Johnny Mundo cut promos on the Worldwide Underground stable members that just lost in the previous match. Cooke, Mundo’s new agent in storyline, cut a really harsh promo that buried the stable members. He wanted them all fired, but Mundo nixed that.

Mundo scolded them as well, but it was less personal and played more on his desire to retain the Lucha Underground Championship. If the stable was of no help, Mundo threatened to leave for “greener pastures.”

“Think about that long and hard on your drive back to slamtown,” Cooke added.

Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) defeated Jeremiah Crane to advance in the Cueto Cup

This was a quarterfinal match in the tournament. It began as a brawl and continued as such. In storyline, Dario Cueto even added a no disqualification stipulation after the brawling started.

In a sneak attack, Muertes jumped Crane at the top of the staircase. They brawled around the building like The Temple was the ECW Arena in 1996. One stunt they did was Muertes throwing Crane through a door before the fight spilled onto a balcony. They fought on top of the stage that is Cueto’s office, and they fought in the bleachers. Muertes placed Crane on the handrail of the stairs and slid him down to ringside.

Muertes pummeled Crane proverbially from pillar to post, until Crane moved and Muertes hit a ring post. Crane set up for his signature move of running around the ring to pick up momentum for a kick. As Crane lapped the ring, Muertes cut him off with a spear. Muertes followed that by heaving Crane into a cluster of wooden chairs at ringside.

The fight finally entered the ring, as did a pile of metal folding chairs. Muertes backdropped Crane on two chairs set up back-to-back. Moments later, Muertes found himself rammed into a chair. Crane delivered several shots with a chair.

Fans began chanting for tables just before Crane pulled one out from underneath the ring. He set it up on the floor, and Muertes speared him on the table. The table did not break, except for the legs of it bending. So, Muertes powerbombed Crane through the table to break it.

Muertes went for another spear, but Crane countered by applying a guillotine choke. Muertes fought free to escape, and delivered a chokeslam for a near fall. Muertes then fetched another table, then leaned it up in a corner. Crane countered by doing a cannonball that drove Muertes through the table.

Muertes started no-selling, and Crane climbed up to the middle rope. He jumped off into the clutches of Muertes. After executing a flatliner, Muertes covered Crane for the pinfall.

After the match, Catrina administered the Lick of Death. Crane, who has the hots for Catrina, tried to kiss her. This angered Muertes, and he gave Crane a second flatliner for good measure.

A scene in Cueto’s office introduced a new character, Agent Winter. He is an FBI agent that is also affiliated with The Order. Agent Winter is the replacement for Delgado in The Order’s attempt to keep eyes on Cueto and his lucha promotion. This plays into the mythology of the gods planning a return to Earth through lucha libre, or something of that sort.

Agent Winter told Cueto he liked Lucha Underground, and he also said he was a fan of Pentagon Dark. However, Winter added that his “flesh will fry” like all the other mortals when the gods return.

For such a serious storyline, the scene had a lot of campy lines. For example, Agent Winter when leaving the office said to Cueto, “Later, gator.”

Pentagon Dark defeated Texano to advance in the Cueto Cup

Pentagon is a babyface to the crowd, but his character does not act like one. That is especially apparent with the injury angle following the match.

The match itself started with a slugfest that led into Pentagon doing a flip dive to the outside. Texano cut off Pentagon to hit a flip dive of his own. As the fight returned to the ring, Famous B and Beautiful Brenda came down to ringside.

Famous B and Brenda were once again dressed like city slickers trying to play cowboy. Famous B had on his cowboy hat and knock-off Nudie suit that he has worn on previous episodes when trying to court Texano to be his manager.

Not that the match was becoming a classic or anything, but the emergence of Famous B and Brenda took much of the focus away from the in-ring aspect of the segment. They screamed support for Texano with their terribly fake accents.

In the ring, Pentagon escaped an Indian deathlock only to get tied in the tree of woe seconds later. Texano then got a near fall after a leg drop off the top.

Famous B went to help Texano by sliding a golden horseshoe into the ring. It was not an actual horseshoe made for horses, but the over-sized kind used for playing the game of pitching horseshoes. Regardless, the horseshoe slid past Texano into the hands of Pentagon.

Pentagon hit Texano with the horseshoe and covered him for the pinfall. By winning the match, Pentagon advances to meet Mil Muertes in the semifinals of the tournament.

Pentagon went to break the arm of Texano, but Famous B pleaded with him not to do so. Instead, Pentagon superkicked Famous B and broke his arm. Brenda entered the ring to console Famous B, and Pentagon came back to the ring to break her arm as well. The fans sadistically cheered and chanted “cero miedo” after the man-on-woman violence.

The closing scene saw Catrina meet with Captain Vasquez at the police precinct. The meeting revealed that Vasquez is the mother of Catrina. They also have matching halves of a medallion that grants immortality.

Vasquez wanted help with finishing Cage and his gimmicked gauntlet. She turned to Catrina because she controls Mil Muertes, who Vasquez believes is the only man capable of taking the gauntlet from Cage. Catrina seemed disinterested in helping at first, saying it is not her problem. Catrina also said she has no fear of the gods, and Vasquez insisted she should.

Vasquez made a deal with Catrina, promising to give her the other half of the medallion in exchange for helping her. The medallion being broken into two pieces has somehow stranded Catrina between two realms.

Vasquez promised to give Catrina the half of the medallion when she delivers the gauntlet. Catrina noted that without the piece of medallion, Vasquez will no longer be immortal. Vasquez replied that she does not fear death, she only fears the gods.

Catrina responded by mentioning one of Muertes’ taglines that plays on his name, “The gods will soon learn to fear death -- a thousand of them.”

Before leaving, Catrina also said, “Well it seems that we have a deal, mother.”