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Lucha Underground results: Cage vs Mundo in a cage; Rey Mysterio, PJ Black

On Tonight's Show:

Cage battles Johnny Mundo inside a steel cage, while the trios tag title tournament concludes as well. Rey Mysterio Jr., Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. face off against the current champions of Ivelisse and Son of Havoc, Joey Ryan and The Crew, and the trio of Jack Evans, PJ Black, and the former Gift of the Gods and Lucha Underground Champion Fenix - who aims to claim the first-ever Lucha Underground triple crown.

Show Recap:

The show begins with a recap of the trios tournament, Dario putting the current champions in a four way, and the Mundo-Cage feud is rundown briefly. Bang Data plays us in to this week's show, with a cage already constructed around the ring. Striker says that Matanza and Mil Muertes will return to action soon after going through Dario's ceiling. Vamp says that the trios title tourney concludes tonight. Melissa Santos introduces Cage - who is in fact still a machine. Striker says that more experience in a cage benefits Mundo here, who won the only other cage match in the Temple.

Mundo vs. Cage - Steel Cage Match for an Aztec Medallion

Vamp talks about the history of aztec medallions being a bit murky due to the history being tracked by people who were busy making human sacrifices. Cage pummels away in the corner on Mundo and lands 10 strikes and a pair of short-arm lariats. Mundo does a Spider-Man wall crawl up the cage, but gets pulled down and thrown across the ring. Cage tosses him into the steel twice. Striker talks about the history of great cage matches - like Snuka vs. Muraco and Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer. Vamp adds himself versus Sting and himself versus his ex-wife.

Vamp talks about training in BJJ and being surprised that Cage isn't going for a Kimura during a cover. Cage locks in a Boston crab on Mundo while he is locked into the middle rope - akin to missing a shoulder charge and then getting locked in a crab from there. Cage walks on the rope, but gets crotched by Mundo, who lands a cage-assisted shining wizard and a basement dropkick. Cage and Mundo fight up top, but Taya whips Cage's hand with her boot and Mundo hits a C4 off the top for 2.

Mundo whips him with Taya's belt and he rushes in before eating a Samoa Joe-style STO out of the corner. Cage and Mundo fight on top of the cage, and man are the veins in Cage's forearms crazy. Moonlight Drive off the top gets 2. Taya tries to give Mundo a kendo stick, but Cage nixes that and Mundo goes for a Flying Chuck from the blindside, but gets countered into a deadlift German. Buckle bomb leads to a steel cage powerbomb! Cage goes up, but Taya kinda bonks him a bit to take him down. Mundo grabs it and then lays some sick shots in for 2.

Cage goes to attack with the stick, but Mundo uses parkour to avoid it. Cage canes him and snaps it over his knee before getting 2. Mundo avoids a shot and gets a superkick and a Pele for 2. Mundo sunset flips out of a Weapon X. Taya gives Mundo a chair and he hits him in the head for 2. Mundo goes up and poses before teasing an End of the World off the top and missing. Taya climbs up top and dives into Cage. Magic killer onto Cage gets 2. Taya pulls handcuffs out of her boot, but she gets them put on her against the ropes. Spinebuster to Mundo leads to a Steiner Screwdriver on a chair for the win. This was outstanding - outside of the unprotected chairshot to the head and Taya's weak cane shots. Trios Title tournament match is next, leading to some nice shots of the title belt.

Dario comes out and interrupts Melissa, getting a "jefe!" chant and then a "we want lucha!" chant. He says he has news - Angelico has had an accident, and he'll get to the bottom of it. However, the title match will go on and Havoc and Ivie will defend the titles for their team. He wishes them luck and says they'll need it. Evans walks down the steps on his hands, which seems like a very bad idea for many reasons. 

Ivelisee and Son of Havoc vs. Fenix, Jack Evans, and PJ Black vs. Joey Ryan and The Crew vs. Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr., and Rey Mysterio Jr. 

Rey debuts new slick silver and red gear here while Striker runs down Rey's history as a tag champion. Vamp says that the current champs are at a disadvantage in theory, but can use their long-term partnership to turn everyone else against each other. Fenix and Cisco miss dropkicks, and Rey and Ivie each get 2. It's one person from each team in the ring at all times - so it's going to be nuts. Superkick to the gut of Ivie and Cisco lands a powerslam and gets a "Cisco" chant.  Striker says that he's now becoming a fan favorite, and that people change.

PJ is in Joker-esque neon green and purple gear. Do-si-doi spot in the corner by Havoc and Puma. Havoc lands some forearms to Castro, but Cisco gets a blind tag. Vamp asks what happened to Bael and Striker says he has no idea - people come and go in the Temple all the time. Dragon misses a kick to Castro, but spins into one on Cisco. Joey grabs Ivie and takes her to the floor. Fenix hits a corkscrew dive onto Cisco. PJ with a dive, and Puma goes for one, but hoists Dragon up for a top rope corkscrew to the pile on the floor. 

PJ uses Puma as a launching pad for a flip dive, and then Rey hits his missile dive onto the pile. Havoc hits a space flying tiger drop as well. This is essentially a crazy video game match with everyone doing a dive on the floor. Joey stops Ivie's dive by trying to impress her with his crotch, but she kicks his chest in and then German suplexes him. Castro comes in and eats forearms Big brainbuster to her leads to Joey wanting the tag, Castro being distracted and being small packaged to eliminate them from the equation.

Jack, Puma, and Havoc go for a three-way tieup before a double dropkick sends Jack to the floor. Havoc hits a high kick and a double stomp followed by a standing moonsault for 2. Striker talks about the illuminati for a bit while Jack says that he is the baddest bitch in the building - not Ivie. Ivie chops him and boots his face off. Sunset powerbomb hits, but PJ superkicks her and Jack pins her - so it's down to two teams and new champions will be crowned here. A Weapon X highlight reel airs during a break.

Dragon and Fenix square off, leading to Dragon going for a backwards roll and then eating a mushroom stomp to the back of the head for 2. Dragon lands a corkscrew DDT while Vamp asks Striker to give him another quarter to keep the video game going. Puma comes in and hits the Northern Lights into the brainbuster before landing the one-man alarm clock! PJ eats a 630, but Evans kicks him in the nuts. Jack comes in and hits a running double sledge. Jack has his partners hold Puma, but he goes for a wacky kick that kicks Fenix.

Rey sends PJ over the top with a headscissors and lands a springboard crossbody to Jack. Outside-in headscissors puts Jack into the 619 position. It hits and then Jack just kinda stands there while Puma and Azteca set up a double team corkscrew DDT.Rey hits a split-legged moonsault to beat him and win his first title in Lucha Underground. The faces celebrate and we go to Pentagon Jr's lair.

Vampiro tells him to come, and we see Pentagon wheel himself in on a motorized wheelchair after Matanza broke his back. Vampiro tells him to get up - he doesn't, so Vamp burns him with the wax of a black candle. Pentagon tries to rise, but falls to the floor. Vamp grabs him and says he's weak before leaving him in a pool of blood and smoke. Well, this was different and weird. Excellent show overall - with only two matches, and each of them were very good. To see all the screenshots for the show, click here.