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Lucha Underground results: 'Career Opportunities'

Season 3 -- Episode 34: “Career Opportunities”

Stipulations and street fights were the order of the day on the latest episode of Lucha Underground. The 99th episode in the overall run of the show had several storyline developments that built towards the 100th edition next week.

Besides building to the 100th episode, a major stipulation added to one match could likely be the exit strategy for the Prince Puma character being written off the show. The future of Puma (Ricochet) and the lucha-themed television show is in question as the end of season three approaches.

Whether Lucha Underground is renewed for a fourth season remains unclear. Likewise, the departure of Ricochet would leave the show without its most prolific homegrown character. Real-life speculation added another level of anticipation to an upcoming match involving the character.

A confrontation between Puma and Johnny Mundo led to a challenge of a title match for the Lucha Underground Championship during Ultima Lucha Tres. At first, the match appeared to be title vs. mask. Puma even agreed to put his mask at stake because he was so confident he could win the title from Mundo.

Dario Cueto vetoed the mask stipulation since there was already a mask match on the card. Ironically, this episode aired a week before the oldest active lucha libre promotion (CMLL) does run a show with two mask matches. However, Cueto would have none of that.

Cueto decreed he had a far better stipulation. He said Puma would put his career on the line. Puma agreed and the match is set to air in the coming weeks for what could possibly spell the storyline end of Puma’s run in Lucha Underground.

In other match developments, Rey Mysterio will face Matanza next week by order of Cueto. Mysterio threatened Cueto as the follow-up continues after Cueto cost Mysterio the title on a recent episode.

On matches that did take place on this episode, Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro had a weapons-filled street fight that was unique for the type of gimmicks used. The street fight was seemingly the blow-off to a story arc involving Ryan and Castro’s backstory as police officers.

The law enforcement officer aspect of the story played heavily into the match. Extras in police uniforms equipped with riot gear surrounded the ring for the street fight. Their riot shields and batons were used in the match, as were other cop-related props like a can of mace and a police cruiser. Donuts and hot coffee also played a factor.

The match was bloody and violent. Castro defeated Ryan after spraying him in the face with mace and giving him a running powerslam on a pile of police shields. The fight supposedly settled their issues, and Castro also won an Aztec medallion. So, he’s headed to Ultima Lucha Tres to compete for the Gift of the Gods.

Other matches on the show included Drago beating The Mack to win the prize of an Aztec medallion. In another bout, Matanza had a tune-up match against three members of The Rabbit Tribe. Despite the odds, Matanza fared very well.

Show Recap --

We opened with a tease that Dario Cueto has a major announcement later in the show.

Drago defeated The Mack

Drago pinned Mack with the Dragon’s Lair to win an ancient Aztec medallion. Kobra Moon caused a distraction that led to the pinfall.

After the match, Mack kicked Drago in the gut and gave him a stunner. That brought out members of The Reptile Tribe to administer a beatdown on Mack as Pindar and Vibora laid him out.

Dario Cueto cut an in-ring promo making announcements for next week’s 100th episode. Pentagon vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. for a medallion is set for next week. Also, Rey Mysterio faces the monster Matanza. In addition, an “atomicos” tag match takes place with the Worldwide Underground taking on Prince Puma and partners of his choice.

Cueto said that Puma would announce his picks later in the show, but that never happened. Instead, another announcement overshadowed the atomicos match.

Cortez Castro defeated Joey Ryan in a "5-0" street fight

Castro pinned Ryan to win an Aztec medallion. Police surrounded the ring and wouldn't let either flee the scene. Castro never tried, but Ryan did at one point.

This was a wild brawl. They fought with nightsticks and other weapons like riot shields. They even fought on top of a police car. A baseball bat and a sledgehammer came into play -- only for both to strike the car instead of a person.

Another foreign object used was supposedly hot coffee that Castro poured down Ryan’s pants. With Ryan wet from the coffee, Castro shocked Ryan’s groin with a taser.

For the finish, they were both struggling to their feet after a superplex off a table to the floor. Ryan had a nightstick and went to use it on Castro, who had a can of mace. Castro sprayed Ryan with the mace. Earlier in the match, Ryan set up a pile of police shields in the ring. Castro slammed a blinded Ryan on the pile and covered him for the pinfall.

Matanza defeated The Rabbit Tribe in a handicap match

Matanza pinned Saltador with the Wrath of the Gods. While Matanza is a serious monster, this match had some comedy. Those bits usually were courtesy of the Tribe. They got a surprising amount of offense even if the odds were in their favor.

For the finish, the Tribe used confetti eggs to distract Matanza. They went to finish him off, but he finished them instead. He ragdolled the Tribe and delivered the Wrath of the Gods on Saltador for the pinfall.

The closing segment on the show was Puma doing an in-ring promo to announce his tag partners for the upcoming atomicos match. Before Puma could make his announcement, Johnny Mundo interrupted to confront him.

Mundo baited Puma into putting his mask up against the title. Puma was so confident he would win that he agreed to the mask vs. title match. Dario Cueto came out of his office to object. He already booked a mask match for Ultima Lucha Tres, and he did not want to let the fans think he ran out of original ideas.

Instead of the mask, Cueto suggested that Puma put his career at stake. Still confident, Puma accepted the stipulation. The future of Puma’s character within The Temple is in jeopardy at Ultima Lucha Tres.