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Lucha Underground results: 'The Cup Runneth Over'

Season 3 -- Episode 31: “The Cup Runneth Over”

Two exciting matches and a wild brawl on the latest episode of Lucha Underground built anticipation for upcoming story arcs.

On the go-home show ahead of an anticipated title match, this episode featured the challenger and champion in their final confrontation before their match. The segment developed into a multi-person brawl that highlighted several different feuds between a variety of characters.

In semifinal matches in the Cueto Cup tournament, Pentagon and Prince Puma advanced to the finals. The losses by their respective opponents in the semifinals furthered continuing storylines.

Marty the Moth interfered to cost Fenix in his match, as Marty continues to also stalk Melissa Santos. Likewise, Catrina began stalking Cage in a much different way. Whereas Marty is stalking Melissa in an obsessive creepy way, Catrina seems to stalk Cage like prey.

On the previous episode, Catrina made a deal with her mother to gain possession of the gauntlet worn by Cage. With the help of Mil Muertes, she plans to take the gauntlet from him. On the latest episode, Cage and Muertes collided as their feud heats up.

The opening scene of the episode played off the closing segment on the previous show where Catrina made the deal with her mother. The scene began with Cage lifting weights in a gym. Catrina appeared to confront him in her goal of taking possession of the gauntlet.

Catrina first asked a question, “Do you even know what that is?”

Cage replied “that’s mine” before he put the glove on his hand. Catrina told him the gauntlet did not belong to him. She warned of “dangerous magic” and cautioned that “it will consume you.”

Cage sarcastically asked if he should just turn it over to her. Catrina deadpanned, “Yes, that would be easiest.”

Cage replied that he basically was not one to take the easy route. Catrina promised he “will hate the hard way even more.”

Cage went to sucker punch Catrina with the gauntlet, but she disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

The next scene was a meeting in Dario Cueto’s office with Joey Ryan. With his Lucha Underground character being a sleazy cop, Ryan had information for Cueto about the whereabouts of the former Cortez Castro.

The backstory is Castro was actually an undercover agent named Reyes. In this meeting, Ryan told Cueto that he believes Reyes is also the masked luchador Veneno (not to be confused with the Panamanian luchador that is the brother of luchadora Dalys).

Cueto was intrigued enough about the possibility that he booked a mask match between Veneno and Sexy Star in an effort to expose the identity of Veneno. The intergender mask match will take place on the next episode.

Prince Puma defeated Fenix in a Cueto Cup semifinal match

Puma pinned Fenix to advance to the finals of the tournament. In the continuing story that also involves Melissa Santos, Marty the Moth interfered to cause a distraction that cost Fenix the match.

They began the match with chain lucha before taking the fight to the air. They exchanged kicks and strikes. Vampiro described forearm strikes as “gypsy boxing stuff” in an explanation on commentary.

Puma did a flip dive over the ropes to the floor. Back in the ring, Fenix reversed a powerbomb into a Frankensteiner for a two count. In an ode to Rey Mysterio, Puma did a 619 and a West Coast Pop. Moments later, Puma missed on a somersault corkscrew splash off the top rope. Fenix countered for a near fall.

Fenix fought back and hit a Lethal Injection for another close pinning attempt. They traded strikes and moves down the stretch. Fenix measured Puma for a running dropkick. As Fenix was setting up Puma to finish him off, Marty the Moth confronted Melissa Santos at ringside. In storyline, Marty is Melissa’s stalker.

Fenix springboarded into a moonsault that took out Marty the Moth. Fenix got back into the ring only to eat a kick from Puma. After lifting him with a reverse suplex, Puma dropped Fenix into a sit-out powerbomb. Fenix still somehow managed to kick out.

Puma followed with a 630 senton bomb and covered Fenix for the deciding pinfall. Fenix and Santos embraced after the match, as Marty looked on menacingly.  

In a scene from the locker room, Mil Muertes was rocking the walls of The Temple as he warmed up for his Cueto Cup semifinal match. Muertes knocked a punching bag off its stand. Catrina appeared and told him to save some for Pentagon.

Suddenly in a sneak attack, Cage struck Muertes from behind with a weight. After Muertes was down, Cage dropped the weight on him. Cage smirked and talked trash to Catrina before sauntering away.

Catrina brought Muertes back to life with her bag of tricks. Literally, she had a sack containing a magic stone that revived Muertes -- kind of like the urn with Undertaker. Catrina told Muertes to use his anger over the attack as fuel for his fight against Pentagon.

Muertes was still selling the attack during his entrance for his match, and he continued to sell throughout the bout against Pentagon.

Pentagon Dark defeated Mil Muertes in a Cueto Cup semifinal match

Pentagon cleanly pinned Muertes in advancing to the tournament finals. The match began with a slugfest. Pentagon capitalized on Muertes’ injury by targeting his ribs with kicks. Pentagon connected on a dive over the ropes to the outside. He continued to dominate until Muertes snatched Pentagon by the throat and delivered a chokeslam.

Muertes started to pummel Pentagon. Muertes lifted him into a fireman’s carry and rammed him into a ring post. Muertes followed that with a Marc Mero TKO on the floor. He then sent Pentagon crashing into the announce desk, and he also threw him into a balcony railing.

Back in the ring, Pentagon cut off Muertes by tripping him with a kick. Catrina interfered by grabbing Pentagon’s leg, and Pentagon turned around into a spear. Pentagon soon fired up again to set up a package piledriver. Muertes escaped only to get kicked and hit with a codebreaker. Muertes kicked out at one, then countered with a running powerslam for a two count.

They exchanged strikes and slugged it out before Pentagon hit a lungblower. Pentagon then had a Superkick Party with a parade of kicks. Catrina tried to rain on the parade by interfering, but Pentagon kicked her too.

Pentagon climbed the turnbuckles and leapt off into a double foot stomp. He then covered Muertes for the pinfall.

After the match, Pentagon tried to break the arm of Muertes. In storyline, Pentagon had already broken his arm once in the past. Muertes got to save face by powering out as he threw Pentagon aside.

Regardless, Pentagon still advances to the finals for a match against Prince Puma. Also on the next episode, Rey Mysterio challenges Johnny Mundo for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Mysterio and Mundo were set for a face-off on this episode. Cueto addressed the audience to hype up the confrontation. Cueto said he wanted them to say any final words to each other. Cueto exclaimed he loved “when my luchadores talk sh*t to each other!”

Mundo cut a promo while standing behind four security scrubs. The scrubs were supposed to keep Mysterio from attacking Mundo. Meanwhile, Mundo started insulting Mysterio’s family. He brought up Dominic, who is Mysterio son that Mundo jumped on a previous episode.

Mundo asked if Mysterio was really Dominic’s father. That lit the fuse. Mysterio charged through the line of scrubs and attacked Mundo. Mundo rolled outside the ring, and Mysterio met him with a flip dive over the ropes.

The security scrubs tried to hold Mysterio back as a pull-apart brawl began. The Worldwide Underground ran in to crotch Mysterio on a ring post. Mundo and his stable proceeded to put the boots to Mysterio. The beatdown continued as they stomped on Mysterio -- before he was held in position for a curb stomp by Mundo.

A squad of babyfaces ran down the staircase to make a save. Dragon Azteca, Sexy Star, and The Mack all joined the brawl as they fought the henchmen and the Worldwide Underground. That left Mundo alone in the ring with a prone Mysterio.

Prince Puma ran in to make the save for Mysterio. Pentagon Dark also did a run-in. Mundo and Mysterio squared off with Pentagon and Puma in a four-way staredown. Two are involved in a title match next week, and the other two are involved in the finals of a tournament to decide the next title contender.

A fight broke out among the four. Mil Muertes entered the scene to throw lariats. Cage then ran in to square off with Muertes, and those two began fighting. Fenix and Marty the Moth appeared, as did Mariposa. Joey Ryan was there too as the locker room emptied.

The Rabbit Tribe walked out onto a balcony where they watched the brawl from overhead. They marked out when Puma did a 630 bomb from the top rope onto a pile of bodies on the floor.

In the final moments, Mysterio executed a 619 on Mundo. Mysterio grabbed the title belt and held it up. The challenger got the better of the champion in the final scene on the go-home show ahead of their title match next week.