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Lucha Underground results: Johnny Mundo attacks Rey Mysterio's son

Season 3 -- Episode 29: “The Hunger Inside”

The latest episode of Lucha Underground was arguably one of the best shows of the current season, at least from a wrestling perspective.

Three great matches highlighted the show. Prince Puma and Dante Fox stole the show in the ring. However, Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio took back the spotlight in a dramatic angle at the end of the episode.

An attack on Mysterio's son Dominic turned the upcoming title match between Mundo and Mysterio into something much more personal. Besides the angle, the focus of the show was on quarterfinal matches in the Cueto Cup.

The opening scene showed Dario Cueto visiting his caged brother Matanza. Cueto carried him a tray filled with raw meat, saying Matanza must be hungry. Cueto insisted Matanza must learn to control his hunger, because being hungry has cost them in the past.

Cueto was most upset that Matanza had turned his rage upon Dario himself, who he says is the only brother that cared for him.

Matanza grunted and stretched his hand outside the bars on his cell, trying to swipe meat off the tray. Cueto set the tray on the floor just out of reach, apparently in an attempt to teach Matanza to control his hunger.

Fenix defeated Pindar (w/ Kobra Moon) in a Cueto Cup quarterfinal match

Fenix pinned Pindar after a double stomp off the top. Foreshadowing the closing angle that ended the show, Fenix acknowledged the family of Rey Mysterio sitting at ringside before the match. Fenix also blew a kiss to Melissa Santos as their romance continues.

Moments later, Fenix was the babyface in peril for a match with Pindar. Both Santos and Kobra Moon were ever-present figures in their supporting roles, and Kobra Moon interfered at one point.

Fenix still soared into a rally, as he did several times during the match as Pindar had him on the ropes. Pindar ragdolled him, but Fenix kept fighting back with his aerial arsenal.

For the finish, Fenix did a springboard into a modified Spanish Fly. He then climbed to the top rope and dove off into a flying double knee drop for the pinfall. Fenix advanced to the semifinals of the Cueto Cup.

In the semifinals, Fenix meets the winner of the next match.

A scene from the office of Dario Cueto featured members of the Worldwide Underground stable, minus Johnny Mundo. They included Taya, Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Ricky Mandel.

Cueto lightly scolded them before offering them a deal. He ordered them to not interfere in Mundo’s match later on. The reward for not interfering was a chance to gain medallions and attain the Gift of the Gods. They all accepted and agreed to the deal.

Prince Puma defeated Dante Fox in a Cueto Cup quarterfinal match

Puma pinned Fox after a 630 splash. This was a helluva match. It was like a fighting video game come to life in the best way possible. Puma is still brooding as he wore all black and wrestled in street clothes. Nevertheless, he was the clear babyface.

The action began almost immediately as the bell sounded. They launched into high-flying attacks and traded dives. Fox went for a shooting star press, but Puma caught him to deliver a tornado DDT.

Fox grounded Puma to work him over, shining him up for an eventual comeback. Before that, Fox got a near fall after cutting off a hope spot. When Puma made his comeback, he got a near fall after dropping Fox with a cutter and then splashing him with a standing moonsault.

Fox cut off Puma again and got a two count after springboarding into a codebreaker. They continued to trade strikes and exchanges. They also kept trading near falls. Fox landed a 450 splash, but Puma countered into an inside cradle for a close two count. Puma then launched into a flurry before another near fall.

The high-flying fight continued down the stretch. Puma finally finished off Fox with a missile dropkick and a 630 splash off the top rope for the pinfall. Puma goes on to face Fenix in the semifinal round of the Cueto Cup.

A scene from an office at the police precinct saw Captain Vasquez talking with a detective about Cage. Vasquez wants Cage brought to justice. She also wants the gauntlet. The detective offered little help as he said no man can take away the gauntlet.

As the detective left, Vasquez reached inside her desk to retrieve a necklace that held one half of a broken medallion. She asked herself if a man cannot stop Cage, then maybe a woman can.

Johnny Mundo defeated Dragon Azteca Jr.

Mundo pinned Azteca after hitting the End of the World. Though somewhat overshadowed by the fantastic match that preceded it, this was still great. Azteca got to shine plenty at the outset.

Mundo cut him off by catching Azteca on a dive. That set up Mundo getting heat on Azteca as he worked him over.

Azteca made a comeback and got a near fall with a casadora bomb off the top rope, but Mundo soon countered with a Spanish Fly. That led into the closing moments as they traded more near falls.

Mundo finally finished off Azteca by splashing him with the End of the World for the pinfall. But Mundo was not finished yet. He kept attacking Azteca, and even hit him repeatedly with a chair.

Rey Mysterio ran in to make the save as he chased away Mundo. Mysterio embraced Azteca, then acknowledged his family sitting at ringside. Mundo appeared to have fled the scene. Mysterio went to celebrate when Mundo returned.

Mundo confronted Mysterio’s family at ringside. The family included Mysterio’s son Dominic. He took exception to Mundo insulting his mother. Dominic bowed up to Mundo, and Mundo kept talking trash.

A pull-apart began and the Worldwide Underground came out to grab Mysterio. They held Mysterio as he watched Mundo hit his son with a belt shot. Mysterio lost his mind at the dastardly deed. The Worldwide Underground and Mundo eventually left ringside, and Mysterio ran to the aid of his fallen son.

The title match in a few weeks is now extremely personal.

The closing scene of the episode showed Fenix escorting Melissa Santos to her car in the parking lot. She asked Fenix if he always wears a mask. He said not always.

Fenix gave Santos a piggyback ride and they gleefully frolicked through the parking lot. Looming in the background and hiding behind a parked car was Marty the Moth. He continues to stalk Santos.

He vowed to finally gain her hand when he takes the mask of Fenix. That tease for a mask match closed the show as it faded to black.