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Lucha Underground results: Marty the Moth vs. Killshot in a WMD match

The show begins with a recap of Dario going to jail, getting out of jail, Famous B bringing Dr. Wagner Jr. into LU, and the Marty the Moth vs. Killshot feud.

'70s cop show music plays during the cops' meeting after Ultima Lucha Dos. Reyes and Neehan fight it out before Captain Vasqeuz tells them to knock it off.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Famous B interrupts Melissa Santos while Nurse Brenda hops around the Surgeon of Suffering, Dr. Wagner Jr. Mascarita Sagrada comes out to finally get revenge on Famous B. Sagrada goes for a go-behind, while Wagner just casually walks around before winning with the Wagner Driver.


We get a bizarre skit where a young girl is told by her dying father that she must lead a war. He gives her an amulet that grants power to females, giving her immortality and life for 1,000 years. The medallion is cut in half and the captain has it. She tells Reyes that Dario is needed to get to the real bad guys and suspends Reyes.

Argenis vs. Mil Muertes

Argenis is mid-ring to face Mil Muertes. It's a basic cat and mouse game with Mil trying to use power, but Argenis trying to outfox him. A giant powerbomb takes Argenis down, but he gets a kick for some brief hope. A moonsault gets 1, so Mil biels him, spears him, and flatlines him to win.

Catrina does the lick of death, while Prince Puma jumps in and attacks Muertes. They brawl for a bit and Puma baseball slides him and Catrina gets Muertes to leave. 

A graphic showing "last week" leads to Dario entering his office and stroking his red bull. Joey Ryan tells him that he knows he killed Mr. Cisco, and he knows because he's a cop. He says he wants to be on the right side of the war: Dario's side. He was the only one trying to help keep Dario out of jail, unlike his partner Cortez Castro, whose cover is blown by Ryan.

Ryan says he's not doing this just for good as he's got child support to pay and he gets paid off. Captain Vasquez talks to Reyes, and he tells her he wants to be on her side in this war so he's going back to the Temple. I don't see him making it until the end of the season.

Marty The Moth vs. Killshot: Weapons of Mass Destruction Match

The Weapons of Mass Destruction match is up with a slew of weapons all over the ring and ringside area. Marty comes down in a comedic military getup before getting his ass kicked on the steps. They fight into a foxhole set up on the stage and Killshot KOs him with a heavy weapon to the face. Marty is cut open, but posts Killshot. Marty grabs Melisssa while Striker says "THAT'S A CIVILIAN, THAT'S BULLSH*T!". Killshot saves Melissa, but he gets a testicular claw.

Killshot dives out of the steps with a Thesz press to Marty on the floor. Marty responds by tossing Killshot into a series of ammo boxes before he sets up a table. Marty tries to suplex him over the top and through a table with a warhead on it, but Killshot avoids that, and winds up eating a German on the apron.

A ladder bridge is set up, but Killshot kicks Marty down. Killshot's face eats the ladder, but mid-ring, he wins the war for it and tosses Marty in the corner trapped by it. Marty aims a finger gun using his bloody hand and tells him to die. Killshot avoids a powerbomb on the ammo boxes, but he eats a spinebuster on them instead.

Marty goes up top and flaps, but gets stopped. He wins the war up top and superplexes Killshot onto the ammo boxes. Marty is sent into the ladder bridge! The double stomp off the top gets 2.5! Vamp leaves to see if one of them has died yet. Marty kicks low while Vamp does an Austin Powers impression. Marty hits a running powerbomb over the top through the table on the floor. This insanity gets 2.

Marty hops off the top, gets kicked and hit with the cradle driver for 2! Killshot sets up a table and pump kicks Marty to set up a 20 foot ladder.

Marty boots him and headbutts away to put him on a table. Marty leers at Melissa and climbs up top. Killshot climbs up too and gets mandible clawed. Mariposa comes down, but gets kicked down and goes through the table behind Killshot. Killshot grabs his balls and then his dogtags before double stomping him off the ladder through the table. This was crazy!

Muertes knocks lockers over before Catrina tells him that he will get Puma and says that patience is a virtue she knows because she has waited hundreds of years to get what she wants.

Here's screencaps for the show.