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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon Jr. battles Prince Puma; Rey Mysterio the teacher

Lucha Underground

Last week, Kobra Moon debuted and beat Bengala. Drago also lost to Jack Evans, who calls himself the Dragon Slayer now. Fenix beat King Cuerno in a last man standing match - but the title wasn't on the line. Also, Cortez Castro was revealed to be an undercover cop on the case of Dario Cueto, and we were introduced to Detective Joey Ryan. A recap of the season's biggest in-ring events so far airs, showcasing Pentagon Jr's arm snapping of Mil, and Ivelisse facing Muertes.

 Ivie comes into Catraina's office and wants the Disciples of Death tonight. Catrina says there are no instant rematches here, and Catrina makes a match with Ivie's team against a new trios team - while brandishing a letter opener, licking it, and then stabbing her desk with it. Catrina wins the Slammy for most seductive use of a letter opener in wrestling history. Vamp says that tonight, Pentagon Jr. will beat Prince Puma, and Ivie's team is ready for action.

Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico vs. Chavo Guerrero and The Crew

Striker says that Castro will cut you with a box cutter while Vamp says that the Guerreros are dirty. Cisco kicks and slaps Angelico to start. Quick armdrag by Angelico takes him down. Ivie comes in and Cortez wrestles her into the corner. Ivie kicks Cortez hard resulting in a silent swear, before some big knees to the face. Chavo eats some big kicks from Ivie, but he tags in Cisco - who can't do much until Havoc comes in. Havoc sweeps the leg and gets 2 off a standing moonsault. Muta-style handspring elbow in the corner. He goes for a dropkick off the top, but Chavo trips him up. Cisco gets 2 off a suplex. Angelico tags in and gets a run-up shining wizard using Cortez's back to leap onto Cisco. Face team does a triple dive before Angelico does a flying dive into the ring and a big double stomp to win. Chavo argues with The Crew before Texano comes down and attacks The Crew while Chavo escapes. 

Johnny Mundo tells us that he has facts to share - he is the top star in Lucha Underground, but hasn't been treated like the star that he is. He's a main event guy and was only in the opener at Ultima Lucha. Mundo mocks Cage for only saying he's a machine - but he'll make the machine obsolete. Johnny Mundo attacks some kickpads, and shockingly, no ninjas come out to attack him in this vignette. Joey Ryan tells "Reyes" that he took a beating - so their non-LU names are their actual names in this universe, which is amusing. Cortez and Ryan are partners who just don't get along - so they should be tag champions any week now. Joey Ryan comes down to the most '70s porno music in the history of '70s porno. Vamp talks about Ryan remembering him of some tapes he saw in his uncle closet from the '70s. Striker says that Cage defies convention and how he isn't a guy who takes part in fads. Vamp says that Cage is just like a normal guy - all 320 pounds and 2% body fat of him.

Cage vs. Joey Ryan

Joey gets backed into a corner, but fights back with his lollipop. Cage hiptosses him into a backbreaker, but misses a corner shoulder charge. Joey traps the arm for a Northern Lights suplex. Cage throws awful punches to the gut, while Joey responds with boots to the face. Joey Ryan eats a dropkick and a snap powerslam before he flips up and misses a moonsault. Cage hits a pumphandle suplex facebuster for 2. Striker, the genius, determines that MAYBE trying to get Cage winded is the key to beating him. Ryan goes for a kneeling superkick, but gets countered into a powerbomb on the knee and then a Steiner Screwdriver hits for the win. Mundo attacks with a spear and punches to Cage. Mundo goes for the End of the World, but gets tripped up. Cage hits Weapon X, which makes the pumphandle suplex facebuster seem simplistic by comparison. Cage says he isn't a man, he is a machine. Please get him a second catchphrase. 

Rey spars with Dragon Azteca Jr. before saying that they're preparing for war. Rey tells us that 25 years ago, Dario's father met Dragon Azteca and they wanted to have the seven Aztec tribes unite in battle. Dario Sr. got obsessed with the dark side and made sacrifices - including sacrificing his son Matanza to a god. Rey says that their goal is to unite the seven tribes once again. Striker says that Cage faces Mundo in next week's main event. Tonight's is Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr, which is up now. Puma's out first, followed by Pentagon in a Perros Del Mal-style Cero Miedo shirt.

Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Jr.

A huge "Cero Miedo" chant breaks out, followed by a "Pen-ta-gon!" chant. Puma goes for a flipping headscissors, but Pentagon carthweels out. A tumbling exchange leads to a flying headscissors by Puma. Pentagon pulls him to the floor to chop him do death. Pentagon puts him against the rope for THE LOUDEST chop to the chest ever. Pentagon lands a powerbomb onto the knee ala Cage for 2. Fakeout cutter hits for Puma. Puma lands a gorgeous springboard lariat before hitting a spinning dive onto the floor. Puma goes for the Regalplex, but Pentagon blocks it with elbows to the neck.

Pentagon is followed into the corner, but lands a pop-up backstabber for 2. Pumphandle neckbreaker is blocked by Puma, who armdrags him and hits a European uppercut. Quebrada from Puma is countered by a dropkick to the gut for 2. Puma avoids a package piledriver and lands a spinkick. Springboard 450 is countered by knees to the gut and a cradle for 2. Pentagon lands a superkick and the package piledriver before going for a Romero special. Puma turns it into a pinfall for a seeming dual pin, but Puma got his shoulders up - so Pentagon pinned himself. Pentagon attacks the ref, but gets his face kicked off by Puma. Puma teases an arm snap, but talks to Pentagon and stops. Muertes stands tall on his throne.

After the credits, Sexy Star escapes Marty's lair and meets a guy. She tells him that it's "moth" - but not Marty, it's HER and we don't so see her as we fade to black. This was a pretty solid episode of the show. It built up to Pentagon Jr. losing his mind more, and we saw more with Sexy Star and learned about Marty's sister to some degree. Mundo looked great in his skit, while the Rey and Dragon Azteca Jr. story moved forward.

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