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Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma & Dragon Azteca jr. team up

The show starts with a recap of the Gift of the Gods Title's concept and its lineage. The Mundo-Cage rivalry is recapped, as is Matanza's title win. Dario meets with Mundo, Taya, and Cage and asks them to behave so he doesn't have to fix his window again. Dario says he has a new trios tournament and Mundo says you want us to team, while Cage wants to fight Mundo.

Dario disagrees and says he likes his idea better, so we're going to go with that since they all want gold. Hilarious bit where Cage says "I'm not a man..." and Dario replies "you're a machine, I know...just win the tournament!" Robert Rodriguez's band plays us in once again while Argenis is mid-ring to face Killshot.

Killshot vs. Argenis

Killshot debuts a new camo vest and puts dog tags in the corner before a prayer. Striker says we'll get a different Killshot - so he should win a time or two this year. Big chop in the corner by Killshot before he throws him into each corner and does it again. A backbreaker gets 2. Pinwheel armdrag by Argenis leads to a top rope palm strike by him as well. Killshot sends him to the floor and hits a flip dive. Somersault cutter hits and gets 2 for Killshot. Striker's editing goes into detail about how Killshot told him he was in the military, but didn't go into it. C4 armdrag

by Argenis gets 2. Powerbomb into a corkscrew brainbuster by Killshot  leads to a Cro Cop kick and a double stomp off the top. In an odd move, Striker's then-live commentary wonders if he's had military training - exposing the editing. Modified spiking Michinoku driver wins for Killshot.

Black Lotus tells Dragon Azteca Jr that Matanza killed Dragon Azteca, but that she had no choice but to help Dario and plans to stay close to him. Dario meets with Daga and asks him what he sees with the medallions. Daga says they're coins, but is correct and told that they're the Gift of the Gods. Dario says that tonight, Daga will face the most violent man without the last name Cueto - Texano. 

Daga vs. Texano

Vamp tells us that Daga excels at shoot style while Texano's family history is gone over. Daga backs him into the ropes and slaps him before flipping back. Legsweep and tumble exchange gets them back on even ground. A shoulder tackle by Daga is no-sold and met with a big slap. Texano rolls through a sunset flip and gets 2 off a buzzsaw kick. Texano chops and lariats him to death in the corner.

A Stinger splash misses and Daga lands a superkick. Daga gets crotched and dropkicked off the top rope to the floor. Daga kicks him on the apron and hits a corkscrew dive. Daga dominates him on the floor and rolls in to break the count before slamming Texano into the announce table.

Texano hits a running forearm in the corner and lands an outside-in dropkick to the chest for 2. Daga kicks his face and slaps him arrogantly before a forearm exchange breaks out mid-ring. Texano superkicks him, but eats a huge dropkick. Super leg lariat hits for Texano, but only gets 2. Texano goes for the powerbomb, but a Daga rana gets 2. Texano lariats him into a Fatu sell and goes for a German, but it's countered into an ankle lock. Texano shoves him off and hits a monkey flip, with the sitout powerbomb getting the win for Texano.

In a room full of scented candles, Mil Muertes and Catrina talk. She summons the Disciples of Death out of thin air and asks for forgiveness. Catrina says they are in the Trios Title tournament and Mil will be Lucha Underground Champion again. Matanza is greater than any challenge he has yet faced - including the earthquake that made him. Mil roars in anger. Rey comes down with red and gold gear, while Puma has his usual stuff on and Dragon Azteca Jr. has a weird snake/dragon headdress on. Cage shoves them away in the entrance area.

Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage

Cage starts with Azteca and locks a headlock before nixing that and hitting a shoulderblock. Azteca avoids a corner charge with flips and a big armdrag. Double rollthrough to avoid the discus lariat and he tags in Puma. Striker's edited voice clip talks about the history between Mundo and Puma. Handspring headscissors takes Mundo down, but a Taya distraction leads to a Moonlight Drive and 2. Taya comes in and hits a flying elbow in the corner before kicking Puma in the face. Striker's edited voice runs through her history on the company.

Mundo lands some elbows to Puma while the ref is distracted. Shotgun knees to the face gets a 2 count. Cage tags in and goes for a pumphandle suplex, but it's flipped out of - so a Doctor Bomb hits and gets 2. Standing moonsault gets 2 for Cage. Cage slaps Mundo in, so he's legal now. 

Taya and Mundo stomp away at Puma in the corner. They stop this and try to prevent a tag. Mundo trips Rey, but Azteca comes in and hits a rana for 2. Azteca tags Rey in and he hits the flying seated senton and then the wheelbarrow arndrag. Rey hits a spinning headscissors on Mundo, knocking him into Taya for a double 619, but it's avoided. Dives aplenty by Puma and Azteca! Springboard crossbody by Rey gets 2 on Mundo. Rollthrough on a sunset filp leads to a seated dropkick and a 2 count for Rey. Magic Killer by Mundo and Taya gets 2 thanks to a Puma save. Cage comes in and lariats both Puma and Azteca into flips. 

Cage goes for a moonsault, but gets stopped by Mundo. Mundo eats a big rana off the top and an SSP by Puma gets 2. Mundo hits a standing C4, but eats a kneeling superkick. Cage catches Rey on a rana and throws him into Taya in the corner. He has Azteca on his shoulders, and catches a flying Puma for a combo fallaway slam for 2. Rey hits a flipover headscissors and the 619, while Azteca hits a flying corkscrew DDT. 630 senton hits Mundo for the win! That was the best trios match all season. This was all-action and a ton of fun.

Dario tells Matanza that he will have his toughest match to date next week against Mil Muertes. Dario tells him that he is in the cage because he is a valuable asset, and you have to protect your valuables - and no one understands the beauty in his destruction like Dario does. Matanza shakes the cage in anticipation - well, that was a unique buildup to a world title match.

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