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Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

This week's show begins with a recap of the cop drama so far before an El Rey ad interrupts everything and then splits the picture while muting the audio. Well, that was weird. At least it quieted Matt Striker for a bit. Speaking of which, Dario Cueto tells Striker to shut up so he can talk about the Dial of Doom.

Dario talks about how there's one guy who always comes in after breaking his arm and just wants his shot -- so it's Cortez Castro's time to shine! Castro comes out with his right arm in a cast.

Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto defeated Cortez Castro to retain his title

Striker references Mike Sharpe and Bob Orton Jr. with the cast. Castro's arm gets stomped and he breaks it again, getting a "holy sh*t" chant right away. The cast is shattered, and he charges at Matanza with it, but eats a dropkick to the knees.

Matanza eats some casts shots, but lands a flying European uppercut and wins with the Wrath of the Gods. Dario cuts a pissed off promo on Castro. "Get plenty of sleep under covers, rat!" The slow build towards his demise is great so far.

Dario and Joey Ryan, dressed like Sonny Crockett, celebrate in Dario's office. The picture gets split in half again, but the top half is an El Rey ad and it blocks out most of the picture for the show. Son of Havoc wants to fight for Mascarita Sagrada, and Dario gives him a match with Dr. Wagner Jr. where the winner gets to pick the stipulation in the Famous B vs. Sagrada match.

Prince Puma says that Mil Muertes put Konnan in a casket, so he'll challenge him to Grave Consequences. Catrina accepts and then Muertes beats up Puma while wearing a slick black suit. Muertes goes for the flatliner, but gets hit and Puma sends him packing with a series of kicks.

Famous B sends Melissa Santos out of the ring so he can do Dr. Wagner Jr.'s intro. Wagner poses while Famous B puts him over. Havoc and Sagrada come down for their match.

Son of Havoc defeated Dr. Wagner Jr.

Havoc dives onto Wagner on the floor twice to start things off hot. Havoc posts him and hits a moonsault while Vampiro says he's 300 pounds now and breaking chairs by jumping on them with excitement. Wagner hits a flying lariat and gets two. An RKO off the second rope then gets a nearfall for Wagner.

Vampiro talks about how Havoc looks like he plays Dungeons & Dragons and buries Striker's D&D knowledge. Brenda starts a "Doc-tor Wag-ner!" chant. Vampiro talks about how Sagrada and Wagner are the only ones holding onto tradition by having a full face mask instead of a more open mask.

Havoc prevents a superplex and hits the SSP to win. Sagrada will face Famous B in a believer's backlash match -- so fans get to bring weapons and hit Famous B a ton.

The White Rabbit Clan video airs amid a split screen. We finally see Paul London and two unannounced allies.

Puma vs. Muertes in Grave Consequences is next week. Santos introduces the main event. Chavo is out first and he fist bumps his dad. Vampiro says that Chavo was in the opener in 1993 when he was in the main event and now it could be the end of him. Striker says this could be the end of Mysterio's career as well. 

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Chavo Guerrero in a loser leaves lucha match

Chavo takes Mysterio down but he bridges up to get a cradle for two. Chavo is sent to the apron and gets dropkicked down. Chavo gets taken out and sent into his dad at ringside. A moonsault from Mysterio gets two.

Mysterio lands a baseball slide dropkick to Chavo in the corner. He goes for a running rana, but Chavo alley-oops him. Vampiro talks about Chavo Sr. training him and showing him the ropes for five years. He remembers Mysterio and Chavo debuting, and he just can't go into it because it's too much for him.

Chavo uppercuts Mysterio and kicks his leg out from him and posts his knee. Chavo goes for a reverse superplex but gets beaten down. Mysterio gets two off a springboard crossbody and gets another nearfall off of a seated senton.

Chavo goes for three amigos but Mysterio fights out. Chavo Sr. comes in and hits his son with a chair to give Chavo the DQ win. I think this is the first DQ finish in LU history. Dario yells at the ref for calling for a DQ -- has he forgotten how much Dario loves violence?!

Dario says it's not over and it's now an anything goes match. Dario has to win best non-wrestling performer of the year. Mysterio hits a 619 on Chavo Sr. and he goes for a rana on Chavo, but Chavo gets a half crab. Mysterio gets the ropes before Chavo pulls him back. Chavo hits the Gory bomb, but it only gets two. Chavo turns a super sunset flip into a basement dropkick.

Mysterio hits a 619 and a splash to send Chavo out of Lucha Underground. Mysterio holds the ropes open for Chavo, but they opt to meet mid-ring as the show ends.

This was a good way for Chavo's run to end -- at least for now. He seems to have a nice future in wrestling-themed work doing training, which fits in nicely with Hector doing stunt work in Hollywood for many years.

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