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Lucha Underground results: Two former WWE stars make their debuts

Lucha Underground

The show begins with a recap of the first episode of season one - with Vampiro being taken from a mental hospital to the Temple and a rundown of Mundo beating up Alberto at Ultima Lucha. We see Black Lotus killing Dragon Azteca, leading to someone else taking the mantle. Prince Puma works out while we get clips of Mil Muertes beating Puma for the title. Pentagon Jr. comes in and thanks him for helping him please his master, and tonight, they'll be partners against the Disciples of Death. Pentagon says he has zero fear and a fight breaks out involving a surprising amount of flips. Pentagon Jr.'s mask appears to be even more evil than before, and looks fantastic. Striker asks Vamp if Pentagon broke Mil's arm due to him, and Vamp gets upset at him for it. Mil Muertes watches the show from his throne with one arm in a sling. Johnny Mundo comes down to face Killshot.

Johnny Mundo vs. Killshot

They exchange tumbling displays and each lands a kick before Mundo is sent to the floor to eat a dive. Mundo spears him hard on the floor drawing a "holy sh*t" chant. Well, it deserved it. 

Mundo kicks his face a bit, but eats a cutter. Hard forearm to the face by Mundo leads to a C4 and a 2 count. A crazy-fast sequence of moves from Killshot gets 2. The ref gets lightly grazed, so he doesn't see a low blow and Mundo wins with the End of the World. Mundo grabs the mic and says that the earthquake that shook Muertes up as a kid is nothing to how the End of the World will fear. 

Cage comes out with a mohawk and insults both Mundo and Muertes. A "Cage is Gonna Kill You" chant breaks out and Mundo leaves. Cage turns his back and Cage beats him down briefly before Cage lifts him for a press slam and Mundo scurries away. After an ad break, we go to a room where Marty the Moth has Sexy Star tied up. He brings her a butterfly and talks about his sister saying it's almost time for Sexy to go back to the Temple. Marty kills the butterfly and mocks Sexy. A shot of the moon greets us while PJ Black says the wolf fears nothing and neither does he. We get some slick shots of PJ on his motorcycle against an orange-tinted sky and then he beats up some dudes outside a cheap motel. The Mack walks down to face PJ Black.

The Mack vs. PJ Black

Vamp says he doesn't know who PJ Black is, or what a Darewolf is. Striker says it's a daredevil and werewolf, while Striker calls The Mack "Willie Mack" for the first time on the show. PJ shoulderblocks him and flips over Mack. They go back and forth with hard chops to the chest. Giant flying knee from Mack gets a round of applause and a 2. Mack recovers and lands a Samoan drop and standing moonsault for 2.5. Striker calls Mack Norvell Austin while we get a forearm exchange. Mack goes for a German suplex, but PJ flips out of it and gets a Blue Thunder bomb called Black to the Future for 2. PJ takes a long time for the 450 and Mack avoids it while Vamp mocks him. Mack hits a big stunner for the win. "Dr. Black fails his wellness test!" according to Striker.

We get a vignette showing a woman named Kobra Moon kicking ass - she will debut next week. Catrina comes out with the Disciples of Death for a 3-on-2 handicap match. Prince Puma comes out first and Striker talks about Konnan being taken out at Ultima Lucha by the Disciples of Death, never to be seen again - so he seems to be written out for the time being. Vampiro says that Pentagon Jr. causes him nightmares, and the main event will follow after one last ad break.

Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma vs. The Disciples of Death

The DoD jump Puma and Pentagon, keeping Puma in there. Pentagon comes in and flies to the floor to get the cheers, leading to Puma getting the lead there with a big dive of his own. Puma eats a beating while Pentagon just stands on the floor. DoD lands a double-teams springboard dropkick for 2. Catrina rakes Puma's eyes on the floor. Reverse suplex hits Puma and a tag is made to the purple-masked DoD member. He throws one into another member and lands a neckbreaker on one member forcing that member to DDT his partner. Pentagon runs wild with a Slingblade without a tag. Giant chop to the chest from Pentagon in the corner, and then another against the ropes.

Puma is sent to the apron and eats a draping DDT. Pentagon eats a superkick and then a lift-up dropkick. One DoD member is placed in a chair and flipped onto his partner. Puma gets a modified Michinoku driver before signalling for the 630. Pentagon tags before the move hits and he steals the win. Pentagon brags and throws a double bicep pose up before landing a lungblower to Puma. He goes for the arm-breaker, but looks at Vamp and Puma fires up to be the first person to escape the hold.

We hear Rey Mysterio Jr. talking to Dragon Azteca Jr. asking if he's ready for the power of the mask. We see Dragon Azteca Jr. briefly with his mask, and close out to a shot of Rey and his mask. Other than the debut of Rey Jr., this was a fairly standard and forgettable episode of the show - but his debut and to a lesser extent, that of PJ Black, set greater things into motion.

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