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Lucha Underground season finale results: Ultima Lucha Cuatro

Ultima Lucha Cuatro, pt. 1

The show opened with Captain Vasquez in her office looking over the file on Lucha Underground when Aerostar walked in. Aerostar said he met a girl a millennia ago who wanted to save the world. Aerostar told her father that he would give her an amulet to let her live forever in order to save the world. Aerostar said that she did well with the extra life she lived, but he was wrong about her saving the world. He saw the future clearly now, and in order to save everyone, he needed the other half of the amulet.

Vasquez was that little girl, and she handed her half of the amulet over to Aerostar and she turned to dust.

Lucha Underground Trios Champions The Reptile Tribe defeated The White Rabbit Tribe and Sammy Guevara, Ivelisse & XO Lishus in a three-way elimination match to retain their titles

The White Rabbit opened the match taking everyone out, but as he put on his white glove to bring true chaos, everyone superkicked him. The Reptile Tribe cleared the ring. Jeremiah Snake tried to powerbomb Kobra Moon over the top rope onto Rabbit, but Rabbit shrugged it off.

Snake hit a dive on Rabbit and crashed to the floor. El Bunny did a dive onto everyone, then XO Lishus did the same, followed by Guevara and then Ivelisse.

The White Rabbit chokeslammed Snake on the apron while Guevara and Kobra Moon brawled into the stands. Guevara hit a Spanish Fly off the entrance way to the floor on everyone, but The White Rabbit locked the Mandible Claw on Guevara, before telling Paul London to go finish him off. El Bunny was sent into the ring and Guevara managed to roll him up an pin him for the elimination! 

The White Rabbit came in and locked the Mandible Claw on Guevara, and Guevara ended up spitting up blood and bleeding everywhere. Guevara was taken out by the medics, and the match ended up being three-on-two. XO and Ivelisse tried to take it to all three of the Reptile Tribe members, but ultimately they had great difficultly overcoming the odds, and the Reptile Tribe was able to submit XO Lishus.

Taya defeated Ricky Mundo w/ Rosa (the evil doll)

Taya opened the match by beating the crap out of Ricky. Ricky turned it around with a superkick and the action spilled to ringside. Taya jumped off the announce table and took out Ricky to start taking it to him. Taya hit a series of suplexes in the ring and got a near fall. Taya ended up dodging a kick, hitting a curb stomp, and then locked in a step-over crossface and got Ricky to tap out!

Taya went out on the apron with Ricky after the match. She then chokeslammed Ricky off the apron through a table, getting her revenge on him. Taya stole Rosa (the evil doll) from Ricky and walked away with it.

Son of Havoc defeated Killshot in a Mask vs. Mask match

Son of Havoc started this match fast with a handspring flip over the top rope on Killshot. Killshot and Havoc began to exchange strikes on the outside. Killshot got the best of it, then hit a suplex. Havoc ended up on the top rope, cartwheeled off the top, went for a cutter, and Killshot caught him and hit a knee to the face! That was a crazy set of spots.

Killshot went to the outside and pulled out a stretcher from the backstage area. He also took the bottom rope off one of the turnbuckles and brought the stretcher into the ring.

Killshot went for a powerbomb onto the stretcher, but Son of Havoc countered and hit a backbreaker. The action went to the outside again and Son of Havoc pulled a table out from under the ring. Havoc set the table up in the entry way and smashed Killshot into the guardrail. Killshot went for a dive off the guardrail through the table, but Havoc cut him off and tried to kick Killshot off the apron. 

Finally, Havoc was able to get him off and onto the table. Havoc went to the top of the Temple and hit a flying splash through the table! Havoc rolled Killshot into the ring, but he only got a near fall. Havoc went for the Shooting Star Press, but Killshot cut him off. Havoc managed to hit a Death Valley Driver off the top rope on Killshot, then followed up with a Shooting Star Press! Killshot still kicked out.

Havoc put Killshot on the stretcher, but Killshot cut him off again and suplexed Havoc off the top rope into the stretcher. Killshot hit the flying stomp and hit the Storm Cradle Driver, but Havoc kicked out! Both men stood up and started exchanging forearms before Havoc was able to hit a flying cutter. Havoc hit a piledriver on the stretcher! Havoc strapped Killshot to the stretcher, and then hit a Shooting Star Press before getting the pinfall.

Killshot said his name is Lt. Jermaine “Killshot” Strickland, and he unmasked saying that he was trying to run from his past where he left his brothers behind. Strickland respectfully removed his mask and handed it to Son of Havoc. Killshot admitted that he left his brothers for dead, which means Dante Fox was telling the truth.

Part one of Ultima Lucha closed with Dante Fox confronting Strickland. Strickland apologized to Fox and asked for permission to be relieved of duty. Fox relieved him of his duty, and saluted him, bringing an end to Killshot’s Lucha Underground story.

Ultima Lucha Cuatro, pt. 2

Taya and Johnny Mundo opened the show, and Johnny was seen enjoying the power of the gauntlet on his hand, playing air guitar. Johnny said that if he somehow ended up being sacrificed to the gods tonight by Matanza that he loved Taya. Taya heard a doll’s voice saying that she loved her too. Taya opened her locker, and Rosa said she was pretty and the perfect host. The evil doll then possessed Taya.

Fenix defeated Dragon Azteca Jr. in a two-out-of-three falls match

Fenix and Azteca exchanged chops to open the match, and the offense was fast and furious as they traded strikes. Azteca hit the ropes, but Fenix hit a roll-through cutter. Azteca hit a Code Red, but Fenix kicked out. Azteca hit a springboard plancha on Fenix to the floor, then rolled him back in before going for a 450 splash. Fenix dodged and hit a flying knee. Fenix rolled through and hit an uppercut on Azteca before hitting the Dark Fenix Driver to score the first pinfall.

Fenix set up a table on the outside of the ring and then hit a German suplex on the inside onto Azteca. Azteca managed to send Fenix into the corner and hit a kick. Azteca hit a Satellite DDT and managed to score a pinfall, making it 1-1.

Antonio Cueto came out of his office and said that the match has been great so far, but since it’s Ultima Lucha, it needed to be taken to the next level.

Cueto made the third and final fall falls count anywhere as Fenix nailed Azteca with a chair. Fenix grabbed four ringside chairs and set them up. Azteca drove Fenix off the apron and Fenix flew face-first into the table. Azteca nailed Fenix with a chair before sending Fenix crashing into the announce table. Fenix hit a German suplex on the floor, but Azteca kicked out.

Fenix’s shoulder met the ring post, and Azteca hit a springboard dropkick after Fenix set up two tables in the ring. Fenix and Azteca exchanged strikes on the outside of the ring. Azteca hit a Satellite DDT on the floor, planting Fenix right on his head! Azteca went to put Fenix through a ringside table, but Fenix climbed up into the stands and both men stood on the guardrail before Azteca hit a super hurricanrana off the stands through the table!

Fenix kicked out, then managed to hit an uppercut to cut Azteca off again. Fenix put Azteca on a table on the outside and hit a flipping senton off the top rope, but the table didn’t break. Matt Striker pointed out that when the table breaks it makes the fall easier, reminding us that this isn’t real. Striker is the worst.

Fenix went for the Dark Fenix Driver on the floor, but Azteca fought out. Azteca did a super cradle off the top rope, driving Fenix through the table, but Fenix kicked out!

Azteca pulled out a steel chair from under the ring and went for a chair shot, but Melissa Santos stopped him, reminding him that they were friends. Santos still believes that there’s good in Fenix, but Fenix nailed Azteca with another chair shot to the head. Santos was horrified as Fenix speared Azteca through a table in the corner. Santos begged him to stop, but Fenix hit the Dark Fenix Driver to score the pinfall and win the match.

Santos walked away as the show cut to a break. As they came back, Antonio Cueto said Santos has left the building. Cueto announced that he has hired a new talent. The guest ring announcer for the rest of the night is Shaul Guerrero.

As Guerrero was making her first introduction, Famous B came out and interrupted her. Guerrero looked quite upset. Famous B said he was the only one to do guest ring announcing, and he shooed her away. B gave her his card, but she told him off.

As Famous B was getting upset at this, Chavo Guerrero Jr. came out and hit him. Shaul hit the Three Amigos on Famous B in her father’s honor. Chavo then hit the frog splash, sending Famous B packing.

The Mack defeated Mil Muertes in a Deathmatch

Muertes entered the Temple with a casket that had “Deathmatch” written on the cover. Muertes dominated the early portions of this match with his power before The Mack hit a flying knee, dropping Muertes. The Mack hit a tope con giro on Muertes, but Muertes got up quickly and continued his powerful assault. Muertes hit a DDT on the apron, sending The Mack crashing to the floor. Muertes pulled out another casket, because of course he did.

Muertes hit a face crusher onto one of the caskets before nailing The Mack with clotheslines in the corner. The Mack, however, was not ready to be stopped. He hit a series of moves, ending with a cannonball in the corner. The Mack opened the casket and saw that Muertes filled it with various weapons, including an axe. Muertes pulled out the axe, but he was unable to hit the Mack with it. Muertes pulled out an ice pick and hit The Mack with it!

The Mack was bleeding everywhere soon thereafter. He managed to hit a spinning heel kick before nailing Muertes with a punch with a chain. The Mack went outside and grabbed a garbage can. He hit a coast-to-coast dropkick on Muertes into the garbage can, but Muertes kicked out! Muertes hit a chokeslam, nearly killing The Mack.

The Mack ripped at Muertes' mask and hit him hard with a kendo stick, opening up a wound on Muertes. The Mack hit a DDT in the ring, but Muertes kicked out. Muertes hit a big clothesline, but The Mack kicked out. The Mack hit a crucifix slam and then a moonsault before hitting the ropes and eating a powerslam from Muertes. The Mack went for a punch, but Muertes ducked under and nailed a massive flatliner, driving The Mack to the mat!

Muertes went for another, but The Mack countered with a series of elbows. Muertes went for a chokeslam, but The Mack countered into a stunner. Muertes stayed up, so The Mack hit another. Muertes still wouldn’t go down, so The Mack grabbed a brick and smashed Muertes with it before hitting a third stunner, and The Mack finally pinned Mil Muertes!

The Mack dragged Muertes towards the casket at ringside before toasting him with two beers and closing the casket, sending Muertes to his death. Again. Hopefully he’ll resurrect again soon.

Antonio Cueto said that Johnny Mundo shouldn’t have had the gauntlet. He promised that Johnny would be sacrificed to the gods. Matanza came out wearing a sacrificial headdress and new gear.

Johnny Mundo defeated Matanza Cueto in a Sacrifice to the Gods match

Johnny grabbed Matanza by the throat with the gauntlet and sent him flying. Matanza avoided a few punches and managed to rip the gauntlet off Johnny’s hand. He began to overpower Johnny now. Matanza hit a torture rack drop on Johnny, followed by a deadlift German suplex. Matanza hit a back capture suplex and went for the pinfall.

Johnny countered a Wrath of the Gods and hit a big kick and Moonlight Drive. Johnny went for End of the World, but Matanza kicked out! Johnny was caught on the apron, and Matanza picked him up and hit a German suplex off the top rope that sent Johnny crashing to the mat. Johnny rolled to the outside and went under the ring. He came out of the other side and grabbed the gauntlet of the gods, but he couldn’t get it on his hand before Matanza cut him off.

Matanza walked up into the audience and threw the gauntlet to the top of the Temple. Johnny kept trying to get the gauntlet, hitting Matanza with a superkick before running off and climbing up to the top of the Temple. Johnny flipped Matanza off, ran across one of the upper areas, jumped on an electrical box, and jumped towards where the glove was. Matanza cut him off and put his face into a wall.

Matanza tried to powerbomb Johnny over the balcony to the floor, but Johnny used Matanza’s shoulders and climbed to where the glove was. As Johnny tried to get the glove on, Matanza managed to climb up and put Matanza through the ceiling of the entrance area at the top of the stairs!

Matanza claimed victory, but the door opened and Johnny had the gauntlet of the gods on! Johnny dropped Matanza with a shot with the gauntlet, but Matanza hit Wrath of the Gods. Johnny kicked out and hit several shots with the gauntlet before flipping off Antonio and hitting a flying punch off the top rope and pinning Matanza! Johnny Mundo avoided being sacrificed. But what does this mean for Matanza?

Johnny was walking backstage with the gauntlet and ran into Aerostar. Aerostar said that the gauntlet was corrupting him, and while it helped him defeat Matanza, it was making him a shell as a god was possessing him. Johnny looked like he was going to keep it on but decided to take it off and give it back to Aerostar. Aerostar called him a good man, but Johnny said that he wasn’t a good man.

Pentagon Dark defeated Marty the Moth in a Cero Miedo match to win the Lucha Underground Championship

The match opened with Pentagon throwing a chair at Marty’s face and sending him flying into a few rows of chairs -- to a roar of approval from the audience. Marty was busted open within the first few minutes of the match, and Pentagon threw a ton of weapons into the ring. Pentagon nailed him with a garbage can shot, and Marty was bleeding everywhere.

Marty laughed as Pentagon chopped him. Pentagon sent him flying into another few rows of chairs. Pentagon and Marty tried to put each other threw a table at ringside, but after a series of counters, Marty was able to hit a hip toss and send Pentagon into the table. Marty hit Pentagon with a kendo stick and pulled a lunch box out from under the ring. Marty pulled a fork out of the lunch box and busted Pentagon open with it.

Marty pulled a series of chairs out from under the ring and threw them all on Pentagon, but Pentagon got up and threw a chair right on Marty’s head before hitting a Canadian Destroyer on the floor! Both men got back in the ring, with Marty hitting a low blow before putting Pentagon on the top rope into a tree of woe and putting Pentagon’s head in the garbage can. Marty smashed the garbage can with a barbed wire baseball bat, leaving Pentagon in a heap on the mat.

Marty pulled a can of gasoline from under the ring and poured the gas on Pentagon. Marty pulled out a lighter as the fans chanted no. As Marty played to the crowd, Pentagon kicked the lighter from Marty’s hand. Marty was literally trying to kill Pentagon, but Pentagon wouldn't give up. Marty tried to hit Pentagon with the barbed wire baseball bat, but Pentagon moved, Marty hit the ropes, and the bat flew back and he hit himself in the face! 

Pentagon hit a hip toss over the top rope and Marty went crashing through a table. Pentagon hit a flying knee and then sent Marty flying through a pane of glass at ringside! Pentagon set up six chairs in the ring as the crowd chanted for him. Pentagon went for the package piledriver through the chairs and nailed it! Pentagon pinned Marty and is the new Lucha Underground Champion.

Pentagon grabbed Marty’s arm and was about to break it again, but Reklusa attacked and stopped Pentagon from doing it. As she was attacking, Vampiro left the announcer’s booth and chased her off. The crowd chanted for Pentagon as Vampiro handed the title to him. Vampiro looked conflicted before low blowing Pentagon! Both men then started brawling. Pentagon was attacking when a mystery luchador ran down and nailed Pentagon with a chair! 

Vampiro bowed to him and said that this luchador was his master. The mystery luchador hit a Shooting Star Press off the top of the temple onto Pentagon on the floor. Holy crap. Vampiro followed the instructions of his master and put Pentagon into the ring as his master hit a corkscrew Shooting Star Press.

Jake Strong defeated Pentagon Dark to win the Lucha Underground Championship

Jake Strong’s music hit after the devastation, and Strong came out with his Gift of the Gods Championship. Strong said that Cueto said Strong could cash it in whenever he wanted, and his voice became demonic as he exchanged the title.

Strong immediately broke Pentagon’s ankle! Pentagon wouldn’t give up, but he passed out -- and the referee stopped the match. Jake Strong is the new Lucha Underground Champion.

The show closed with Aerostar, Dragon Azteca Jr., and King Cuerno meeting up to discuss the gauntlet of the gods and how it needs to go back into hiding. Azteca took the gauntlet and we saw that he gave it to Black Lotus. Lotus found Matanza and confessed that she now knew it was him that killed her parents instead of Azteca. Lotus then ripped the heart out of Matanza, apparently killing him. Azteca took the gauntlet back, saying that her parents could finally rest in peace.

Jake Strong attacked Azteca Jr., knocking him out, breaking his ankle, and stealing the gauntlet. Strong said that the gauntlet belonged to “us." Strong chanted as he slapped the blood-stained gauntlet against his own chest. Johnny Mundo walked backstage and tried to talk to Taya, but the newly-possessed Taya attacked him and claimed that she was God. 

Antonio Cueto was sitting in a limo with the mystery man from last season that shot Dario Cueto. They discussed that all the gods have taken human form. Vampiro’s master was in there too, and said something in another language we couldn’t understand as Strong sat in the limo with the championship.

They asked whose blood was on him, and Strong said Matanza as Cueto looked on in sadness, knowing that his son died. A mysterious voice called Matanza a worthy host, but he said that The Order appreciated his sacrifice. Another member of The Order was revealed, as the cigar smoking man in the limo leaned forward to reveal Wade Barrett, who announced that it was time to take over the world.

We then saw a flashback to one year earlier when Antonio Cueto took Dario Cueto’s key from him to unlock Matanza from his cage. As Antonio left, Aerostar appeared. He put the now-completed amulet from earlier around Dario’s neck, and Dario opened his eyes and sat up, having returned from the dead.

The show closed with the line, “To Be Continued.”This was a really entertaining finale to the season. I, for one, hope to see what happens next.