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Lucha Underground TV Report 3-25-15: Alberto El Patron vs. Texano, Prince Puma vs. Cage in title matches

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

The show-opening video focuses on Alberto's debut in the company against Texano, Konnan teaching Puma about the art of war, Cage lifting weights and destroying Puma, and a bit on the Ivelisse-Angelico issue. Nothing was shown on the casket match. Music plays us in while Striker introduces himself and the dancing Vampiro in a bright red shirt. Texano vs. Alberto will be a bullrope match. Angelico comes out for his match with Son of Havoc.Vamp calls Iveliee a pain in the ass.

Match 1 - Angelico vs. Son of Havoc

Havoc attacks Angelico and sends him to the floor, but goes for a dive and changes it to a run to the floor and some punches on the floor. Mid-ring, Angelico is tossed into the buckle and kicks Havoc's face. Havoc gets 2 off a curb stomp. Punch exchange leads to Angelico going for kicks and a flying knee. Back and forth hopping exchange leads to a kick for 2. Havoc gets a back elbow in the corner, but he eats a kick that sends him to the floor and Angelico does a gigantic flip dive over the top to the side of the announce table!

Jumping knee for Angelico gets 2. Back elbow from Angelico is countered into an Irish whip, a pump kick, and a standing SSP for 2 from Havoc! Muta-style back handspring elbow in the corner hits followed by a backbreaker for 2. Havoc gets bitched out, has his beard grabbed, goes to the apron to argue, but still kicks Angelico and hits a springboard double stomp for 2! Stinger splash misses allowing Angelico to hit a running jumping knee in the corner. Angelico goes for the crucifix, but it's countered into a corner rana. Havoc goes up, but is met by Angelico. Havoc crotches him and gets the mic to tell Ivelisee that she's holding him back and he dumps her! Havoc gets the SSP and the win! As a result of instantly turning face, he gets a big pop for the win and the crowd chants "you got dumped" at her. Angelico checks her out, but she kicks his face off. This was a ton of fun. Striker hypes up Cage vs. Puma.

We go to Dario's office where he meets with a large tattooed man. He's a man who won't be held back in a tag team - Hernandez! Hernandez is greeted with a handshake and responds with a fist bump. Melissa Santos is mid-ring to announce the AAA Mega Title match. Texano is out first, while Alberto wears his title and his ROH shirt while slapping hands with the fans. Striker talks about the history of the AAA Mega Title, while Vampiro hypes up his amateur wrestling and MMA background. Striker says the bullrope is 18 feet long, while the ring is 20x20, and they get tied up for the break.

Match 2 - Alberto El Patron vs. Texano - AAA Mega Title

They start the match with punches. Texano traps him in the corner and nails some headbutts while Vamp talks about Valentine, Piper, and Brody being in bullrope matches. Striker talks about this involving pinfalls and not just touching all of the corners. They brawl to the floor and Alberto gets a rana off of the apron. Vamp says it might not be right to say, but he wants Alberto to get hit with the bell. Striker asks when he does care about saying the right thing and Vamp says it's only when he talks to his mother. Texano gets the lead with some good shots and then goes to the floor and hits Alberto on the back with a chair. Alberto gets a DDT while Texano responds with a dropkick. Texano goes up top and eats a cowbell shot before nailing a superplex. 

Alberto ducks a lariat and gets one of his own. Backstabber hits for Alberto. Texano grabs the other rope that Texano brought in and whips him with it. Texano gets a codebreaker for 2. A fan yells "come on Del Rio" while he puts Texano up top for the reverse superplex. It hits for a 2.9. Alberto teases the armbar, but gets shoved into a corner-mounted chair for 2.9! The crowd chants "this is awesome", and Texano gets a table. Vamp says he's got a rope with a bell on it - just beat him with that. Well, the man makes a valid point. Armbar codebreaker hits for Alberto followed by the kneeling superkick.

They go up to, but Texano counters a rana attempt into a powerbomb through the table for 2! Yet another "this is awesome" chant breaks out. Texano puts him up top and hits him with the bell, but Alberto gets the rope-bound armbar for a tapout win! This was really good, and I loved the finish. They should've probably said a win could occur anywhere, but it still made sense given the no holds barred nature of the match anyway. Vampiro hypes up the Cage-Puma main event. 

We return to the Temple with Konnan training with Puma and clips of the first Cage-Puma match. Konnan meets with Hernandez, who fist bumps Puma. Konnan tells him to remember what he's taught him. Melissa Santos reminds us that it's a Boyle Heights Street Fight while Cage comes down sans the old belt around his neck. Cage's right elbow and shoulder are taped up heavily, and Striker hypes up his LU winning record. Prince Puma comes down sans title, leading to Striker talking about how Cage tore the title belt up. Hernandez is ringside and they talk about him being there to maybe watch the back of the champion.


Cueto comes out of his office and shows off the all-new title. It is basically the center ring Aztec seal in belt form. It's quite the gorgeous-looking title, and a huge upgrade from the original belt. The main event is after the break, and will be getting at most around 15 minutes.

Main Event - Prince Puma vs. Cage - Lucha Underground Title

The crowd chants "lucha" while the main event begins. Puma gets a running dropkick and leaping apron kick, but is clotheslined down to the floor with a 360 bump. Cage goes for a snake eyes on the post, but gets posted. Apron rana from Puma ala Alberto is countered into a ringpost powerbomb. Toss into the steps by Cage, who then slams the champion into a wall. Cage gets a chair, but he's superkicked to the gut and eats a Van Daminator. Puma gets a trash can lid and smacks the back hard a ton. Striker says that all of the objects are placed around the building by Cueto for his enjoyment.

Puma gets a table, and it's clear that Puma's left shoulder is also taped up. Is anyone on this roster healthy? Puma sets up the table, but eats a lid shot by Cage. Cage goes for a shortarm lariat with a lid, but it misses, but he hits a torture rack into a backstabber for 2. Cage carries him to the apron for his second-rope to the floor superplex, but eats some kicks and is sent to the floor. Puma walks onto the ringpost and hits an SSP!

It gets a well-deserved "that was awesome" chant. Puma places Cage on the table, and gets a springboard 450 to the floor through the table! That garners yet another "holy shit" chant tonight. He takes a while to roll him in and only gets 2.5 as a result. Puma struggles to move him to a corner, which I like. It really sells the match as tiring in a realistic way. Cage sends him to the floor and sets up a chair. He uses it to smash Puma's head into the post after trapping the head in the chair. Konnan gets his face raked in the wall and slumps down. Vamp's surprised that Hernandez didn't come down to help.

Puma gets a kick, a chairshot, and a suplex onto the chair for 2. Konnan gets up while Puma misses a 630 splash. Discus lariat hits for a 2.9! Weapon X hits perfectly, but he goes for mounted punches instead of a cover. Konnan cheers the champ on, but he eats a double powerbomb onto the can. Cage calls out Hernandez, who distracts him while Konnan hits him with the steel pimp cane! 630 splash hits for the win! Konnan and Hernandez cheer the champion on. Konnan comes in and presents Puma with his new championship belt. This was a pretty good match, but not quite on par with the Alberto-Texano match. The lack of a Perro Aguayo tribute on the show in any form is honestly shocking. Maybe they're going to put it online since this is a very story-heavy show and he was never on it, but that was a bit odd. This was another episode, like last week, that was worth going out of your way to see.