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Lucha Underground TV Report 4-1-2015: Trios title tournament begins

Lucha Underground

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Last week, Hernandez debuted as an ally of Konnan and Puma. Thanks to his distraction allowing Konnan to come in and KO Cage with his pimp cane, Prince Puma was able to retain the title against Cage. The new championship belt also debuted and looks fantastic. The show begins with a recap of all of The Crew's destruction before Ryck took them out and a rundown of the Drago-Aerostar best of five series. Dario Cueto is polishing new red and gold title belts.

Ryck comes into Cueto's office with Killshot and his “cousin” The Mack. Ryck threatens him with a cigar burning, but Cueto tells him that he's making new tiros tag team titles, so they can be in the tournament. Ryck tells him they're in, but he still wants his money – and gets it for himself and his crew. Sergio Arau plays us in while Striker says the trios tag team title tourney will be four weeks long. Angelico is in the ring and waits on his oponnent Johnny Mundo. This should be a really fun high-flying match.

Angelico vs. Johnny Mundo

Striker talks about Angelico learning the Toryumon style and holding the AAA tag titles with Jack Evans. Mundo goes for a takedown, but he eats a kick. Angelico flips off of Mundo's chest, but eats a push kick to the corner. Superman Punch from Mundo leads to Angelico landing an elbow. Tumbling exchange sends Mundo to the floor briefly. Mundo gets a forearm and goes for a tornado plancha, but Angelico avoids it, so Mundo climbs around the building to land a flying Chuck kick. Angelico kicks out of a Moonlight Drive, but eats a kick and a running knee strike on the mat for 2.

Angelico gets a sunset flip for 2, avoids the knee and gets 2. Backslide and cradle exchange leads to 2. Modified lung blower hits for 2 while Vampiro talks about Perro Aguayo Jr. Back and forth mid-ring forearm exchange leads to a kick exchange and Angelico winning with a grounding copiera kick and a flying knee for 2. Flying Chuck hits mid-ring for 2. End of the World is avoided, but Angelico's sick corner knee wasn't.

Corner to corner Razor's Edge hits for Angelico and gets a 2.5 thanks to Johnny's foot being on the rope. Johnny avoids it by latching his feet onto the ropes and kicking Angelico down, so he responds by kicking Mundo down and going for a pop-up rana. Mundo powerbombs him out of it and lands the End of the World for the win! Vamp says that while Mundo won, it wasn't his win – it was Angelico basically defeating himself and Mundo benefitting from it.

Ad break.

We go to Black Lotus, who says she was saved by El Dragon Azteca. He will teach her the art of lucha libre and when her training is complete, she'll destroy Cueto's monster that killed her parents. Alberto talks to Johnny, who asks him if he's there to compete or just face people he's already beaten. Alberto tells him he completely forgot about Mundo, who called himself the face of the company. Mundo stared into the mirror looking angry, which was by far his best acting in this.

Cueto meets with Sexy Star and says he'll give her two partners tonight for the trios tag team title tournament – Super Fly and Pentagon Jr. Cueto pits them against Big Ryck and his team. Sexy is reluctant, but accepts. Melissa Santos is mid-ring to announce match four in the best of five series. Drago is out first and has one win in this series. Ad break leads to Aerostar coming – he has two wins in this series and the winner of the series gets a “unique opportunity” from Dario Cueto. Vampiro talks about Tecnico's being about honorable fighting, not so much technical wrestling.

Drago vs. Aerostar in Match Four in the Best of Five Series

Shoulder bump leads to a wonky running victory roll/rana hybrid for 2 from Aerostar. Corner elbows from Drago leads to kicks and Aerostar being called the last student of Antonio Pena. Ropewalk dropkick hits for Aerostar, who then gets a triangle flip dive to a floor. A springboard sunset flip leads to a counter for 2. La Majistral cradle gets 2 for Aerostar. Tiger feint from Aerostar leads to an electric chair and a wacky lucha submission, but Aerostar gets to the rope.

Aero flips to the rope, but is dropkicked to the floor. Drago misses a springboard crossbody, but gets elbows mid-ring. Modified dominator hits for Drago and he goes up top for a corkscrew dive, which leads to a cradle for a win. The series is tied up, so the winner of the next match wins the series. Striker hypes up the trios tag title tourney and we see close-ups of the titles. They're basically the show's mask logo on a dual-plated set of face and side plates on red leather.

We return to Dario's office talking to Angelico, Ivelisse, and Son of Havoc. He isn't impressed by them and says that since their records as singles acts are sub-par, he's making them a trios team and putting them in the tournament. Havoc says that for the record, he dumped her – he had one chance to shine here and did. Big Ryck, Killshot, and The Mack. Ryck has new light grey shorts, while Mack is in white and blue trunks and Killshot is in black and red shorts with a matching mask. Sexy Star and Super Fly come down while Vampiro asks who the partner will be. We already know it's Pentagon Jr', so that was odd. He comes down with a Perros Del Mal shirt on and gets a huge chant because he's an ass-kicker who destroys dudes. Pentagon tells his master that even though he's been given two weak partners, he'll still win the Trios tag team titles on his own.

Main Event – Big Ryck, Killshot, and The Mack vs. Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star, and Super Fly

Sexy and Super Fly go for a handshake, while Pentagon just rubs his hands together. Striker talks about how the trios world is different than a regular six man tag setup. Vampiro talks about the history of the match. CMLL had a roster that was too large, and to give everyone work, they had to make trios matches and they became a staple. Mack gains control with some impressive agility on Pentagon and lays in a corner chop. Pentagon runs into Mack with a nice dropkick before landing the “shhhh” corner chop. The crowd wants it once more and gets it! Mack tosses him off the ropes and gets a Pounce for 2. Mack lands a trio of corner forearms, but eats a corner lungblower after charging in. Mack avoids the arm breaker and brings in Killshot.

Super Fly comes in and they exchange flips and Killshot gets a handstand headscissors. Super Fly gets a wacky turnbuckle armdrag and tags in Sexy. Sexy gets a headlock and some chops. Killshot gets a nice back elbow and hits a Pentagon-level overhand chop. Sexy gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors around the world for 2. Ryck just comes in and grabs her leading to her partners catching her off a dive. Well, that's a bit out of character for him, but it puts everyone in position for a big double dive from Killshot and the Mack. Ryck teases a big dive too, but Sexy hits a missile dropkick and eats a Pentagon chop, who is now legal. Big shoulderblock from Ryck to Pentagon. Ryck lands a chop of his own, which was a bit less impacful than Mack's.

Pentagon dropkicks the big man down before Killshot comes in. Kick exchange is blocked by each and leads to an inverted Codebreaker out of a tombstone setup. Pentagon gets the three up, three down driver for 2. Sick superkick hits Killshot and sends him into the corner, leading to a top rope setup and super chop! Sexy is tossed up top for a rana that hits perfectly and a Super Fly dive gets 2 before Ryck comes in. Ryck hits him and gets 2, but Pentagon saves. Ryck clubs him down on the floor and swats Sexy down. Monsta Mack brainbuster hits before Killshot hits a hesitation double foot stomp for the win! Willie Mack looked outstanding here and really stood out after just one show as someone who is far more agile than he would appear. Pentagon is pissed over losing the match and tries to snap Super Fly's arm, but Sexy intervenes and shoves him out of the ring quickly.

Summary: This was a pretty good episode of the show. Nothing was bad and they established a whole new championship division fairly seamlessly. While doing a tourney out of nowhere may seem odd, the show has featured many trios matches and the lead heel faction is one – so it's a logical step forward. The main title picture was put on ice for a week, which is just fine. Not every storyline needs to be built up every single show. Doing that leads to overwriting instead of telling a good story, and so far, Lucha Underground has told solid stories with a beginning, middle, and end throughout the card.