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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos Part One results: Son of Havoc steals the show; a legend debuts

Last year, Ultima Lucha was a three hour event spread over two shows. This year, it's a three hour show spread over three weeks - so they're not sacrificing any content time and hopefully spreading the rating out over three weeks instead of two.

The show begins with a recap of Dario Cueto announcing the Unique Opportunity Tournament for a unique opportunity.

A new Ultima Lucha Dos graphic adorns the lower left-hand side of the screen and we see poster banners running down the card. They should really sell shirts of those, or replicas, via their official storefronts on either the official site or ProWrestlingTees.

Striker and Vamp run down the tournament for a unique opportunity - which will have its semi-finals tonight. The Mack vs. Cage is set up, and Dario says that they started last year's show off with a falls count anywhere match. Tonight, he wants last year's success to be replicated, so this is now a falls count anywhere match too.

The Mack vs. Cage - Falls Count Anywhere

Cage hits a McGillicutter for a 2 count off a standing moonsault. Mack hits a Rainmaker elbow smash, but eats a back elbow. He recovers with a superkick leading to Cage being draped in the rope and hit with a body block to the floor.

Mack gets hip tossed into the bleachers. Jeez. A minute in and they're already taking bumps that make the Final Deletion look a bit tame. Cage gets a trash can, but Mack powerslams Cage on it for 2. 

They fight in Dario's office while Dario and Black Lotus look on. Cage grabs a framed poster of the LU logo and smashes it over Mack's head for 2. Vamp says the boss looks dope in a tux and says he's got a big key.

The fans beat on the barricades like a war drum while Cage sets up a steel chair bridge and powerbombs Mack through it for 2. Mack hits a running Samoan drop on a stop sign for 2. Mack has a Mexican flag guitar and smashes it on Cage's head for 2, since this isn't a Jeff Jarrett match. Mack grabs pinatas, which Striker says are for the show's after party.

A "pinata" chant breaks out. Mack's pinata has a wrench, while Cage's has candy. Vamp mocks a guy for knocking kids over to grab the candy.

Mack gets some beers from another pinata and drinks them, but the stunner is blocked and he's tossed into the apron where he eats a shot to the head.

Cage sets up a table, but Mack hits him in the balls and then with a toolbox to the head. Chain to the head of Cage leads to more beers, some stunners, and Striker doing a Steve Austin impression.

Between this and the Final Deletion, pro wrestling is clearly a bit weird.

Mack climbs up top after putting Cage on a table and hits a frog splash off the balcony through the table. And it gets a 2 count. That justifiably gets a holy shit chant.

Cage goes for his cement block curb stomp ala last year, but he slips on the beer and Mack gets the schoolboy for the win.

This was weird, but a lot of fun and well worth watching.

Texano and Son of Havoc are mid-ring for their match. Dario says that the fans must wonder why we've got a bar set up outside the ring - but when he sees a cowboy and a biker, he thinks of bars - so he's making this a Boyle Heights Bar Fight.

Texano vs. Son of Havoc - Bar Fight

This bar fight begins like many others - with a tie-up and then a side headlock toss-off into the ropes before a dropdown into a leapfrog exchange.

Havoc side-steps him and Texano flies over the top. Havoc hits an Asai moonsault on the floor, but misses a Muta handspring elbow against the barricade. Havoc recovers and hits a moonsault off the announce table and tosses him through a door, drawing yet another holy shit chant.

Havoc has a helmet and fire extinguisher - leading to Striker mentioning Firebreaker Chip and then a blast to the face by Havoc. Havoc eats a headshot, but the helmet absorbs the blow - so Texano hits him more before tossing bar stools into the ring.

Texano puts a keg in the corner while a "we want beer" chant breaks out. Rope-assisted punch gets 2 for Texano. Havoc punches him and dropkicks his back into the keg. Havoc sets up a pile of wood from the bar stools before hitting a rana off the top onto the pile for 2.

Vamp says that Dario spent all his money on his tux and none on the furniture since the stools broke so easily.

Havoc is set up in the corner and hits a chair into Havoc's balls. Havoc recovers and backdrops him onto a row of bar glasses. Havoc sets up glass in the ring and double stomps his chest into it before pump kicking him into it for the win.

Well, that was full of nasty bumps for a match that had no real grudge - but it was fun.

The Voodoo Glow Skulls play us in after those two wars while Striker runs down the next two weeks of matches.

It's now time for the finals of the Unique Opportunity tournament as The Mack battles Son of Havoc. Striker talks about how exhausted each guy has to be. Dario says he is surprised that they won, so he is impressed - but he wants this to be a falls count anywhere match as well.

Son of Havoc vs. Mack - Unique Opportunity Falls Count Anywhere Match

They go back and forth with headlocks and Mack tosses him into the ropes for a Pounce. Huge splash gets 2 for Mack. Mack takes him to the floor and punches him before tossing him into the barricade.

Havoc chops him before hip tossing him into the bleachers. Mack avoids a corner charge and hits a sitting European uppercut, then hits an Irish Curse and a twisting flatliner off the ropes for 2.

Havoc low bridges him and hits a twisting moonsault to the floor. He tosses him in for an SSP, but Mack gets hid knees up and gets 2 off a cradle. Mack avoids a corner elbow and hits a corner charge.

Mack misses a charge, eats a Muta elbow and a SSP gets the win for Havoc. That was quite subdued compared to the craziness earlier - so it was good in that sense, but also a bit hard to care about since so much came before.

Dario congratulates Son of Havoc and shows off a briefcase with $250,000 of Dario Cueto-faced money.

If he wants the cash, it's his - but there's a twist. He can turn in the case for a contract giving him a Lucha Underground Title match at Ultima Lucha Tres. Havoc tells him he doesn't care about the money - he wants the title. Dario says he'll be in the main event of Ultima Lucha Tres - if he wins one more match.

The next match determines Havoc's fate. His opponent here can win the money, while Havoc gets the title shot if he wins. Famous B comes down and says he has a new client - and his client is already famous. He says Havoc feels sick - so it's a good thing there's a doctor in the house. Dr. Wagner Jr. comes down to face Son of Havoc and gets a huge "ole" chant as he walks down the steps.

Son of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. - Title Shot vs. $250,000

Wagner hits a snap Samoan drop and forearms Havoc in the corner. Wagner hits a corner charge lariat and hits a super RKO before posing arrogantly.

Vamp says that Dr. Wagner Jr. drop kicked his busted leg to hurt him when he came back in Mexico. Havoc lands a series of lariats before a pump kick sends him down. The SSP misses and the Doctor Driver wins it - so Havoc now gets neither the money or title shot.

Dr. Wagner Jr. takes down the straps and poses, while Famous B and Brenda celebrate with the money. Famous B puts on a stethoscope and checks Havoc's chest for a heartbeat. 

Well, this was a stellar show overall. In terms of match style, Havoc vs. Mack should have opened the show - but that wouldn't have worked for the story being told.

Havoc really shined throughout the night and for the first time, they really did put you on a journey with his character. Dr. Wagner Jr. was given almost no time to get over - with his match starting 55 minutes into the hour-long broadcast and yet still managed to do so.

With a handful of moves and even fewer mannerisms, you got that he was a cocky veteran who was exactly as good as he thinks he is, and now the 30-year veteran can lay claim to winning a main event on Ultima Lucha throughout season three. 

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