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Mistic 2.0 is at Arena Mexico tonight

Luis Urive, the former Mistico who is now wrestling as Mistic 2.0, is at Arena Mexico for tonight's show.

He is not booked on the show, although he will be on the Lucha Libre Elite show on Sunday in his first match at the arena in four years.  He may do a interview to promote the show and or shoot an angle.

Observer correspondent Robert Bihari reports that Urive will be wrestling on an iPPV show that CMLL is doing at Arena Mexico a week from tonight in his first CMLL match, where he would be opposite members of Los Ingobernables.

Mistic 2.0 and Volador Jr. are scheduled to headline Sunday's show at Arena Mexico against Los Ingobernables members Rush & La Mascara, which was expected to draw one of the biggest pro wrestling crowds this year, although because Mexico is such a heavy walk-up market you never know for sure ahead of time.

Tonight's show will air live at www.ClaroSports.com at 9:30PM ET, but it may be geo blocked in the U.S.  Some weeks it is and some weeks it isn't, and nobody ever knows for sure until the show starts. But next week's show as an iPPV will be available in the U.S.