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The Week In Lucha Libre: A look at the TripleMania card; CMLL intrigue

Pentagon vs. Mundo

By "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims

Editor's note: The following originally appeared in this week's Figure Four Weekly newsletter.

AAA has now announced most of the main matches for their biggest show of year.

TripleMania XXIV will take place on Sunday, August 28, at La Arena Ciudad de Mexico, a venue with an advertised capacity of 22,000 seats, making it one of the 25-30 largest indoor stadia in the world. One would expect that AAA would make the effort to present it live on iPPV. Assuming they do, past experience has shown that when we pays our money, we takes our chances.

Whether AAA will have a show to fill the big arena is much easier thing to predict: no. This looks to be one of the least attractive TripleMania lineups in a while with a main event that is highly puzzling and with some odd build up to boot. 

The matches announced thus far:

  • Tecnico The Psycho Clown (mascara) contra rudo Pagano (caballera)
  • Rudo Pentagon Jr. defending the AAA Latin American Championship against Johnny Mundo
  • Rudo El Texano junior defending the AAA Mega Championship in a three-way dance against tecnico Dr. Wagner Jr. and rudo Brian Cage
  • Intergender grudge match as tecnicas Los Apaches (Fabi Apache and Mari Apache) face ex-AAA World Tag Team Champion rudos Averno and Chessman. Averno and Chessman lost these titles in the past few days to Jack Evans and Angelico.

A spark seems missing. This looks like more of a #2 or #3 show of the year and not a crown jewel type of card.


As I've noted in the past, fans in Mexico do tend to put some stock in the match order of a show as generally, the later a match goes on, the more important it is taken to be. Should the mask/hair match go last, and I'd guess it will, it just doesn't seem like a match worthy of a TripleMania man event. Pagano is a new wrestler to this company so without a name value to the casual fan. He's also a bad wrestler and is almost bald already, sporting just a mohawk. What really puzzles me is that in order to get him to be taken seriously, they've had to put him over Psycho Clown at every turn.

Except for the matches at the Lucha World Cup, Psycho Clown has barely won any matches at all, so with such a losing streak, it's kind of hard to justify why he should be in a main event match as he has been thoroughly dominated on TV by a lesser talent, non-AAA-pedigreed worker. You'd almost think Psycho Clown hasn't earned this match. Though, I'd be amazed if the fans really thought Pagano is going over here -- another reason why they may not draw a big house despite the fact it's been the number-one thing pushed on their TV lately. This match is sure to be a bloody brawl with objects, interferences, and the like.

The two title matches will, on the other hand, almost surely be excellent matches.

All five of the wrestlers in these matches can go and can turn it up for a big crowd and a big event. Those two matches will likely be, by the selves, worth the iPPV expense. Sadly, though, all lucha fans have learned that belts and titles are ephemerally important, and I don't know how much just having a good match for a belt can draw to the AAA fan.

The intergender match should be most interesting. One wonders if the above-noted tag team title change was needed because AAA may want to make a multi-show feud out of this angle, but realizes it would be highly likely that their fanbase would dump all over the promotion if the women won the tag team titles. 

Plenty of CMLL intrigue is coming.

They have something funny up their sleeves. La Mascara vs. Rush seems to be our 83rd anniversary show main event, but two weeks ago, Rush's brother Dragon Lee challenged La Mascara to a mask match, and the two are now booked in a singles semifinal this Friday.

Many weeks ago, Paco Alonso had been quoted as saying that we wouldn't believe the anniversary main event he had planned. When he said it, I could have guessed Rush vs. La Mascara pretty easily. It would not have been my choice, but it would not have been all that much of a surprise. I just wonder if the CMLL powers-that-be have one last twist to the match before it's finally announced. I'd rather they go with Rush and L. A. Park, but for a variety of reasons -- the primary being CMLL's general rigidity in how they run their business -- they may not do it.

While they have an easy million-dollar gate if they ran that at Arena Mexico in the final three months of 2016 as a CMLL or Lucha Elite mega-show, CMLL is stuck in their own, serious, and stable way of doing business.