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Wrestling Observer Feature: John Morrison on wrestling Alberto El Patron, future with Lucha Underground

Johnny Mundo

By Steve Juon, WrestlingObserver.comĀ 

You can call him the "Shaman of Sexy", the "Prince of Parkour", John Morrison or Johnny Mundo, but whatever you do, call your cable or satellite provider if you don't have El Rey Network. If you don't have it, you likely missed Wednesday's amazing Lucha Underground main event where two former WWE stars went one-on-one as Mundo battled Alberto El Patron (Del Rio).

"I think there's a couple of rivalries that define Lucha Underground. Me and Puma is one, me and Alberto El Patron is... something that I always wish that I could have done in WWE, and now it's happening in Lucha Underground," he said.

When John says that you may at first be confused given they had a few notable encounters before both left WWE, including the 2010 King of the Ring tournament. Perhaps it makes sense if you insert the word "MORE" before "done," as John alludes to now having more creative freedom than he did back then.

"The shackles are off is a good way of putting it. A lot of times people feel handcuffed on the road with WWE, because you can only do so much, and there's no handcuffs there's no shackles in Lucha Underground. Me and Alberto have the opportunity to paint whatever we want on the canvas with no restrictions," he said.

Morrison attributes the quality of the El Patron main event to the level of the guy he went in there with to mix it up with. "Mad respects to the guy, he's very talented, and the match that we (had) is going to make people stand up and watch and notice and think 'Holy s#%^ - Lucha Underground is badass!' If you haven't seen it, and you don't think that already, watch tonight and we'll change your mind."


It's clear from talking to John that he feels a whole new passion for pro wrestling again thanks to Lucha Underground.

"I feel like it has revitalized my wrestling career. I was trying to figure out what to do with wrestling, and I've found it. It's a great opportunity. The guys there - Ezekiel Jackson (now Big Ryck), Chavo Guerrero, Alberto El Patron, Puma, Fenix, Drago, Aerostar, Hernandez, Konnan, the list goes on and on. It's a really cool promotion. It's gritty, everyone's talented, and everyone's got a little something to prove, which I think is cool. Everyone's hungry," Morrison explained.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling

That passion extends all the way from Southern California to Kingsport, Tennessee this weekend, where in the co-main event of NWA Smoky Mountain at the Civic Auditorium, Morrison will be wrestling Jason "The Gift" Kincaid for the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title, available on GFL.tv for $9.99. The show also features AJ Styles and Rob Conway.

"I would say if you live within driving distance of Kingsport, Tennessee get your ass there. Gift Kincaid, you're listening to this, I saw a bunch of those YouTube promos and things you've been making about me - cutting promos on me. I'm not planning to go all the way to Tennessee to lose, so you better bring your A game cause I'm planning on bringing mine. I think win or lose, the true winner of the night will be the fans in Kingsport."

Besides a busy wrestling schedule this summer which takes him from California to Tennessee to as far away as Halifax, Canada, John is staying busy filming an independent movie that has an amazing list of talent.

"I've been working on a movie called Boone: The Bounty Hunter which is hopefully going to be done at some point in the next couple of months. I'm really excited for wrestling fans and people in general to see it. The cast is me, Rampage Jackson, Kevin Sorbo, Osric Chau, Spencer Grammer, Lorenzo Lamas, Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard Tyson, and there's no studio behind it. It's an independent film. Where it's going to end up and what's going to happen have yet to be determined."

In asking about whether or not he saw Jackson's fight at UFC 186, John revealed his feelings that both wrestlers and fighters don't get the compensation they truly deserve.

"I really believe that wrestling is about the crowd and the person. The promotion provides a canvas for the wrestler to create entertainment. The same thing with fighting. Fighting is about two fighters and the people watching the fight. It sucks that promotions take so much money from the fighters and the wrestlers. It's important to have good production behind you to support the vision and showcase what you're doing in the correct light... but for that matter like f#%@ Bellator and f#%@ UFC and f#%@ every promotion because I think they take way too much from the fighters and the wrestlers," he explained.

Morrison insists he's been well treated in Lucha Underground but clarifies his bold words by making the point that no compensation makes up for the physical toll competition takes. He co-developed a workout routine that he attributes his current shape in, saying it's adding years to his career.

"You're getting beat up and you're giving up part of yourself. You're tearing your cartilage, you're getting hit in the head, and all those injuries accumulate. It's not something you can put a number on, like that was worth this much money. I just think that wrestlers and fighters always deserve a little bit more than they get."

It's hard to argue that John Morrison/Johnny Mundo doesn't work hard for the money and deserves to be treated right, but NWA Smoky Mountain must be taking care of him this weekend much the way Lucha Underground has been.