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MLW Underground results & video: The debut of D'Lo Brown

The Big Takeaway:

D'Lo Brown made his MLW debut by coming to the aid of "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, but it was no avail as he was pinned by CW Anderson to give The Extreme Horsemen another won over the Doc.

Show Recap:

The open was a recap of last week's Los Maximos vs. Samoan Island Tribe match where Jose and Joel finally got the upper hand against the Samoans along with the debuting Kenzo Suzuki defeating the debuting Norman Smiley in the main event. 

Masada defeated Fast Eddie and Don Juan in a triple threat match (7:28 televised)

This was advertised as a tryout match for three trainees from the Texas Wrestling Academy. Rudy Boy Gonzalez was said to have trained all three and they gave a good showing here. Masada was the taller and larger of the three, but also showed his athleticism by nipping up and floating over a Northern Lights suplex.

After a short break, Eddie sent Juan out the ring with a headscissors and then flew through the air with an Asai moonsault to the floor. But Masada was not one to be outdone so he took out both his opponents with a huge running dive from the inside out.

Eddie, unfortunately, slipped on the top rope and messed up a spot where it looked like he was to hit Juan while up in a power bomb position on Masada's shoulders. But he recovered and got back into the swing of things in time to powerslam Juan off the middle rope. The top rope action continued as minutes later, Masada hit Eddie with a death valley driver off the top to pick up the win. 


- The cameras caught up with Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond and CW Anderson where they reminded us they have rejuvenated tag team wrestling and that they had promised to win the tag titles. They finished by welcoming us to the world of The Extreme Horsemen.

We then had a quick stream of short backstage promos:

 - Kenzo Suzuki (subtitled) said that after beating Norman Smiley last week, the only wiggles will be happening in the hospital. 
- Sabu and Bill Alfonso were backstage, bandaged up from their recent attacks from Mikey Whipwreck, Jerry Lynn, and Christopher Daniels. Alfonso screamed that they will get their revenge. 
- Los Maximos reminded us they have an open contract for the upcoming tapings and told us to expect the unexpected. 
- Homicide said somebody is going to get dropped and warned everyone to watch out for the Cop Killa.
- Josh Daniels said he is bringing Canadian technical excellence to destroy the opposition. 


Global Crown Tag Team Champions Simon Diamond and CW Anderson defeated "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and D'Lo Brown (7:47 televised)

Diamond and Anderson were supposed to be presented with their new Global Tag Team Crown title belts, but instead, they were interrupted by Williams. He said they might have taken out his protege (PJ Friedman) but they hadn't beat him. He was jumped by the Horsemen, but was quickly saved by the debuting Brown and an impromptu match was on.

Brown hit his trademark head shake leg drop before a commercial break. After returning, he and Williams were still very much in control. The Horsemen worked on Williams but when Brown got the hot tag, he ran wild and hit Anderson with a big spinebuster and his Sky High powerbomb that got a broken up two count. Williams then speared Anderson and knocked down Diamond with a shoulder charge.

Brown planted Anderson with a modified Bossman slam and went to the top to hit his frog splash, but Diamond pulled Anderson out of the way at the last minute. Brown hit the mat and bounced up right into a big Anderson spinebuster that gave the Extreme Horsemen the victory.