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Bellator Dynamite 2 live results: Rampage Jackson vs. Satoshi Ishii; Michael Chandler vs. Patricky Pitbull

For the first time since May 2014, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson will head back into the Bellator cage, headlining Bellator: Dynamite 2, the company's latest tentpole event. 

The show airs on Spike TV at 8 PM EST live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO. 

Jackson will face Japanese veteran Satoshi Ishii in a light heavyweight bout, while Michael Chandler and Patricky Pitbull will fight for the lightweight title vacated by the departed Will Brooks in the show's co-main event. In another interesting fight, UFC veteran Matt Mitrione makes his Bellator debut against Carl Seumanutafa in a featured bout. 

The show is the second Dynamite-named event for Bellator after last September's Dynamite 1 show featured a combination of both MMA and kickboxing throughout the shot. This year, the kickboxing portion will air separately following the MMA portion, also on Spike TV. Joe Schilling and Hisaki Kato will reprise their MMA feud in a kickboxing ring in that show's featured fight.

Join us for live coverage of the MMA portion starting at 8 PM EST.


Great opening of the show with the Ric Flair theme playing and a bunch of pyro followed  by the Pride style introductions of all the main card fighters. It looks like they're introducing the kickboxers as well so  not sure if plans changed and they will now be airing those fights  during the main broadcast. There have already been 10 prelim fights so this is all for the benefit of the television audience but the crowd loves it. Despite Michael Chandler being a local product, it seemed like Rampage Jackson got the biggest reaction from the live audience.


Walkouts are airing for this tentpole event, along with a profile piece on Mitrione after Suemanutafa was already in the cage. Mitrione cut a hell of a promo during the piece. Mitrione came out to "Simple Man" by Skynyrd. The announcers brought up how Mitrione started on The Ultimate Fighter the same season as the late Kimbo Slice, right here on Spike TV. 

Seumanutafa opens with leg kicks. Seumanutafa dropped Mitrione with a punch combo 30 seconds in. Mitrione looked out but McCarthy didn't stop it. Seumanutafa followed him to the ground and working for a submission. Mitrione ended up in top position at 1:30. Ref warning them to work as Mitrione is just trying to shake out the cobwebs and hold him down. Mitrione starting laying in punches to the head 2:00 in. Jimmy Smith is trying to make excuses for why the fight wasn't stopped. Mitrione unloading with punches and then stands at 3:15 to improve postion. He then laid in one hammer fist and the ref stopped it. This fight was odd.

WINNER - MATT MITRIONE (10-5) by KO (punch) at 3:22

Mitrione admitted that he couldn't remember anything after being hit. Replay pretty much confirmed he was out. Then they announced his next fight will be on the London show in 3 weeks against Oli Thompson. 

They are going to a kickboxing fight next with women's flyweights Denise Kielholtz (43-2) up against Gloria Peritore (12-3-1). If you're like me and aren't familiar with these ladies, here's a picture, courtesy of Bellator:

Keilholtz is the shorter fighter on the left and she's a 4 time world kickboxing champion. She just fought on the Italy show, as did Peritore and they both scored victories. Not sure of the wisdom of putting kickboxers that no one has heard of before in the middle of one of the biggest shows of the year for Bellator, especially coming off their lowest rating in 3 years.

Peritore scored an early knockdown. Keilholtz is the one controlling the ring. Despite being knocked down, it seems like Keilholtz won the round but I don't watch a lot of kickboxing.

Second round is similar. Peritore doing a lot of moving around and Keilholtz pushing the action and landing strikes from distance. Keilholtz had her in trouble at the end of the round and definitely took that one. Dan Henderson is in the crowd.

One of the commentators has both rounds going the other way. I would trust his word over mine. Keilholtz knocked Peritore down with a leg kick 2:00 in. These are 3 minute rounds by the way. The same announcer that gave both rounds to Peritore says now that Keilholtz' combinations are winning her the fight. This sport is very confusing. I think Keilholtz won that round.

Split decision win for Gloria Peritore. Crowd booed the decision and the announcers seemed shocked, despite the fact they said she was up 2 rounds to none going into the third. 


No walkouts or video packages for the ladies. Far more  important to get that awesome kickboxing fight in, I suppose. According to Michael Williams, Ruth's record is a "perfect" 6 wins and 1 defeat. Macfarlane initiates a cage clinch 30 seconds in and forces a takedown at 45 seconds. Ruth quickly up but Macfarlane still controling her and takes the back standing. Ruth works her around to the front but Macfarlane still controlling. Macfarlane scoring with knees to the legs. Separation at 1:45. Ruth lands a punch combo and Macfarlane shoots for a takedown and they end up in another cage  clinch. Ruth with some hard elbows to the head from the clinch at 2:30. Macfarlane gets another takedown at 3:15. Ruth landing light punches to the head and body but Ruth makes her way to her feet at 4:00. Ruth working for standing guillotine and then Macfarlane with one of her own but neither holds on for long. Macfarlane still controlling the clinch at 4:30. Ruth trying for a guillotine right before the round ends. 10-9 Macfarlane

Macfarlane takes her back standing and drags Ruth to the canvas 15 seconds in. Macfarlane with a rear naked choke and it looks deep but Ruth hanging in. Crowd is really into the comback and Ruth escapes at 1:30. Macfarlane still on her back with a body triangle secured. Macfarlane landing punches from behind to set up the choke again and she's got it at 2:00.  Ruth fights that attempt off earlier. More punches from Macfarlane. Ruth to her feet at 2:30 but Macfarlane still on her back. Macfarlane with a standing rear naked choke and gets the tap.

WINNER - ILIMA LEI-MACFARLANE (4-0) by submission (rear naked choke)

Wanderlei Silva was shown at cageside. Lennox Lewis as well and he was interviewed cageside by Jimmy Smith about the London show coming up in 3 weeks. 

Kevin Ross (26-6) and Justin Houghton (6-3) are up next in a kickboxing bout and they get their walkouts aired. Seems like quite the experience edge for Ross and Houghton took the fight on two week's notice.

These are featherweight fighters and 1:00 in, it's far more entertaining than the women's fight. Both guys are landing good shots. Houghton seems a little more active. I'd give Houghton the first  round

The announcer gave the round to Ross. Again, defer to someone that's watched more than 10 kickboxing fights in their life (I'm assuming). Ross is more active in this round, scoring with punches and kicks, with Houghton mainly just throwing punches. Houghton's leg starting to show damage from kicks late in the round and he's mixing in body kicks as well. Definitely round 2 for Ross.

Ross even more dominant in the early part of the third. Ross seemed to really hurt Houghton with a body kick. Kicks landed through 2 rounds were 41-10 for Ross. Ross crumpled Houghton with a knee to the midsection. Houghton protesting like it was low. Houghton unloaded on him with 15 seconds left but Ross caught Houghton with a punch that knocked him down. He got up right before the final bell. I'm guessing that was a 10-8 round. Either way, Ross wins for sure.

Unanimous decision for Ross with two 29-27's and one 30-26. I had it 29-27 as well. Ross got interview time after the fight. Just talked about his technique, didn't make any challenges or anything. 

Sean Grande and Jimmy Smith interviewed Benson Henderson cageside next. He said that he'd be fighting next at lightweight after losing a welterweight title in his Bellator debut. He is picking Chandler over Pitbull. He wants the winner in a title fight.



Patricky Pitbull is sporting a handlebar  moustache after being clean shaven during the pre-fight video package. I've seen almost every Bellator show since day 1 and I wouldn't have recognized him. Chandler gets the lights-out treatment and a hometown pop, complete with "Coming Home" playing before his actual walkout song, which I didn't recognize. 

At the top of Chandler's notable wins list is Eddie Alvarez, who challenges for the lightweight title on the next UFC show. Chandler with early cage control. Neither guy landing much in the first minute. Pitbull defends a takedown attempt at 1:15. Chandler with a one punch KO just after the haflway point of the round.

WINNER - MICHAEL CHANDLER (15-3) by KO (punch)

Chandler cut a great promo after the fight. He put over the St Louis fans, saying they spurred him on to be the best he can be. He was asked about Benson Henderson and said he'd like either him or Josh Thomson and promised to beat either one of them. 

St Louis Cardinals' star Ozzie Smith was shown at ringside. 

Good video package building up the main event. Rampage is back and wants to prove he's the best. Honestly if he could win a couple fights in Bellator, they could do a good number with having him challenge for the UFC light heavyweight title.



Rampage with immediate cage control and taunting Ishii 15 seconds in for not fighting. Rampage turns his back and walks away 1:00 in. Rampage looks really soft and 5 years older than when he last fought. Rampage clinches up and Ishii quickly takes control and gets a trip takedown at 1:45. Ishii doing nothing on topand Rampage doing even less on the bottom. Ref warns them to work at 2:30. Ishii into side control at 3:15. Ishii with a Kimura attempt at 3:30 but gives it up. Rampage briefly to his feet but Ishii takes him down again at 4:00. Ishii quickly into side ctonrol again and working for a head and arm choke. Rampage uses the cage to get up at 4:45 but they're still clinched with Ishii in control as the round ends. 10-9 Ishii

SEcond round starts the same with Rampage stalking Ishii around the cage. Rampage moves in for a punch combo and then tries a takedown but stuffed at 1:00. Ishii with another trip takedown at 1:15 and goes right into side control. Rampage landing elbows to the head from the bottom. Ishii with knees to the body. Crowd booing heavily. Rampage to his feet at 2:00 but Ishii still in control of the clinch. Ishii did nothing at all from a dominant position. They basically trade single shots with Ishii just trying to hold Rampage against the cage and going for a takedown every so often. Ref finally warns them to stay busy at 4:30. Crowd booing pretty heavily again. Much closer round but still 10-9 Ishii

Demi Lovato was shown at ringside. Jimmy Smith has it even after 2. Could be. Rampage controlling the pace again to start and Ishii just running away. Rampage clearly frustrated. Rampage with his hands down at 1:00. Ishii rushes him against the cage at 1:15 and controlling another clinch. Crowd booing already. 2:00 in and they're still against the cage. Most refs would've broken this up but they do separate on their own at 2:15. Rampage stalking Ishii again and then gets a takedown at 2:30. Rampage landing punches to the body and now the ref warns them. Rampage with elbows to the body and punches to the head. He's not advancing position but he is landing far more strikes than Ishii did from the top. Rampage looks exhausted but still throwing punches and elbows. Ishii has nothing from the bottom. Rampage stands up to improve position at 4:15 but that allows Ishii to get up. Rampage in control of a cage clinch. Ishii gets control at 4:45 and they're just standing there, waiting for the round to end. Crowd booing heavily at the end. 10-9 Rampage, 29-28 Ishii

WINNER - RAMPAGE JACKSON (37-11) by split decision on scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 30-27. No way Jackson won that first round. 

Rampage got some mic time after the fight but didn't say much. He did say that he was the oldest he'd ever been coming into this fight. Um...wouldn't that be the same for every single fighter in every single fight?