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Bellator MMA 140 Live coverage and results: Welterweight Title - Lima vs Koreshkov

It's an all-welterweight show tonight on Spike TV, headlined by a title fight in the main event. Action gets underway on Spike TV at 9 pm eastern. 

By Paul Fontaine for WrestlingObserver.com

New play by play announcer Sean Grande joins Jimmy Smith. Opening pretty heavily focused on the charismatic Michael Venom Page (MVP), who has star potential if he keeps winning. Main event is "17 months in the making".

Welterweights Rudy "Bad News" Bears (16-13) vs Michael "Venom" Page (7-0)

You may remember Page from his unforgettable performance at the Bellator PPV last year, where he drew comparisons in style to Anderson Silva. They show Page's walkout but not much to it. Todd Anderson is the referee.

Page gets a knockdown 30 seconds in but Bears takes him down after a spinning back kick attempt. Page is waving his arms around like a madman and jumping all over the place and he knocked him out cold with a left hook, walking away before the ref even called it off.

WINNER: MICHAEL PAGE (8-0) by KO at 1:05

Page got a post-fight interview but didn't really say much. He did wear his sunglasses indoors, for whatever that's worth. 

Welterweights Chris Honeycutt (6-0) vs Paul Bradley (22-6) 

Big John is the ref here after just working the UFC San Diego show two nights ago. Honeycutt is a 2 time NCAA All-American who is one of Bellator's young prospects they hope to build around. 

Honeycutt stuffed on his first takedown attempt 30 seconds in. Honeycutt landing a lot of punches from distance but goes for another takedown and gets stuffed again 2 minutes in. Bradley with a cut over his right eye after 3:00 and stops another takedown attempt. Bradley with no answer for the striking of Honeycutt the rest of the round. 10-9 Honeycutt

Honeycutt with a double-leg takedown and completes it 30 seconds in but Bradley right back up. Bradley gets a flash takedown of his own 1:00 but Honeycutt back to his feet. Honeycutt seems to be tiring as he's not throwing nearly as many strikes and Bradley controlling the page half-way through the round. Accidental headbutt opens up a cut on Bradley. Doctor calls the fight due to the cut. 

NO CONTEST as it's ruled an accidental clash of heads

They showed highlights of prelim fight from earlier in the Women's Flyweight division. Kaline Medeiros scored a submission in 3:24 with a Kimura to climb to 5-4 over Sarah Payant, who dropped to 1-1. Medeiros dominated the entire fight and it looked a complete mismatch. 

Welterweights "Irish" Brennan Ward (10-3) vs "The Leprechaun" Roger Carroll (16-11)

Cung Le and Randy Couture are at ringside watching the action as we to a promo for PBC boxing. An awful lot of filler on this show. 

Pre-fight video package for Ward-Carroll is completely ridiculous bro. Carroll singing Danny boy in a Leprechaun hat. Ward swearing every third word, bro. Ward doesn't like wearing a shirt cause he's f'ing jacked, bro. 

Carroll looks like a Chuck Liddell version of "Gillberg", just a complete jobber. With a 16-11 record in the regionals, it's clear what his role is tonight. John McCarthy is the ref again. 

Ward knocks him down with a front kick 10 seconds in. Ward with a takedown but lets Carroll back up. Ward hitting him at will. Ward keeps taking him down and then walking away. Carroll with a low-blow on Ward, bro. "He got me right in the sack" - Ward. Ward knocks him out cold with a straight right.

WINNER: BRENNAN WARD (11-3) by KO at 2:06. Honestly, this fight should never have been sanctioned. 

Carroll was taken out on a stretcher. Ward got a post-match promo and called out "anybody". He replaced "bro" with "baby" in his venacular. Was expecting a call-out of MVP honestly. 

Welterweights Paul "Semtex" Daley (36-13-2) vs Dennis Olson (14-8)

They announced that Josh Koscheck will debut in December for the promotion and he did a cageside interview. Looks like they are going right to the Daley fight. 

Just realized this show is three hours and there have been just over 10 minutes of live fights through 100 minutes. Don't expect this one to be long either. Dan Miragliotta is the ref. Daley knocks Olson down with the first punch of the fight but lets him back up and Olson takes him down 30 seconds in. Daley to his feet quickly and gets a takedown of his own. Daley laying in a lot of ground and pound but gets hit with an upkick. Daley stands up and backs off at 2:30. Daley lands a couple hard knees and follows up with short lefts but Olson takes him down again at 3:00. Daley sweeps to top position at 4:15 and stands up. Daley hit with an upkick and bleeding from the nose. Daley back into Olson's guard and pounding him with punches and elbows to the head. Olson with an armbar attempt at the end of the round. 10-9 Daley

Daley knocks Olson down early but lets him back up. Daley pounding on him and knocks him down again, following up with ground and pound. Olson cut over the left eye and Daley finishes it with a vicious punch to the side of the head for the TKO win.

WINNER: PAUL DALEY (37-13-2) by TKO at 1:12 of Round 2. 

Post-fight promo for Daley. He put over Olson as a tough opponent. Disappointed that he didn't finish in the first. Daley called out "Crotch-check". He hates his hair and he hates him. Have to think that'll be Kos' first Bellator fight. 

Main Event
For the Bellator Welterweight Championship - Champion Douglas "The Phenom" Lima (26-5) vs Andrey "The Spartan" Koreshkov (17-1)

Lima's brother Dhiego, the UFC fighter, accompanied him to the cage. They showed both walk-outs. Nothing special. They put Lyman Good, who just got a UFC win, on the top of Koreshkov's notable wins. Kevin MacDonald is the ref for this title fight.

Koreshkov goes for an early takedown but gets stuffed by Lima. Completes it at 1:00. Lima to his feet fairly easily. Koreshkov takes him down again at 2:00. Lima to his feet at 2:30. Lima with a vicious leg kick almost knocks Koreshkov down. Koreshkov with another takedown at 4:30 as Lima was finding his range on his feet. Koreshkov did nothing from top position but the 3 takedowns should be enough to take the round. 10-9 Koreshkov

Jimmy Smith gave Lima the first round. It was close. Lima outstruck Koreshkov 13-6 in Round 1. Koreshkov controlling the cage for the first 2:00 but neither guy landing much. Lima with a takedown just after the 2:00 mark. Lima to his feet and Koreshkov follows. Koreshkov still advancing but neither guy landing much of anything on the feet. Koreshkov with a takedown at 4:15. 10-9 Koreshkov

Jimmy has it even after 2. Lima starting to land from distance while backing up. Koreshkov continuing to control the pace and gets a takedown at 1:15. Koreshkov is bleeding and it's getting all over Daley as he's on the bottom. Lima sweeps to  top position and gets to his feet at 2:30. Ref broke up a minute long clinch on the cage. Koreshkov with another easy takedown at 4:00. Koreshkov starting to land punches from the top. 10-9 Koreshkov

Smith has it 2 rounds 1 for Koreshkov and he's advancing again to start the round. Crowd starts up a "Let's go Lima" chant. Takedown by Koreshkov at 1:45. Lima sweeps to top position again and tries to stand but Koreshkov brings him right back down again. Another sweep to top from Lima at 4:00 and he gets to his feet but Koreshkov brings him right back down again. Ref breaks it up with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Koreshkov

Lima advancing to start the round as he knows he needs a finish. Koreshkov more active on the feet though and quickly takes control of the action. Lima looking exhausted as he's throwing half-hearted punches that are missing badly. Koreshkov backs Lima up with punches at 3:30. Lima got a knockdown off a punch with 15 seconds left and ended the round throwing punches from the top. 10-9 Lima, 49-46 overall for Koreshkov and we should have a new champion.