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Bellator 170 live results: Chael Sonnen vs. Tito Ortiz

It's Bellator MMA's first show of 2017 Saturday night and one of the biggest in company history as former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz faces former UFC title challenger and promotional newcomer Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170.

Sonnen was signed late last year and almost immediately agreed to this match, leading to the two have verbally sparring ever since. Sonnen has gotten the best of it, but for the first time since a November 2013 KO loss at the hands of Rashad Evans, he will attempt to back up his words in an actual fight.

Ortiz will fight for the fourth time in a Bellator cage and possibly his last time as many expect this to be the final fight of his long career.

In the co-main event, we get battle of welterweight contenders in Paul Daley and Brennan Ward. This one promises to be quick and violent as both men possess knockout power and are trying to work their way into a shot at welterweight champion Douglas Lima.

Rounding out the card are unbeaten middleweight Ralek Gracie vs. kickboxing veteran Hisaki Kato, featherweight contenders Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Emmanuel Sanchez, and longtime Bellator lightweights Derek Campos vs. Derek Anderson.

Our coverage begins at 9 p.m. ET when the broadcast goes live on Spike TV.

Get a preview of the show with Bellator's play-by-play man Sean Grande on this week's Josh Nason's Punch-Out.


The hyperbole starts early as Sean Grande calls Paul Daley-Brennan Ward "the most anticipated co-main event in Bellator history. In 3 seconds, I thought of Kimbo-Dada 5000....I'm sure there are others. 

- Derek "The Stallion" Campos (18-6) beat Derek "The Barbarian" Anderson (14-3) by unanimous decision on scores of 29-28 x 3
Catchweight (160 lbs)

Both guys got the video entrances and nicknames. It's funny how I've seen both of these guys a ton and they only have a nickname on these big shows. 

Really good and close fight. Round 1 was almost a coin flip which I gave to Campos. Round was entirely on the feet and both guys landed often and hard.

Round 2 was the only definitive round as Campos dominated on the feet and also got a takedown. 3rd round Anderson was winning on the feet but Campos got a takedown. He didn't do a lot of damage and Anderson swept into top position with about 30 seconds left.

Campos got to his feet and got off a lot of punches right before the buzzer which sealed the round for me and I gave him the fight 30-27 but either guy could've won. 

They introduced a new member to the Bellator broadcast team, Jenn Brown. She introduced footage of Tito helping some random dude push his car out of the intersection on the streets of LA. 

Tito arrived at the arena in the Rolls that Chael had said was repossessed. 

- Emmanuel "El Matador" Sanchez (14-3) beat Georgi "Insane" Karakhanyan (26-7-1) on scores of 28-28 and 29-28 x 2 

Weird fight. Round 1 was fairly close but it seemed that Sanchez got it as he dominated the striking. Karakhanyan got a takedown but did nothing with it and Sanchez actually landed more on the ground.

In the 2nd, Sanchez got a takedown and was landing a ton of strikes. Karakhanyan hit an illegal upkick, which stopped the action but no point deduction. Right after the restart, Sanchez hit two illegal knees and was docked a point. I thought he did enough for a 10-8 round so I had him in 19-17 after 2 with the deduction.

Round 3 Karakhanyan got an early takedown and held Sanchez down the whole round. He did do much damage but with the new scoring, I thought it was a 10-8 round, so 27-27 overall on my scorecard. 

Laila Ali, Dan Henderson and Demi Lovato were all shown at cageside and they mentioned that Lovato's boyfriend, Guilherme Vasconcelos, scored a KO win in the prelims. 

Jenn Brown interview Matt Mitrione at cageside about his upcoming fight with Fedor next month in San Jose. He said that he respects Fedor but that won't affect him trying to hurt the legend. 

Judges scorecards for the last fight:

They talked more about the co-main and Jimmy Smith says the winner should get the next shot at welterweight champ Douglas Lima. 

More celebrities. Anthony Anderson from Black-ish and To Tell the Truth and Royce Gracie both at cageside. 

- Hisako Kato (7-2) beat Ralek Gracie (3-0) by unanimous decision on scores of 29-28 x 2 and 30-27

Just an awful fight. One of the worst you'll ever see. Both guys just kept their distance for almost the whole first round, barely landing anything. Kato had a brief flurry that probably took the round for him.

In round 2 it was pretty much the same. Gracie may not have landed a single strike. Kato had a brief flurry early in the round, which was pretty much all that happened. Announcers joked that "yes, we're still awake" and crowd was booing through most of the crowd.

Crowd booed when both guys came out for the third and then started chanting FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and the fighters pretty much ignored them. Finally Gracie got a takedown halfway through the third and held him down the rest of the round. He did well on the ground and even got mount as the round was ending. He might have finished it with another minute or so. No idea how a judge could give the third to Kato.

They announced a rematch of King Mo vs Rampage for March 31, which will air on Spike TV after their previous bout aired on PPV. Jimmy Smith interviewed both on the entrance ramp. 

The fight will take place at heavyweight. They argued about who won the first fight. Crowd was not into their promos at all. 

Tito Ortiz did a backstage interview with Jenn Brown which may have been the best interview he's done in the buildup to this fight. He vowed to win and claimed that Sonnen showed him a lot of disrespect and he was going to go out a winner in his final fight. 

For some reason they showed highlights of a prelim fight between non-prospects Alex Soto and DeMarcus Brown, which Soto won to move to 8-3. 

- Paul "Semtex" Daley (39-14-2) KO'd "Irish" Brennan Ward (14-5) at 2:27

Finally a finish! Ward was dominating early, landing three takedowns and doing some damage on both the feet and ground. After getting back to his feet, Daley backed Ward up with a spinning elbow and then hit a running flying knee to KO Ward with one shot. He walked away without doing any ground and pound cause Ward was out cold.

Daley said in his post-fight promo that he hopes Ward is okay as they are friends. He called out Rory McDonald, which was the right name although that's a tough one. 

Strikeforce vets Herschel Walker and Gina Carano were at cageside, along with Nate Diaz. Earlier they showed Wanderlei Silva and Fabricio Werdum together. When showing Tito backstage they mentioned that Tito's debut was just after Bill Clinton's second inauguration. 

More celebrity sightings. From this season's Celebrity Apprentice, Layla Ali (for the 2nd time tonight) and Jon Lovitz were shown. Not sure if Lovitz has made me laugh since Tito's MMA career began. 

Brennan Ward was out for awhile and taken out via stretcher. It was just announced to the live crowd that he was now responsive and being taken to the hospital for observation.

The pre-fight package made the buildup for this fight seem a lot better than I remember it. They really are emphasizing the fact that Chael pinned Tito in a wrestling match in college.

- "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz (19-12-2) submitted "The American Gangster" Chael Sonnen (28-15-1) in 2:03
Light Heavyweights

Chael's entrance video has to be seen to be believed. He's got the biggest arms in the sport. He's the #1 draw in the sport. He's the highest paid athlete in the sport. There were more lies but I couldn't keep track of them all. 

It's almost midnight eastern and they bring out Chris Daughtry to sin the national anthem. This is something else. 

Ortiz got a takedown to start but Sonnen grabbed a guillotine. He transitioned to a D'Arce choke and swept into top position. Ortiz escaped and Sonnen got another guillotine but gave up position. Ortiz popped out and quickly moved into mount. Sonnen gave up his back and Ortiz got the rear naked choke for the tapout win.

Ortiz put over his coaches in his post fight promo and said that this was the plan for the fight the whole time. He had his son with him during the promo and during the fight and he said that he did it for him. He then had his son lay his gloves down in the center of the cage to confirm his retirement. 

He then put over the fans, the promotion and his wife and it was really something else. Best promo Tito has probably cut in a decade. No interview from Sonnen after his loss.