WWE Main Event TV report

Report by Chris Aiken

March 25, 2014

WWE Main Event from Boston featured a change from the match advertised for the show. A concussion suffered by Christian forced him out of his scheduled Intercontinental title match against champion Big E. Therefore, a triple threat match to determine a new number one contender opened the show. The winner would challenge Big E for the title later in the show. The entrance of Big E opened the show and he watched the match from ringside.

Dolph Ziggler beat Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio in a triple threat match to earn an IC title match. Sheamus and Ziggler began to pummel Del Rio at the outset until Del Rio threw Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus gave Del Rio a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Del Rio bailed out of the ring and Ziggler rolled in. After a leapfrog, Ziggler hit a dropkick for a one count. Sheamus cut off Ziggler’s momentum then knocked Del Rio off the apron. Distracted with Del Rio, Ziggler used a schoolboy on Sheamus for a pin attempt. Sheamus dodged a famouser and threw Ziggler over the ropes and on to the apron. Sheamus went for his clubbing spot but Del Rio hit him from behind with an enzuigiri. On the outside, Del Rio rammed Ziggler into the barricade before a commercial break.

After the break, Ziggler fought out of chinlock by Del Rio only for Del Rio to give him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Del Rio dove off the top rope into a dropkick from Ziggler. Ziggler hit a flying clothesline and delivered repeated punches in the corner. The crowd tried to count along but he started throwing punches too fast for them to count. Del Rio delivered a superkick to Ziggler and Sheamus pulled Ziggler out of the ring and he clubbed Del Rio on the apron. Sheamus gave Ziggler and Del Rio each an Irish curse backbreaker. Sheamus signaled for the brogue kick but Ziggler cut him off with a dropkick. Del Rio gave Ziggler a German suplex for a nearfall before Sheamus dove off the top turnbuckle with a flying shoulder tackle on Del Rio for another nearfall. Sheamus blocked an attempt of an armbar submission by Del Rio and clotheslined him over the ropes to the floor. Ziggler used a swinging DDT for a nearfall. The nearfalls kept coming as they built towards the finish.

Ziggler splash Sheamus in a corner and went for swinging neckbreaker but Sheamus blocking it and went for white noise. Ziggler escaped that with a sunset flip only for Sheamus to roll through and attempt to apply the Texas cloverleaf. Del Rio broke it up with a superkick on Sheamus for a nearfall. Ziggler dropped the famouser on Del Rio for another nearfall. Del Rio blocked a zig-zag and Ziggler ran into a brogue kick then rolled out to the floor. Del Rio used a schoolboy for a nearfall then Sheamus hit white noise for a nearfall. Sheamus went for the cloverleaf yet Del Rio escaped and used a fallaway armbreaker before applying his armbar submission finisher. Sheamus powered out with a deadlift spot before missing a brogue kick and getting hung up in the ropes. Del Rio delivered a backstabber to Sheamus but as Del Rio came down Ziggler ran-in and gave Del Rio a zig-zag for the pin. This was fast-paced and good.

Afterwards, Renee Young interviewed Ziggler and Big E in the ring. Ziggler screamed he was going to WrestleMania and said he would win the Andre the Giant battle royal. He also said he would win the IC title. Big E said he would retain and they shook hands in total babyface fashion.

Tamina & Layla & Aksana & Alicia Fox & Summer Rae beat Natalya & Eva Marie & Emma & Cameron & Naomi when Tamina pinned Naomi. Divas champion AJ Lee provided guest commentary and talked about the upcoming gauntlet match (or whatever it is as even AJ was even unsure of the rules) at WrestleMania. She dismissed any dissension between her and her bodyguard Tamina. With ten women in the match and it being relatively short in length, each diva briefly tagged in. Emma applied the tarantula on Layla at one point early on. Eva Marie got booed when she tagged. The heels tried to briefly get heat on her but the crowd wasn’t buying into her as a sympathetic babyface. All five of the heel ganged up on her and began to pummel her until the faces made the save. Eventually, Eva tagged Naomi, who ran wild with a botched huracanrana on Tamina and a flying crossbody off the top. Everybody started brawling and when the smoke cleared, Emma tried to teach Eva her dance. Tamina broke up the dance lesson with a double clothesline on the two. Moments later, Tamina hit Naomi with a superkick for the pinfall. After the match, AJ raised Tamina’s hand and hugged her as Tamina glared at her and teased dissension.

Announced for the WrestleMania card was a fatal four-way match for the tag team titles with the Usos (champions) vs. Real Americans vs. Rybaxel vs. Los Matadores. Following the announcement, Bad News Barrett had (you guessed it) bad news. He basically said everybody watching both in attendance and at home should wear a mask because they are ugly. Thanks for the advice Wade.

Big E (don’t call him Langston) beat Dolph Ziggler to retain the Intercontinental title. They had a babyface match as neither played heel. At the beginning, Big E kept overpowering Ziggler until a leapfrog by Ziggler followed by a dropkick. Still, Big E delivered a clothesline and Ziggler bailed out of the ring before a commercial. The pace was slower than a usual match with Ziggler until after the commercial break as Ziggler avoided a charge in the corner and Big E rammed himself into the ringpost. Ziggler did a splash into a corner then gave Big E a swinging neckbreaker. E avoided a famouser and hit a belly-to-belly suplex. Ziggler cut off his momentum with a dropkick. E gave Ziggler a botched uranage. Ziggler used a swinging DDT for a nearfall. E blocked the zig-zag and delivered a lariat before pulling the straps down and attempting his finisher. Ziggler escaped and hit a famouser for a nearfall. Moments later, E ducked a superkick and gave Ziggler a backdrop of sorts before hitting the big ending finisher for the pin. They hugged afterwards as the show came to a close.

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