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'My Dad is a Heel Wrestler' movie coming to NJPW World

"My Dad is a Heel Wrestler" is coming to New Japan World later this week.

The movie, which came out in 2018 and stars Hiroshi Tanahashi, will be uploaded to NJPW World at midnight Japan Standard Time on Saturday, April 4. It will have English subtitles available.

"My Dad is a Heel Wrestler" tells "the tale of a former top-flight, fan-favorite wrestler trying to reclaim a bond with both the public and his son."

Outside of Japan, the movie is being made available in America, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and Germany and can be streamed from when it's uploaded until September 3, 2020.

In Japan, the movie can be streamed on NJPW World until April 3, 2021.

During NJPW and CMLL's Fantasticamania tour in January 2019, Tanahashi & Ryusuke Taguchi faced Kazuchika Okada & Togi Makabe in a match where all four wrestled as their in-ring personas from "My Dad is a Heel Wrestler."

The movie is being added to NJPW World as part of the NJPW Together project, which features alternative content being uploaded while new events aren't happening due to the coronavirus pandemic.