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Bo Dallas returns to WWE television on Raw


Fresh off of an arrest for public intoxication and drunkenness last month, Bo Dallas returned to WWE television on Monday night's edition of Raw. And though some speculated that Dallas would be punished for the arrest, it doesn’t appear that he will face any repercussions on-screen.

Dallas made quick work of an enhancement talent while showing more of an aggressive streak than he had the last time he was on TV. He carried a sign that told the audience to “Bo-lieve in Bo.”

His arrest was not acknowledged on the show.

Dave Meltzer reported on the details of Dallas’ arrest last month. Dallas allegedly caused a disturbance at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport before a flight carrying some of the WWE roster could take off to Mexico for a two-show tour of the country.

Officers reportedly came after Dallas was kicked off of the plane for being a disruption and saying expletives to crew members. He was allegedly found several gates away, with the arrest report claiming he smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech.