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Chad Gable no longer using Shorty G name in WWE


Chad Gable is no longer going by the name Shorty G on WWE television.

After losing to Lars Sullivan on SmackDown tonight, Gable was interviewed after the match and declared that he quits. There was then a backstage segment where Adam Pearce checked on Gable and asked him about quitting. Gable said that he's quitting being Shorty G.

Gable told Pearce that he's done being a character who talks about accepting who you are and it all being fine. Gable said he doesn't accept this Shorty G crap. He said people can't achieve anything they want -- and neither can Shorty G. Gable listed his achievements as an amateur wrestler and said there's only one man who can achieve anything he wants -- and his name is Chad Gable.

Gable had been using the Shorty G moniker since October 2019. He adopted the name during a feud with Baron Corbin where Corbin was mocking Gable for being short.