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Dean Ambrose returns to WWE Raw


After being on the shelf for nine months, Dean Ambrose made his return to WWE tonight at the end of Monday Night Raw.

The show had been built over Seth Rollins having travel issues getting to the arena. The show concluded with a contract signing between the absent Rollins and Dolph Ziggler for SummerSlam. Ziggler told Angle to rule the match in his favor since Rollins was a no show. Right after he said that, Rollins finally came out. He said he wasn’t late because of his own travel issues, it was because of someone else's.

At that moment, Ambrose made his return. Both he and Rollins made a beeline toward the ring. Ziggler and Drew McIntyre took the advantage early, but Rollins and Ambrose got the better of the two, with Ambrose laying out McIntyre with the dirty deeds DDT. 

Ambrose had been out of action since December with a triceps injury.